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 Few tasks terrify more than making a resume. We must add many details, paraphrasing the information, make three or more revisions, and more. But somehow we send the resume always have some error. It is an activity that always causes anxiety.

So I did what I usually do when I attack the nerves: create a list of what to consider when writing and editing a resume.

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How to make a curriculum? essential list of items you should include

I divided all the necessary tasks in 4 sections and tried to organize them chronologically. Some could probably be in more than one section or supplemented in another order, but put each item on the list where I thought it would be ideal for the process of drafting the curriculum instead.

Your resume is professional? Some things to check:

You have a professional email address (p. Eg., vs.

Your email address is a professional domain, such as Gmail? Obsolete domains can be an alarm signal for companies that are at the forefront of technology.

Is the information in your resume matches the information on your LinkedIn profile? It is likely that hiring managers review both at the same time.

Did you include links to your social networks, previous portfolios and relevant personal website for your work?

Did you check your social networking profiles to ensure that the content is professional?

If you included the hiring manager’s name, ¿messages personalized by you where you go to him or her specifically?

If you are sending your resume as a document Google, you granted access to the recipient the right to see the file or document has public access?

Your resume is well written? Some things to check:

Did you include your basic contact information (ie, name, address, email and phone number)?

Does the tone of writing that you used matches the company will receive the application? For example, although you must write the curriculum with professional style, this also depends on the context. If you’re submitting an application to a new technology startup, you could use a different tone than you’d use if you dirigieras a recognized firm analysts.

¿Curriculum personalized by you for the specific job you are applying? It highlights the work experience and skills relevant to the position you want to get, but avoid writing to the smallest detail of all your previous work.

¿You placed a clear objective at the top of the curriculum that focuses on the company and not you? If you have not, do not worry. Instead, we recommend to include a section on “core competencies” that summarizes who you are and what you can offer the company.

Did you include achievements and responsibilities of your previous work? Both should be easy to visualize when hiring managers will take a look at your resume.

Did you use statistics, as far as possible, to illustrate your achievements?

Signs the evolution of your career with visual elements? ¿You starred promotions, additional responsibilities assigned to you or any change since you made to acquire more skills?

¿You added the names of companies and a brief description of their functions?

Did you include your age in each company?

Did you include relevant information about your education?

You added Can any information to show your personality or your interests outside of work?

¿Highlight your unique value proposition (p. Eg., An aspect that makes you stand out from other candidates or indicate that you have everything you need and more to fill this position)?

If relevant to the position you are applying, Did you include links to a portfolio or samples of your work?

Did you include references with names and contact information or just “references available upon request”? Both options are good; Just be sure to use at least one to indicate that you have references.

Your resume is formatted, and design? Some things to check:

Did you use some kind of template for curriculum design is pleasing to the eye and easy to read?

Your resume is too creative? For example, if you apply a creative job and the format of your resume is an infographic, it is simple enough to read or be better to use that creativity in designing your portfolio?

Did you select a clear, readable font?

Did you use common formatting practices that facilitate the readability of content, such as cartoons and header text?

Does the format is consistent across all jobs? For example, if you placed in bold job titles, are all in bold?

Are the margins are uniform?

Are all elements are aligned correctly? For example, if you placed your dates on the right side, is all are aligned with each other?

Can you click on the links you included?

¿You turned the curriculum into a format that allows recipients to read it the way you want without having to download specific sources or a particular software? We recommend using the PDF format.

You ¿have edited and perfected the curriculum? Some things to check:

Did you include keywords in your resume? If you send them to an automated system, this aspect could be crucial to achieve through the filters. Make sure your resume includes some of the skills and software mentioned in the job description.

¿Have edited the curriculum to contain concise information? If possible, try to include 10 years of experience in a sheet.

¿KO’d any information about irrelevant work experience?

Are the sections of the curriculum have an order that highlights your skills and everything you can offer the company? For example, if you have just graduated and you made internships in different areas, maybe you should separate your most important “other” experience instead of organizing information by date experience.

¿Have edited the curriculum to avoid using generic active verbs and include some more specific?

You used to avoid transmitting a monotonous style a specialized dictionary?

Did you find more professional alternatives for unprofessional terms?

Do your special skills are really private? While speaking a foreign language is remarkable, perhaps today is redundant to mention that know how to use Microsoft Word or email.

Did you make a review to avoid using terminology or jargon heavy? The information must be expressed clearly, so the hiring manager can quickly understand what you do.

Does the data are completely true? If you write that you are able to speak a foreign language fluently in the curriculum, you may need to prove during the interview. If you say you like cooking, you should be prepared to answer what you like to prepare dishes.

Did you check grammar and spelling?

Finally, did you ask a friend who has never read your resume if I took a final look for errors, inconsistencies or phrases confusing?

If you checked all the boxes, then you’re ready to send the resume.

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Do you have any other suggestions to make a resume? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Editor ‘s Note: This article was originally published in May 2015 and updated for the purposes of accuracy and comprehensiveness.