How to make the most of outsourcing your content

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We have already cited several times that the content production is the essence of Inbound Marketing. Whether through articles, eBooks, webinars, quizzes, free tools , or any other format, there is no doubt that good content makes the generation of more efficient Leads.

However, a major problem faced by companies who want to produce content is not having enough staff for production. A solution for companies that do not have staff on hand to creation is to outsource the production of content . Companies like Rock Content and Contentools , or even freelance journalists, provide content production services and can be a good option when you start investing in Content Marketing.

The point is that just hire an outsourced service is no guarantee of results. Responsibility for the content lies with both sides. For the company it is aligned communication with the customer to understand what he needs, and it is up to the client to pass all the necessary information so that the company can deliver the expected result. It is this transfer of information can be optimized.

After talking to some customers and guide them to the outsourcing of content, we realized that with some planning and a few simple tips, you can optimize deliveries, decreasing each post review time and taking maximum advantage of the services that these companies can offer.

1 – Make a quarterly planning guidelines

Some companies already have monitoring plans and definition of content strategy, and it is critical that your company participate in truth this step. After all, although the service is provided for them, who better know your business and your customers is you.

When planning the agenda content for the next three months, you start thinking about the production of content in conjunction with the company’s strategy, and consequently ceases to publish articles and launch eBooks just because you need to publish or throw something.

Planning antecência with the themes of publications, chances are they are even more cohesive, following a certain logic between the two post on the same subject and avoiding the repetition of content, giving rise to a better balance issues.

This planning also reduces the time spent racking their brains for next themes. Once the agenda is delivered, just follow the calendar of publications, without going through the stress of research topics, arguments and examples in the rush to release new material.

2 – Set the main topics of each content

When creating the agenda for the next three months, take the time to list the main topics of each issue’s content. This detail facilitates alignment between what you expect and what the contractor will deliver. The chances of rework decrease and saves you a time that can be spent on other activities.

In practice, as would be the structure  of this post:

“Aligning the expectation to outsource content and extract more results”

  • Introduction

    Effective Content Marketing Leads generation

    content Outsource can be a good solution
  • Problems

    talked to customers and saw that some tips can leverage results
  • Tips

    Set the contents of the
    agenda quarterly (strategy, time – saving and cohesion of contents)

    Set the main topics of each content (for alignment and delivery quality)

    Use what companies have to offer for setting and reviewing the content strategy quarter
  • Benefits

    Increased productivity (need to review less)

    Improved delivery and results

Note that the main topics and subtopics are highlighted, yet the structure is simple and concise, just brushing the points you do not want to get left out.

3 – Enjoy what companies have to offer

Most content production companies already have a consulting service that is used for discussion of the content and construction of the skeleton. Make use of this time and that contact with the company to discuss the strategy of the agenda, the keywords you want to work in the texts and materials that make sense for your business today and in the coming months.

The goal is for you to participate in the planning process of their content, bridging the knowledge you have of your business to the attention of the contractor on Content Marketing.

These small actions are simple but can make a big difference in the outcome. Far beyond than just review the texts sent by the company, if you really participate in the planning and strategic definition of its contents will not only be saving your time and will be delivering exactly the message you want to spend your audience, achieving better results. After all, the service is outsourced, but the product, customers and business are still yours.