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If the ad was not able to get attention, you spent an impression for nothing, that person will not notice you.

You’ve probably lost count of how many ads have jumped on the timelines of their social networks .

In how many of them you clicked? How many of them have called your attention?

The competition for attention on Facebook is great. But if you take advantage of the best practices in the creation and promotion of your ad, you will be able to impact your audience and get results that few media can deliver.

Founder of the agency AdResults and creator of the course FaceAds Uncomplicated , Fabio Prado shared some tips on Facebook ads in an interview at Studio RD Summit .

The expert also stressed the importance of being up to date with what’s new in the social network.

Be aware of the changes, test them and see what works and what does not work for your business so that in the end, you adapt quickly to change, because who survives is the one who best fits – not necessarily the strongest.

See how was the talk in the interview below:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented by Fabio Prado were:

  • Whether or not a cake recipe for companies to start advertising on Facebook;
  • AIDA concept and its applicability in ads;
  • What it takes to not be harmed by the constant changes in Facebook;
  • The main trends in paid media for 2018.