How to migrate your Wix site to WordPress

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In this walkthrough, we will assist with the process of migrating to WordPress Wix . If the Wix no longer meets your needs and you need a little more control over your website, Wix migrate to WordPress is the perfect solution for you.

The basic process for migrating  Wix WordPress consists of :

  1. Acquiring a WordPress hosting and domain.
  2. Set up your new WordPress site.
  3. Import posts from your blog in Wix via RSS.
  4. Create your pages Wix in WordPress.
  5. Add your images on WordPress.
  6. Redirect your site on Wix for WordPress.
  7. Review the contents.

We will perform all steps of the process of migrating to WordPress Wix with you. You will see that the transfer of your site will be a simple and fast.

Come on!

Preparations to migrate to WordPress Wix

When transferring Wix site to WordPress, the first thing you need to do is to prepare your new WordPress site for conversion.

The time of the conversion process depends on your current site size in Wix. And that takes into account their willingness to also transfer all settings SEO and its familiarity with WordPress.

Below we will guide you through the two preparatory steps to migrate Wix site to WordPress. 

1. Buy a new Hosting

Wix you use a plaster hosting. So when you are migrating Wix site to WordPress, you’ll need a new alternative hosting. Besides the accommodation, you will also need to purchase a new domain name or transfer your current field of Wix (if you have bought one with them).

If you are looking for a reliable and simple to use hosting, know the hosting WordPress of Hostinger. You also get a free domain. Or you can download your purchased domain in Wix!

2. Setting up your WordPress site

Let’s get into a few more steps the bottom migrating migrate to WordPress Wix.

Now that you already have a web hosting for WordPress and a domain pointing to your new site, it’s time to build your new home. Follow the steps below to make your WordPress installation and start the building process:

2.1 Installing WordPress

The installation of WordPress on your site depends on the accommodation you have chosen.

The simplest way to do the installation is the Auto-Installer . In Hostinger, this tool is available on the control panel.

Installing WordPress on Hostinger

Now you have WordPress installed on your site and a login that allows access to the site settings. The URL should be something like .

2.2 Setting Up Your Site

Access the admin area and you will see the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress administrator panel

Before you start customizing your site, we will change some settings. Do not worry, you will not lose your content. It’s all part of the natural process of migrating to WordPress Wix.

First, go to Settings> permanent links . Then, select the option post name ‘. This will change the structure of the URL of your posts to make it more friendly to search engines.

change permalinks

The next step in migrating to WordPress Wix is to change the title and description of your site. Just log Settings> General .

Change Title and Description

At the top of the page, you will see the following fields ‘ Site Title ‘ and ‘ Description ‘. Make the necessary changes to better describe your site.

These two changes are sufficient for now.

2.3 Customize Your Site

You can customize your WordPress site through themes and plugins.

There are many free themes that you can install directly from the WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance> Themes> Add new .

change themes in WordPress

In addition to free themes, there are also many paid themes. These themes usually have a higher quality and offer more features and customization tools.

If you are looking for a paid theme, check out the links below:

There is a high probability that you find a theme that is similar to the layout of your website on Wix. Of course, if this is what you’re looking for your new WordPress site. 

Customize your theme is quite simple. You can make basic changes in Appearance> Customize . Or, you can also check to the manual for more advanced options.

With the site ready, it’s time to transfer your content from Wix for WordPress.

Two ways to migrate to WordPress Wix

There are two different ways you can use Wix to migrate to WordPress. Are they: 

  1. Using RSS and with the help of copy / paste.
  2. Through an automated migration plugin.

Use RSS to Import Wix for WordPress

The first transfer method for your site is through RSS.

Remember, this alternative will only work for older blogs Wix. The latest blogs do not have RSS. So if your site has been built recently, go straight to the second option.

If you are using an old version of Wix, follow the steps below:

1. Locate your Channel RSS

First, open your current RSS channel. You just need to add ‘ /feed.xml ‘ the end of the URL.

If your site is will be as ‘ ‘ or ‘ ‘.

It will also show if your Wix site has an RSS feed.

2. Save Your File RSS

With open RSS channel, click the right button and select Save As. Depending on the browser you are using you must rename the file extension, it may come as .txt.

Change the extension to .xml and save on your computer.

3. Importing For WordPress

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Tools> Import .

Importing the rss for wordpress

Identify the RSS importer and click Rotate Importer ‘.

On the next screen you can upload the file you saved on your computer.

import rss

So make sure your posts were imported correctly.

Access Posts> All posts , and make sure the threads of your Wix blog are there. There may be some formatting adjustments are necessary, but we hope that all of your posts are on the new blog.

Migration via RSS transfers only posts, not pages of the site. So you will need to do manually.

4. Add Pages in WordPress

You are almost getting Wix migrate to WordPress altogether. It’s time to regain all its contents.

Without a direct method to migrate the pages of your site in the Wix for WordPress, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Ie copying and pasting everything.

Open the pages of your site in the Wix and copy the contents. Then go to Pages> Add new in the WordPress dashboard.

Add pages in WordPress

Then, paste the contents of the new page. You will have to do it page by page, until all are in WordPress.

5. Migrating Your Images

Migration via RSS, as shown above, makes the transfer of the content, but the images are still in Wix platform ..

Download all pictures to your computer. Then, upload the images Media> Add new .

Using the Plugin To Migrate CMS2CMS Wix WordPress Automatically

The Plugin CMS2CMS automatically migrates your site in WordPress Wix.

