How to generate Leads with Instagram: 7 actions for you to use in the application

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Instagram was launched in October 2010 with a simple idea: take photos, apply effects on them and post them to your friends to see, to tan and comment. Almost eight years later, the application became a winning machine and also to generate money.

This change came mainly after being acquired by Facebook. The social networking giant has changed the face of the app, creating features and “inspired by” the other Snapchat rival. The development of Instagram Ads  and Instagram Stories are the main highlights.

In June 2018, it has reached the milestone of 1 billion active users, of which 200 million are commercial profiles. In Brazil, the last reported number indicates that the barrier of 50 million profiles has been overcome – many companies making announcements.

Over time, therefore, Instagram is no longer just a platform for photo viewing. It is now used by companies for brand positioning, relationship with fans, promotions and even sell directly.

7 Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram

With the large number of users, Instagram has become strategic for one of the initial stages of Digital Marketing : Leads generation. Your customers can also be there, then it is worth studying the persona of your business to identify this opportunity.

This study, incidentally, is very important to check if your target audience is, in fact, the active application. Remember, the social networks  are great, but give work, so you should only invest in those that make sense for your business.

Should it conclude that it is worth, you will discover many ways to generate Leads with Instagram. In this post, we list all of them, including many that we use here at Digital results. Some are direct and other indirect.

See the following which are in addition to a few examples:

1. Use the link in the bio

Even today, it is very common to read the posts phrases like “to learn more, click the bio link”. For a long time, this was the only way to get the Instagram user and take it to another site. And it worked: You could put one Landing Page , for example.

This action is still very valid. Combined as a good description in the profile, you can generate very simple Leads. A tip is to use aggregators like Linktree , allowing include multiple URLs together from the bio Calls.

For many accounts, especially small businesses, the link in the bio is the only point of contact between the user on an external site. So enjoy! See how the bio of RD:

Link in bio Instagram

2. Instagram Stories

The Urges Stories was the best new app for those who want to prospect new customers. In addition to enabling the creation of short stories with sequences of photos and videos up to 15 seconds, it was much easier to make people to access external pages.

With a simple Call to Action to “drag the screen”, you can make an offer that complements the visual content displayed. Of course the Story itself also needs to be interesting, and not merely a bridge to generate Leads .

Here in DR, we often tell little stories using animations and features of Stories, as the polls. We encourage user interaction, instigamos to think about the problem and offer a blogpost or rich material with the solution in the last slide.

Below, see an action that did:


3. Instagram Ads

If your marketing budget allows, ads from Instagram Ads are a great choice to complement your Leads generation strategy with the application. Through the tool, you can target your well personalized offers.

The Instagram business platform is connected directly with Facebook, allowing you to combine the two audiences. You can, for example, work out a retargeting strategy using both social networks.

In the eBook How to advertise on Instagram Ads  for more content on the subject, and you can download it for free.

4. Use the CTA published images

This item has to do with the link in the bio that quoted above. You can enter a Call-to-Action inviting the user to perform this action in the post text or even in the picture. Evaluate what is best and focus the picture quality or illustration.

It is important to emphasize: Instagram is a visual social network. That is, people are there mostly to see photos, videos and arts nice to look at. If your account is synonymous with insistent conversion applications, will have poor performance.

It is therefore preferable to use the post text to insert the CTA . Insert it into the text intelligently, showing the follower that he will receive an interesting offer. Here ‘s how we did when we announced the launch of the alignment of the week between Marketing and Sales :


5. Name one URL in videos

Productions videos have gained a lot of space and are also an opportunity to generate Leads on Instagram. In addition to the CTA in the text, why not display the URL of your site or a reduced link leading directly to a Landing Page?

If your video is interesting, it is natural that those who are watching want to know more about your product and your company. The person would be frustrated even if you are not able to receive more information about it you just saw!


6. Partner with influencers

Instagram has multiple users with hundreds of thousands of followers. This means that the scope of these profiles can be much higher than yours, representing a great dissemination strategy for your brand.

Some of these personalities charge for dissemination of images in their profiles with professional performance. You can search some partnerships with influencers in your region and with the same target audience  to start this type of communication.

The important thing here is to find partnerships that make sense for your business. It does not help pay for expensive an influencer who does not speak with his persona . The Lead generation is wasted, playing investment out the window.

How to Generate Leads on Instagram

7. Tag products prices

Recently, Instagram added the ability to put price tags on products shown in the pictures. Many ecommerces are already using the tool, you need to take its own website to complete the purchase.

Even if the purchase is not made, the commercial possibilities are manifold. You insert CTAs conversion, such as signing a newsletter , for example. A good idea also is to work with retargeting offering ads after this first visit.

How to Generate Leads on Instagram

8. Use hashtags

Finally, it is worth reinforcing the use of hashtags . They are used for users to search and find profiles and photos related to the same subject. You should use them in all your posts on Instagram, making it easier for their most valuable content is found

If you go to an event or special promotion, create a very creative hashtag own and encourage his followers to also use in your personal photos. It’s a great way to advertise your company and thus accelerate the generation of Leads.

How to Generate Leads on Instagram

Adopting these formats, or those that make the most sense to your strategy, you will already begin to generate Leads with Instagram. It is worth to pay attention to the application of the new, which is always trying different things, especially in Stories.