How to create ads that can not be ignored on Facebook: Camila Porto’s tips on Studio RD Summit

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Facebook has increasingly diminished organic range of business publications, prioritizing posts from family and friends.

Have you ever wondered if there is any way to get around this?

For the expert in Facebook, Camila Porto, the way is to invest. “If you want a pamphlet, you have to pay for it and ready. And Facebook is the same, “he explains.

She believes it is important to face the social media as marketing tools that, like any other, also require budget.

It is imperative companies forget this myth that not investing in social media, which is free. Today, regardless of company size, you have to invest.

Another issue pointed out by the expert is the fact that there has been a lack of space to place ads on Facebook – there are few places and many companies wanting to advertise, making it the most expensive ads, especially for those just starting out.

The tip of the expert is to watch other channels, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, to reach the audience by other means, which are even less crowded.

Watch the full interview:

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Some points commented on by Camila Port were:

  • Why is it important to invest money in social media;
  • How to reach your audience on Facebook;
  • Using changes in Facebook’s algorithm to their advantage;
  • Facebook trends for 2018.