This is a paid plugin, but that will do all the work for you. The entire migration will be ready in just 20 minutes.

To use the plugin just follow the steps:

1. Install Plugin

To install the plugin in WordPress access your dashboard, then go to Plugins> Add New . In the search bar type ” CMS2CMS: Automated Wix to WordPress .”

Then, click ‘ Install ‘ and ‘ Enable ‘.

Plugin CMS2CMS

2. Creating an account

Open plugin accessing Plugins> Wix to WordPress .

Creating account CMS2CMS plugin

Now, create an account, or login if you already have one.

3. Connecting to your Wix site

In the next step you will connect to your Wix site.

Enter the URL of your site in the Wix and click Verify Connection ‘. If the URL is correct, then you are all set to start the migration.

4. Migrate Wix for WordPress with the plugin

Now you can define the migration settings. Choose the content you want or do not migrate.

plugin options cms2cms to migrate to wordpress wix

For an additional fee you have access to additional options such as:

  • Migrate your metadata
  • Transfer your images
  • Set up 301 redirects

additional migration

Now, click Start Free Demo Migration ‘. This will give you a report that shows if there is any migration error.

Then, you will receive a price estimate. Here you can add more features to migration, or buy insurance in case something wrong take in the process.

completing the migration

If you are satisfied with the migration and price settings, click Complete Migration ‘.

The migration will start as soon as the payment is processed.

After migration Wix For WordPress

Regardless of the method you choose, there are some settings you will want to set before you put your website online.

Here are four things to make a clean on your website:

Criar one WordPress Menu

A navigation menu helps your visitors to navigate your site.

Go to the WordPress menu and go to Appearance> Menus . Give a name to your menu and click Create Menu ‘. Now select the pages you created on the left and click Add to Menu ‘. Once the menu is complete click Save Menu ‘.

To put the menu on your site click Manage Positions ‘. Depending on your theme you will have some options where to place the menu. If you want the menu to be displayed on top of the site will be the option as ‘ the Top Menu ‘.

Redirect your Wix for WordPress

Now is the time to redirect your old site in the Wix for the new WordPress site. Thus all the visitors who reach the old site will be immediately directed to the new site.

However, if your site Wix was done in a subdomain, then you can not create the redirect. Also, if you used the CMS2CMS plugin and paid for redirection tool, is already all set ..

Otherwise, we can proceed with the redirection. First, copy this code into a text editor:

  1. var hashesarr = {
  2. ” # About / ghit7!” ‘/ About-us /’
  3. ” # Contact-us / fe37″ ‘/ contact /’
  4. ” # Dog-article / c6hg!” ‘/ Dog-article /’
  5. } ;
  6. for ( var hashesarr in hash ) {
  7. Patt var = new RegExp ( hash ) ;
  8. if ( window.location.hash. match ( Patt ) ! == null ) {
  9. window.location.href = hashesarr [ hash ] ;
  10. }
  11. }
var = {hashesarr
"# About / ghit7!" '/ About-us /'
"# Contact-us / fe37" '/ contact /'
"# Dog-article / c6hg!" '/ Dog-article /'
for (var hashesarr in hash) {
   Patt var = new RegExp (hash);
   if (window.location.hash.match (Patt!) == null) {
       window.location.href = hashesarr [hash];

The first part of the string, “#! About / ghit7”, will be the old URL of Wix, and the second part, ‘/ about-us /’, the URL of the new page in WordPress.

You need to change to all existing URL in Wix site being migrated.

Then, save the file as redirect.js and upload to the directory / js / in your server.

Finally, you need to edit the file functions.php , so that the file you just created to work ..

Open your functions.php file and add the code:

  1. function wpb_wixjs ( ) {
  2. wp_enqueue_script ( ‘wixredirect’ , get_stylesheet_directory_uri ( ) . ‘/js/redirects.js’ , array ( ) , ‘1.0.0’ , true ) ;
  3. }
  4. add_action ( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’ , ‘wpb_wixjs’ ) ;
wpb_wixjs function () {
wp_enqueue_script ( 'wixredirect' get_stylesheet_directory_uri () '/js/redirects.js' array (), '1.0.0' true.);
add_action ( 'wp_enqueue_scripts' 'wpb_wixjs');

Save and head up the new functions.php file and your redirects are working.

Configuring the Yoast SEO

If you are using the integrated tool SEO Wix, then you need a similar plugin for WordPress. Luckily, WordPress has many plugins for it.

One of the best is the Yoast SEO . This plugin helps you in optimizing your posts and pages for a target keyword, while teaching you about SEO in the process.

To install the plugin go to Plugins> Add new , and look for ‘ Yoast SEO ‘.

Install the Yoast SEO

Then, install and activate the plugin. With the plugin installed you can configure using our guide Yoast SEO plugin guide .

Review Your Media and Content

Finally, it is always a good idea to review your site. It is possible that migration has caused some formatting errors or links.

Access all pages and make sure that everything is working as it should.

It is also recommended to look at your posts and pages before putting it online. This helps to find errors and make sure that the formatting and presentation is displayed correctly in the browser.

Do not worry if the review takes longer than expected, nothing amazing was created in just one day.


Ready! You could migrate to WordPress Wix without major problems.

The process may even seem a little complicated at first. But with this tutorial, you will be in good hands.

Opting for WordPress, you will have more freedom and control over your website and also on its contents.

We hope this tutorial has helped demystify the whole process of migration between platforms, which is often confusing. 

Migrated its website to WordPress Wix recently? Share your experience with us in the comments below.