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To create new business opportunities for your company, especially in digital channels, having a website is essential . After all, as your business needs to have a fixed address in real life, it also needs to have an online, your customers can access when you have questions about your product or service, to ask for a budget or simply to get in touch with you.

But if your business is new or if you still can not create a chart of loyal customers, it can be difficult to generate traffic that is sufficient to make a positive impact on your business.

And then what to do? To win an audience from scratch, you can start with some good practices that can help bring an initial traffic to your site. Investing in stocks to generate organic traffic, for example, it is a good idea, although long-term work will help generate a consistent audience for your site.

Below, check out some tips to generate traffic – and, from there, generating results for your business.

1. Have a blog with content targeted to your audience

Ok, we have always defended the importance of content as the core of a strategy Digital Marketing , but that does not mean you will produce any content. It needs to be interesting to your target audience and, of course, be related to your market and your solution. Basically, you should write about what you know and not try to attract audiences with themes that you have not mastered.

As an example, the results Digital blog itself. Even before we launch the RD Station , our marketing and sales software, we put in the air this blog on Digital Marketing, in order to help educate the market about the importance of this new approach to business.

So, as we were going to educate our audience about the reasons to invest in Inbound Marketing , were beginning to show the value of our solution to market.

If we had tried to create a blog about something else to attract traffic, which is likely not we build the authority created in Digital Marketing over the years.

2. Provide content that create recurring traffic

Creating quality content is a great way to attract traffic, but that does not mean you can not give a “helping hand” for this content to generate recurring traffic.

One way to do this is to create content that is divided into several parts. So you can use this division as a “decoy” for the person to re-visit your site to view the next parts of the content.

For example, in our blog we post the learning of Growth Hacking in Silicon Valley, which was divided into Part 1  and Part 2 .

Another way to do this is to create series or seasons of a particular subject. Thus, your audience already knows that on any given day of the week or month, you will provide content on a particular subject.

Here, DR, we have the series Agency Tariff , with marketing tips and Sales agencies, and we had the first season of the series Vendor Chat , which addressed Inside Sales strategies.

Finally, if you are still taking the first steps in Content Marketing  and does not have much material to address the contents of these forms, try at least to publish their posts on fixed days of the week.

For example, if you publish twice a week, always keep the same days. Thus, visitors will gradually creating the habit of accessing your site these days, knowing that you publish your material on a recurring basis.

3. Work with SEO for your site

Search engines are one of the main ways of their audience reach you. Therefore, you need to optimize your site for search engines ( Search Engine Optimization or SEO ), so that the results always show your site when the user is looking for a solution related to its market.

So the first thing you should do is to select keywords  that are related to your market and for which you can optimize your site. Ideally, the keywords you select have a good search volume and little competition (within reason). No use you want to optimize your site for a word that has a huge volume of searches if she did not have any connection with their area of expertise.

But not only attached to words directly related to your product or service. They are important, but there are many people who can come to you for answers to your questions and pains.

For example, if your company offers a project management software for businesses, instead of focusing only on words like “software for project management” and “project management for companies”, you must select words like “how to improve project management of my company “or” how to increase the productivity of my team. ” Because it is more likely that people use these terms in search engines, since many of them do not even know what the solution to solve this problem.

With the selected keywords, it’s time to optimize your site for them. First, create quality pages for each, both those that are more terms related to the content as those more linked to the product. Among some best practices that you can apply are: use keywords in headings and subheadings, use variations of your keyword throughout the content, create friendly URLs etc.

Finally, focus on good user experience. Create pages that load quickly and have an intuitive and functional layout. And do not forget that the page layout should be responsive  to mobile devices because search engines consider all this time to rankear your site.

To learn more about search keywords for your business and how to make SEO efficiently, download our eBook + spreadsheet search keywords: what it is and how to make  and our Complete Guide to SEO .

4. Identify influencers and create a relationship with them

Surely there in your area of ​​expertise persons and / or companies that you admire, in which you get inspired to do their job and help the guided trends in your market.

If you are trying to establish as a reference, to contact these important people is a great opportunity to attract attention and generate traffic to your site.

Introduce your company, show on what grounds your solution help your audience and if possible, ask for help to publicize your company and your content.

It may seem hard, but do not put barriers in these opportunities only for thinking that no one will give the ball to you. Often these influencers like to spread the news and are only waiting for someone to offer a good solution.

5. co-marketing and good partnerships

When you can create a relationship with some influencers is a good good time to propose a co-marketing with them. Strategies co-marketing  – that is, marketing activities (can be an event, a content etc.) – which are offered by the two companies are great opportunities to get an initial traffic.

