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Would you be able to remember that experience? Suddenly you are interested in a particular subject and start researching it on the internet, find or type the link and is surprised by this standard message: Error 404: Page Not Found . If you have experienced this moment, the experience was nothing satisfactory, is not it?

Unfortunately this type of error is present in all sites – including yours! – since it can be caused by typos user, broken links or pages indexed in the search engines that are no longer active .

In this post we will show why you should worry about it now and show several examples of companies that are already taking advantage of this error to improve the user experience and stimulate Leads conversion . Hopefully give you enough insight to get you started today creating a custom 404 error page.

Why create a custom 404 error page?

When we do not have an appropriate error page, the most common behavior among users automatically click the back button – which, incidentally, was the most used feature in FireFox, according to a 2010 study .

When this happens, in addition to its search ranking for that keyword fall, it is very likely that you have spoiled the user’s first impression and he probably will never return to your site again.

The duty to provide a good experience for your users is yours and you must give good reasons for him not click the back button. Above all, you are also responsible for directing the user to the expected actions on your site. And here comes the good part!

Customize the error page 404, directing it to the conversion, it is an excellent opportunity to make a bad experience in a positive and profitable experience!

Here are our tips how to customize this page.

5 tips for creating your page 404

1. Acknowledge the error

Above all it is important to recognize the error and therefore apologize for the nuisance caused.

Remember that this is not the page that the user has chosen to be, then it is very important that this communication is made.

Make your apology according to the identity of your business and persona you want to achieve. If your persona is funny, make fun of the event and get a smile from her.

2. Deliver value to the user

Give options to the user indicating paths that might interest him. If your business is software, offer a free trial. If you are a ecommerce, how about a discount for the next purchase? If your product is education, you can worship receive free lessons! If you have a wealth of material – or more – with high conversion rates, this is an excellent time to present it to the user!

3. Use moderation links

You will not want to give so many choices the user to the point that he get confused and leave your site for fear of making a decision, is not it?

So, common sense and moderation in the amount of links on this page is paramount. As a tip, take between 1 and 3 options.

4. Give search option

If still you are not interested in the offers, take the option of a search field to it so you can find what you want on your site.

5. Always test!

Like everything in conversion rate to see if your 404 is performing as it should.

Now that you know the importance and the key points for the creation of your custom 404 page, here’s how some companies have created their pages.

5 creative examples for your 404 page

1.  Firefox

The page 404 of Firefox, very clever and subtle way, reinforces the relaxed language of your persona and leads a very simple and direct way to download the latest version of the software.

2.  Glasses

The Glasses also takes advantage of your error page to stimulate two conversions: purchase on ecommerce and / or newsletter sign-up for exclusive discount.

To ecommerces, this strategy is very valuable because it completely replaces the bad feeling of the 404 error page for a benefit to have her found.


3.  Optinmonster

With a very genial balcony to Optinmonster optimized its error page to educate your users about a major pain they feel.

By clicking “download now”, a conversion pop-up appears on the screen, showing you exactly how their product works in practice. Sensational!

404 error

4.  Graceful Resourses

The way the Graceful Resourses uses 404 error page is so personal and so clear is the benefit of signing up for the mailing them, which is another extremely focused customization example of the conversion.

404 error page

5.  Digital Results

Of course, we would not be out of this! In Digital results also we have a custom 404 page.

You may have noticed that the personality of our brand (vs. rocket astronaut) and language (with emoticons) is present on that page, as well as, of course, some of our latest offers free materials on Digital Marketing .


And now?

Now that you know the importance of creating a custom 404 error pages and directed to conversion, which is hoping to get?

If you’re still not 100% sure of the offer that will create for this page, download the eBook here 28 types of offer to generate Leads and not waste any more time!