How to Design a Content Marketing Strategy?

What is a landing page?
What is Benchmarking and how to do it?

Digital Marketing: A Red Ocean

Because “John Doe” should read your content and not the contents of another “Sincrano”?

First thing you have to do is differentiate and “nichar” its contents.

For example, we work with the NoTopo Digital Marketing, okay, but how many out there do or say they do the same thing?

Markering of interest Empressa vs Market Need

Then we try to cross what the market needs with what we can offer as our expertise.

In NoTopo focus on Startup and foreign companies in Brazil.

We know the need for these two segments in the market, and we have extensive experience in the branches.

To be assertive is good also sub-nichar , ie get more into the specific target audience, the definition of ” personas “.

A persona  is the simulation of someone who can represent your target audience.

For example, if your target is a company that sells wine, the ” persona ” is who, within the target company can make a decision or influence the decision in any way.

For the final, we do not negotiate with businesses but with the people who represent them.

Once set your persona , try to understand:

  1. Where she is, which channels,
  2. How it interacts and with whom,
  3. What hours and days she used to interact on the Internet

Write less Content and Promote more

Do not reinvent the wheel: Share Content of Influencers

If you see content produced by others worked for example by an influencer segment, if this post has generated engagement, think about making a ” Reporpusing ” it.

This can be done with cast post, video, infographics, etc.

Ie: use this content to replicate it or “personalize it” in a production.

Do not forget to mention the source of the post that fueled his creativity, and tagueá it in partners networks .

Most likely, when it is impacted, it will enjoy the your post probably share it. So you enter into his network.

And do not forget to ask for feedback, comments, comments!

magic formula: Good content + optimization + Disclosure

It is worth mentioning the process desenvolviedo by Ian Cleary for the production of successful content.

The name of this model is

  1. people
  2. Relationship
  3. inbound
  4. Subscribers and Social Retargeting
  5. monetization

4 steps to generate Lead from a post on the social network.

Imagine you want to release a post of your blog on Facebook or Twitter, or create a specific post to your page, you know that to receive a like , just buy it.

To understand how to do this, read the article as convert likes to lead , or watch this video mini:

However this session we will see how to generate leads directly from the posts on your page.

First, create a relevant and Great Visual Post

Be it for your blog or a social network , it is well attached it with an image that perhaps you created specifically.

You can use to edit and adjust images that you think would engage, inserting a phrase gimmick on top of the same image.

If it is to blog , do not forget to optimize the picture for the end of SEO .

Enter the Alt tags for the search boots can recognize the relevance of the same with the rest of the text.

Second – “Pin to the Top.”

Highlight the most relevant content on your Facebook or Twitter profile page.

This function twitter and facebook makes the post always is at the top, regardless of the post will be posted on the page or profile.

Third, the Post highlighted create a Decoy phrase to link to your Blog.

This way you can share other content on your page to generate featured in engagement and your post will lead these users to your website.

Room: Create a Landing Page

This landing page will replicate the post message on facebook.

At the same time it will give the possibility to exchange data with something like an ebook.

For you can use tools like leadpages or leadlovers .

There, beyond a simple like now you have a lead with their contact details.

Now that you have a database, you need to feed it with information to take you to the most the bottom of the funnel. This can be done through email marketing .

6 steps for other Blogs Content Curation

Engagement is not only create posts blog and share them on social networks .

If someone has written something relevant to your target audience, you can create engagement from the post of others.

Let’s see how:

1: Create an account on Google Alert

Google will send you daily all posts / pages relevant to the keyword that you set.

You can also use the tool , alternative to Google Alert .

2: Review the news

Review the news coming directly to your email.

They are interesting to your target audience?

3: Open the news

Use the Chrome extension, BuzzSumo  to see how many and what types of engagements this news has generated.

Consider these posts coming by ” Google Alert ” are generally newer, so do not expect a peak of engagement.

By spending 10-20 total commitments, we suggest you consider the post has potential.

4: Review a relevant post

If in your Blog has a post that talks about the same subject as the third you are reviewing, comment this post:

A kind of comment might be: “Also read the article: ‘.

It’s a simple way to publicize your article.

Also, if the post you comments have not configured a “no-follow” in the comments, you will also create a backlink for your Blog .

Be careful not to overdo it with these links for boots Google think it is spam.

5: Share Post on your Facebook page

Use  hashtags to reach people who do not yet entered on your page, but who might be interested in the subject.

You can test here hashtags  independent of your Blog .

For example, if you wrote a post Digital Marketing for companies in São Paulo , use the tag #saopaulo for branding more open.

This tactic can also be used if you run a themed group of Facebook .

6: Highlight the Post with link to your website

Do not forget that in your page facebook (or group) must have a post on ” highlighted ” with the setting ” pin-to-the-top .”

This post will always appear as the first post, regardless of what you will publish.

We suggest leaving highlighted the post or page on your site with a lower bounce rate, for surely is what will engage more.

In this way you work the principle “Giver’s Gain” (giver wins)  helping other bloggers to share.

So also you will get engaged on your website, in your group and send qualified people to your site.

Content Repurposing that engaged outside Brazil

Suppose you want to write about marketing influence.

Look for other sources, like outside the country, see what they write in USA, Europe, etc.

Look for content that engages more and create your on this basis, abrasileirando  or somehow adapting to your audience.

Depending on how your content is close to the original, it would be good to mention the source, in fact tagueá it when you will publish content on social networks.


  • You will have created something that does not yet exist in its segment because it comes from a research abroad
  • We have proof that this content worked abroad somehow
  • You can taguear its source, working Marketing Influences because if the content generated engagement, was probably created by an influencer
  • Probably slowly yourself will become influencer branch.

Oops … you do not speak English so you can not keep blogs outside of Brazil?

Wide beer and barbecue the weekend and start to seriously study a second language.

The fluent knowledge of English is required to be able to work in Digital Marketing and always stay abreast of the latest market updates.

Doubts? Want to discuss or supplement on the basis of your experience?

Leave a comment down here or contact with the team NoTopo.