How to educate your client on the internet?

Let’s understand what is Content Marketing?
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Understand how to educate your client to make him understand your product, be charmed by him and convert!

The Internet is an open door and ample possibilities to help you reach your target.

If you are reading this content, you’ve probably makes the stock digital marketing (or at least have done or think to do), and what we raise in this post is:

  1. Does your communication is being assertive?
  2. Your audience to come to your site understand what you do / sell / offer?
  3. You are taking back with your website, your ads and your social media channels?

If these answers are negative, your client does not understand what your service or product, which indicates that the information arranged in the digital materials are not clear / attractive enough to draw the attention of your audience.

And if that happens, most likely, your potential customer will end up opting for your competitor.

What is the importance of educating your customer and how to do it effectively?

When we talk about educating the customer, we are not trying to preach a pretentious way that assumes that the client is “dumb”!

We want to show you ways to leave your clear and objective communication to you indicate to the internet:

  • How do you get in touch with you.
  • How do you get attention faster.
  • As it saves time by using the FAQ
  • How it can best use their products

Finally, for each segment, there is a different joint pain and need to be addressed to solve the problem.

So we need to know very well our environment (physical store, online store or corporate site) and our customers to try to solve the easy way problem.

Example: You produce customized materials for children’s parties, however, you are not alone.

In this case, you could create really cool and explanatory tutorials:

  • how to make a custom party, using their products.
  • as the materials may combine together
  • how to assemble them easily

So, you show different possibilities for your client how he can use the product you sell and, besides passing knowledge, his work will be valued.

To do all this?

It is important to show the best way to use your product or use your service to your customer becomes more confident and convert faster.

A very effective way to educate your customer is using content marketing strategy!

how to educate your customer

According to the content trends in 2016, the companies that make content marketing actions generate 4x MORE VISITS THE SITE and 5x MORE LEADS.

There is no way to ignore these numbers!

How to educate your customer through Content Marketing ?

Content marketing is a way to engage your target, causing it to go through the entire sales funnel process until he turns his client.

How do I do that?

Before we talk about the sales funnel, you need to know that the first step is the planning!

No use having various ideas and go applying before anything you need for your ideas on paper and from there plan to achieve be more effective and well understand the purpose of each action to be performed.

With prompt planning, you need to structure the sales funnel, need to understand what steps and what to do in each of them.

The sales funnel has three key parts:

How to educate your client on the Internet

Top of the Funnel: How to attract visitors to my site?

You step is super important because this is the first contact that your target will have with your product / service.

And as they say, the first impression is the one that is!

You agreeing or not, when it comes to business this is a great truth.

What is the impression you want your prospect has about your product / service?

Today there are several possibilities to get to the target, which may be through sponsored posts, display ads, Google Search, facebook ads, etc.

When your lead clicks on your ad or banner it has to be directed to a well-structured landing page that has clear and objective information about your product / service.

What can not miss in your landing page:

  1. Form for the prospect can contact for any questions or more information.
  2. Form to receive e-book
  3. Field to receive newsletters

And do not forget always use call to action, it is important to highlight the information you want, of course, indicate what you want your visitor to do.

Ex: Get a free trial!

If the visitor sends a form, ready, already become a lead!

Middle of the funnel – Engage with your leads

In the first stage attracted you and made the visitor contact, thus sending the data, becoming a lead. Now you have to relationship with your leads.

Nurture your leads with useful information!

Use email marketing to keep the conversation with your leads, show them your expertise, show how you solve problems as you help them solve problems. Show how it can solve certain problems alone.

Background Funnel: Buy !!!

You’ve raised your customer, has already shown the solutions now that he is already at the time of “passion” is the time for you to sell. He already knows how you do, because you do, what are the benefits that you offer, so now is the time of sale!

This is where you can contact for connection to hire deals and submit proposals.

This step is extremely important, so your customer service team has to be well prepared. All content marketing will work down the drain if the customer does not have a good service in this last step.

With well-defined content marketing strategy you will gain the expected return!

54.3% do not know the content marketing strategy (content trends 2016). One more opportunity for you to start using content and media on the Internet to educate your customers!

What can I use digital channels to educate my target?

how to educate your customer

Another example: You sell classroom courses, as well as inform about his method and concept on your site, you can also create short videos addressing any topic related to the course.

People who attend will get a knowledge more and if they need to delve into the subject will probably want to take the full course.

This information MORE about your product / service makes all the difference at the time of purchase decision, even taking into account the cost / benefit of the product / service compared to competitors!

According to a survey conducted by Google America:

  • Women dominate the online shopping market.
  • Classes A and B are prevalent in online consumption, with an age range 14-34 years.
  • 62% of online shoppers look for indications on Social Networks and searches sites before buying.
  • 83% of users seeking information rely on the opinion of other consumers.

That is, if you do not do digital marketing actions, and therefore not talk with your online target, your company is losing a great chance to grow and stand out.

Remembering that for the results to be effective it is necessary to prepare the service team to get customers with quality, to ensure the achievement and loyalty!

We have a content How to draw a Content Marketing Strategy to help you understand better.

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