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The Inbound Marketing  is the most effective way to attract and educate potential customers through the Internet. For all companies whose sales can not take place entirely online, there is still the team of sales representatives serving the role to receive and close the deals.

In this new context, the Marketing and Sales teams are partners in a marathon: the first will start buying journey along the Leads identifying good sales opportunities and delivering it to the second being converted. That’s why we talk about Funnel Marketing and Sales.

These teams share the responsibility of bringing revenue into the company. That the hands of these teams, so it is crucial to ensure the funnel efficiency. In this post, you will know how to ensure this alignment in two ways: developing your SLA and identifying bottlenecks Leads .

Write a SLA

The Service Level Agreement, or service level agreement in Portuguese, determines the parameters of deliveries between teams, aligning company goals throughout the process, from acquisition to tracking customers.

The document is a quick and simple way of guiding and audit processes designed in agreement between the areas. It directs and aligns the teams according to the company’s goals, increasing the confidence in the work and deliveries of different teams.

For example, if a seller gets a chance Marketing team, the SLA ensures that the opportunity to be valid. So he does not waste time trying to approach someone who is not compatible with the product sold.

If you have trouble making your, download our Template SLA: Marketing & Sales  to define the parameters of deliveries between the teams of your company.


But if you want to prepare your SLA, see the steps you should follow:

Discussion and experimentation

The first step to advance this agreement is to define the main objective of the company. From this note and list the performance indicators of the teams, creating rules to get there.

In this process, each team must raise the main points that affect their work and performance, meeting criteria to evaluate the quality of each resource delivered from one team to another. Also set minimum values ​​or minimum combination that guarantee the quality of delivery of a team to another

Mapped information, representatives of the involved teams must discuss the topics to be observed by the SLA, with performances simulations if the rules were created rules.

constructive and conscious decision-making

This process must be agreed with the teams involved in discussions to raise the issue of fact that requires the creation of rules.

Iterate learning and justify decisions

It is normal for the first SLA does not solve all optimally agreements. Worth bearing in mind that this arrangement is flexible and must be constantly revised to:

  • Updating the company’s main goals
  • Be in accordance with the market
  • Set criteria or rules that were poorly scaled in the previous version, promoting continuous improvement in the agreement between the teams.

Find the bottlenecks Leads

You have an SLA, but still the thing can not identify good sales opportunities? That’s too bad, since the absence of Leads at the beginning and end of the sales funnel  can seriously impact the results of your company.

If you are unable to generate a sufficient number of Leads, perhaps their offerings are unattractive. It may be, too, if they are not attracting the right profile of potential consumers. It is worth better map the buying journey  of their customers.

If the Leads are providing false information, which prevents the work of the seller to move forward, the obstacle may be inadequate in attracting users. It is a sign, too, that they have no real interest in buying your product or service.

few leads at the end of the funnel is a problem because the vendors have invested time and resources to have the proposal rejected. In this situation, it is better to step back and review the form of qualification of potential customers. The right questions are being asked in the relationship stage and pre-sales?

Putting these actions into practice, you already begin to identify good sales opportunities for your business. To go further, download our   eBook Leads Management  and learn how to transform their business opportunities in customers efficiently. The download is free!