How to find (and resolve) key issues in your company’s marketing and sales funnel to sell more in 2018

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How’s 2018 goals in your company?

The marketing department has been able to generate the necessary opportunities for the commercial area?

And the sales team? It has managed to turn these opportunities into customers and generate revenue that you expect for your business?

We’ve talked a lot about these issues here in the Digital blog results. After all, there are over a thousand posts on Digital Marketing and sales available to read (in addition to hundreds of educational materials available for free ).

With the aid of such content, it is easier to put in place actions that will take your business to another level.

But what if we could help in a more personalized way?

Since the beginning of RD, we have talked directly with more than 100,000 companies to understand what are the biggest challenges to increase revenue generation.

With these conversations, we can identify three common problems and bottlenecks in the marketing and sales strategy. Of course there are others, but it’s likely that your company faces one of these:

  • Generate demand for the sales team
  • Convert Leads customers
  • Relate to customers to increase repurchase

Therefore, we are offering a free diagnosis of marketing and sales for your business . This diagnosis you will find:

  • The weaknesses of your strategy marketing and sales funnel and how to fix them.
  • The advantages that offers an optimized funnel (and how much you can expect to reduce costs and increase revenues in the next 12 months).
  • What you need to do to increase efficiency in sales and win customers who may be buying their competitors.
  • Insights and tool tips that will help you create a real customer acquisition machine.

It is noteworthy that the diagnosis is really free and that to realize it, you are not assuming any commitment to Digital results.

As the diagnostic work?

After completing the form, you will receive the contact a consultant who will analyze your marketing goals and sales and schedule their diagnosis with a specialist.

In conversation (Skype or phone), we will evaluate your entire customer acquisition funnel and reveal strategies that can make your company sell more.

After the conversation, you will receive a complete diagnostic document by email, not to miss any detail of everything that was said during the evaluation.

This is the first step for you to optimize your marketing and sales and start generating more results.