How to earn more than 300 thousand dollars per year through your Facebook page

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Earning more than 300 thousand dollars a year through your Facebook page


Behind every client Postcron there are stories that are really inspiring . In this post we’ll have that of a Swedish entrepreneur who manages to get through your pages, income of around 30 to 40 thousand dollars a month .

How is your life, how he started in the business and how you
use Postcron to achieve their goals: all this below. Do not miss it!

Arbabi Taimas manages 2 famous pages on Facebook ( Just for Fun and Fun Zone ) which together exceed 800 thousand followers and daily totaling about 5 thousand new fans. Through these pages, Taimas carries a massive traffic to your where Monetize (make money) through advertising.


A person, a computer, perseverance, confidence, creativity, singulariad, and hard work are the pillars of this story.

According Taimas, the hardest part is the beginning, when you try to go from 0 to 10k followers . It took him 3-4 weeks to reach 10 thousand fans, but once you got it , the way up was much easier: in just 3 months exceeded 200 thousand fans.

Anyway, our entrepreneurial mind that when he started this business in early 2011, the rules were different Facebook. The restrictions were not many but the tools to segment the audience and reach the right people, were also less. That’s why today you have to know how to move on the playing field, so that new policies are not a problem, but part of a new way of putting your brand strategy.

Do not stop reading our last post through which you can get ideas to expand your fan base and organic add new followers.

Your fans will attract more fans , so it is important to define a good campaign that actually serve to get an audience to share your interest and be loyal. With regard to the latter, take into account the new feature of Facebook : Public Similarity and Public Custom , since the social network adds another extra attributes like interests or demographics, and shows ads to people who share common attributes with your existing customers.



For our entrepreneurial, Google is a key to send visitors to the website tool, but once created a substantial fan base, the job of bringing traffic so do the fans: they share or give like to a post on the various social networks, as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Of course, it also achieved by adding links on images climbing on his fanpage to be redirected to the blog that feeds these pages.


THE KEY: Schedule Facebook posts every 3 hours

The best results get them posting 1 time every three hours as it ensures visibility and participation . It found that post generated more engagement are those who have a mathematical problem to solve. These thousands of responses in contrast to those who are just jokes or pictures and they get carried only a hundred comments. But those who shared more remain the images with phrases and also add novelty the Vine Videos (videos only last for 6 to 8 seconds).

For those who are not yet aware, Vine is an application developed by Twitter that allows you to create and publish short videos. It was released on 24 January 2013, initially available for iOS.3 operating system, but since June 3, 2013 is also available for Android.4 5. We leave the campaign made a major retailer of USA using Vine videos: “Fix in Six”


Perform this task every day, 24 hours would consume a life, so it is necessary to take advantage of the tool s that allow you to make this activity more efficient . Taimas tells us about his experience with our features:

“I use Postcron to organize and schedule the images of my Fanpages. Besides being a much simpler application than those that Facebook provides, it allows me to program in materials simultaneity for different pages, thus saving me more than 20 minutes per day on this task, and I love that ! Definitely my favorite features are “Auto Schedule” and “Multi- Upload”

However, since Postcron we believe that beyond the actual usefulness either of our application or another company, the tool that works best for these cases is passion . Note that you ‘ll have to work on this day, so everything will be less tedious if your page is about something you know and you are passionate about.

How to Monetize Facebook page

In short, the Taimas method is to generate massive traffic to your website from Facebook, share images with a link every 3 hours on each of its pages, and across Google, optimizing their SEO. On their website there are more images and videos and there are also advertising (in the form of banners). Every time someone sees these banners, Taimas earn money .

Taimas uses CPM Networks (CPM: cost per thousand impressions) on your page, so you get money every time the ad is displayed on your blog. Gets around USD: 0.3 to 1 per 1000 impressions.

He uses Pixfuture and Adversal are two networks that connect supply with demand for advertising space and contextualize specialize in advertising with content that offers for example your website, blog, etc.

CPM: cost per thousand impressions and CPC: Cost per click are terms that also refer to different methods for running your online advertising campaigns on Facebook.

If you are interested in learning about other simple ways to monetize your page, we leave several tips for you to investigate the matter:



Taimas Arbabi

“The hardest part is probably succeed. Many people resign after a few weeks because they are tired of seeing that your project is not going to nowhere, but … .Roma was not built in a day “. -Taimas Arbabi

A very interesting fact that will surely lose the fear many who are just taking their first steps, is that Taimas not know much programming , but has several friends who help him with the hard part. However, this is not new for him, because before these Fanpages of memes and jokes, Taimas also wrote and ran a blog on news related to the latest trends in mobile phones. After selling the site for an amount that we are not allowed to mention (but has more than 6 digits in dollars) in early 2011, launched its new project: and since then not to .

No employees , so that all tasks passing through it, which will consume about 6 to 10 hours per day looking for publicity, checking the server, and updating content, but now everything became much easier with the tool ” multi-Upload ” of Postcron , which allows you to automatically schedule hundreds of photos simultaneously on multiple pages within seconds. 

Earning $ 250,000 per year, but 58% will go to taxes , therefore, only receives about US $ 140,000. He told us that this thinking of moving to Cyprus or Malta, since taxes are there much lower than in Sweden (12% vs 58% in Sweden), but like all his friends are in Sweden, the decision is costing you.

To cut the routine, every other day taking his bike and runs between 80 to 120 km , as a way to escape so many hours at the computer. Other hobbies are video games like Call of Dutty Black Ops 2 and Teamfortress 2 movies and being with friends.


“The key to success in this business is to be unique. You do not want to be a copy of another million pages that are out there. But it is also very important to never give up , because the first year is always the hardest “

The hardest part is probably succeed . Many people resign after a few weeks because they are tired of seeing that your project is not going to nowhere, but …. Rome was not built in a day . “



  • Reach 10 thousand followers is the hardest part but with good content and proper campaign targeting , your fans will attract more fans. Always combine strategy s on Facebook, Google and other social networks will allow you to make this work more effective.


  • For this type of page, post to get more share s are those corresponding to phrases with images , rather simple and easy to generate identification with your fans. Those who get more engagement and participation are those who are invited to solve a situation or problem, ie they are a “call to action” undercover.


  • Post every 3 hours is the key to maintaining visibility and encourage participation from your fans. Postcron is a solution so you can keep active your page using two tools: “Auto-schedule” and “Multi-Upload” .


  • You can monetize your site by several methods: CPM, CPC, In-text-Ads and Affiliate Marketing , among others.