How to make online courses

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We know that currently the major concern when starting a business on the type of education the distance is how to make the dissemination of online courses . However, it is not always found an objective answer to this question.

Thinking about it, we created this little script so you can know the reality of the universe of the dissemination of online courses and know which paths start following.

Come on?

1. Be on social networks

Social networks have a key role in educational institutions in the dissemination of online courses . So use them as a way to provide useful information for those who like your page. Always try to pass relevant data on its course, as this will cause you to increase the popularity of your material.

Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks are updated tens or even hundreds of times a day. The reason is simple: check what is happening on the network and in the world. Start developing a page for business, and then play it quality content and relevant to the disclosure of their course, always adapting the content for those networks.

How about offering “samples” of classes and / or handouts of the course, arousing interest in the student? Another tip is to provide video classes short on YouTube as a preview of the content that will be offered in its course. The idea is to attract the interest of the viewer and of course, the future student.

2. Create a blog

Another effective strategy for the dissemination of online courses is to create a blog with interesting topics about the area in which your course is set.

In the blog, you can not just talk about your online course as well as use it as a kind of “hook” to create attractive posts with interesting content, which already on what the future consumer will find on your product.

Caprice enough in the content published by this media with useful topics, relevant, exciting and curious. For sure you will notice a large increase in its audience.

For example, if you have a course on cooking, why not keep a blog with simple recipes and call your viewers to learn more advanced steps in its course?

3. partnerships

A good way forward is to partner with people that relate to the audience you want to reach. Together, you and your partner can attract more potential students for the business.

Disclose what his online course has to offer. You can partner with opinion leaders with influence in their field, so they defend their “product.”

Another option is to tow the companies that have a profile of employees with potential to take an interest in their courses. Offer a special discount for a lot of people who purchase the course through certain company is a strategy that usually yields good results.

4. Direct your action

For you to succeed in the dissemination of online courses, it is necessary that your brand will be present in the channels where your target audience is. So always concentrate its actions on those communication channels.

For example, if the public of their course has a more “young” age group between 20 and 30 years, likely to be on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is great. So take advantage to capture these students in these channels; it will generate an ID for both sides.

One way to take advantage of targeting these channels to direct their actions is making investments in paid media, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords . On Facebook, for example, you can separate your audience by age and interests related to the subject of their courses.

5. Create a relationship with the student

People do not buy just thinking about the product. They always create some emotional relationship with that acquired by more objective than the purchase is. Show that you are not just there to sell online courses .

Whenever a student to demonstrate some sort of doubt, let him know that you or your tutor will help you cure it as soon as possible. Demonstrate that you want him to have satisfaction with the purchase you are doing. Satisfied customer means return, ever.


As you can see, there is a world of possibilities for the dissemination of online courses through the internet: you just need to find your space, know what are the paths to follow and what tools you should use.

Check what is working and what needs improving and thus refine their content and the way to deal with his students, always aiming to improve the dissemination of their courses.

This guest post was written by Rafaela Espíndola, the Marketing team Edools .