This is because, when disclosing the action, a company is automatically helping to disclose the partner company. And if the contact base of the partner company is large, this can have a big impact on your business.

But you should be thinking, “Who should I choose? How will I make an impact now want to co-marketing with my business? “.

To choose a good partner, the ideal is that it is not a competitor, but has the same target audience as you. For example, here at Digital results, we co-marketing with content production companies for Digital Marketing, project management platforms etc.

To get close partnership, you can get, for example, making an offer that is beneficial to your potential partner. One idea is to create a set material, and offer to produce any content. The other company will only have to help promote it. This can increase the chances of getting a good co-marketing.

6. Post guest post on other blogs

In addition to creating content in association with other companies in your market, you can also use these channels to publish your content, so use them traffic to generate traffic to your site.

One way to do this is to publish guest posts  on other blogs. A guest post is a post that you write for the blog of a business partner. To choose the partner and the topic you will cover in this post, it is the same tip that demos for co-marketing; choose a company that is not a competitor, but that has the same target audience (ie a targeted audience to your market, so that the power of influence and scope are larger), and write about something that is relevant both for you and for the partner.

But guest posts are not only important to the visitors of your partner become your visitors, they also help in link building . The more relevant links your company receives, the greater the chances of you getting well ranked in the top positions of search engines on the important keywords for your business.

A good bargaining chip to be able to publish guest posts is to offer the possibility of another company also publish to your blog.

7. Create your own network of link building

We talked about the importance of guest posts, but it may be that at the beginning is really hard you get other companies, especially big companies want to publish your content.

In this case, we suggest you create your own chances of link building. For example, if your employees, especially those who have more influence on the market, produce content on their area of expertise, ask them to use their channels (blogs, social networks etc.) to linkarem for your site.

And if your employees do not have the habit of creating content, convince them of the importance of doing this, both for their company and for their careers and for personal learning. Here on the blog we’ve talked about the benefits that a professional has to produce content .

8. Use platforms and social networks related to your target audience to publish content

Even when a company is new and does not have a lot of traffic on your site, it probably has some followers in social networks. So take advantage of it, and create content that Linkem for your site.

You may find that producing content on social networks is a waste of time, but be aware of how the market influencers built their authority essentially on social networks. There are people who almost became synonymous with their area of ​​expertise – and many of them began talking about her in the media market. You may be one.

The secret is to choose which network is best suited for your company. For example, there are companies whose target audience can be more present on Facebook, Instagram and Medium, as the audience of others may be more focused on professional social networks like LinkedIn.

9. Make paid ads

Making posts on social networks, guest posts and optimize your content for search engines is essential, but it all gets results in the medium and long term. To get traffic faster, especially as his company still takes the first steps in Digital Marketing, the ideal is to also invest in paid ads .

There are several types of paid ads you can do: Google AdWords, social networks, remarketing , native ads  etc. Each of them has different goals, so you should use them differently too.

Decide what you will use to implement your campaign will depend entirely on where your audience spends more time and especially of alignment with the objectives of each ad. We recommend testing enough in the beginning, as there is a cake recipe for success.

10. Participate in events

Finally, we suggest that you also invest one ways to generate offline content to attract traffic to your site. One of the most important is to participate in events related to your market .

If your company is still in its infancy and you still do not have a very strong name in its field, you can start attending events as a participant. Take advantage of these opportunities to create a network  and make your brand known in the segment.

When you have more recognition, you can start to lecture in the events. Do not forget to focus on those that are really geared their area, either to the consumer or those directed at professionals in its class.

Finally, at the time that your company already has financial resources a little more solid, it may be time to invest in such events, both as a supporter and sponsor as creating an event of your company.

Besides helping to bring traffic to your site and help your brand become a reference, events like this can be very beneficial for your market, as they begin to educate you on the importance of its solution.

Some examples are the RD Summit  and RD On The Road , two events that results Digital created and that have become a reference in marketing and sales, even internationally.


Build a solid audience for your site is not something that can be done from night to day. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain consistency and persistence in all actions mentioned above.

Also, keep in mind that more than hearing, you should try to keep a loyal audience, it does not help attract visitors who will not return. They need to trust your brand to become real business opportunities.

So, focus on relationships, both with visitors and with partners. Just so you will be able to enhance the coming results of the effort to generate traffic.

And you, what strategies you use to generate more audience for your site? Share with us in the comments!