How to create a YouTube channel: the complete tutorial

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If you do not know how to create a channel on YouTube , and not for what reason should invest in this platform, then read the statistics of the paragraph below.

2016 data show that 50% of all mobile internet traffic is already composed of videos and that 55% of people watch videos online at least once a day.

Of course we are talking about videos in general, and then enter YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope and other platforms – both free and paid.

However, YouTube is the leading social network in the world video sharing . And so it deserves special attention.

The site was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. At the time, the founders were concerned at the difficulty that existed in sharing videos online. From this issue, YouTube was born, which soon reached a huge success, being acquired by Google logo in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion.

Some interesting data from YouTube:

  • YouTube has more than one billion active users , almost a third of Internet users;
  • Over half of YouTube views are made on mobile devices ;
  • YouTube launched local versions in more than 88 countries ;
  • It is the world’s second largest search engine , behind Google ‘s own;
  • More than 500 million videos are viewed every day.

Why use YouTube

We have already spoken of the size of the YouTube audience and is evidence that there is much to be gained by working on that platform.

However, that does not mean simply create an account on YouTube, posting videos and wait out the results appear miraculously.

No. First you have to define the purpose of your business within YouTube. This goal may be to relate to the audience, generate traffic to the site, generate Leads, monetizing, strengthen the brand position etc.

In the case of Digital results, we use the YouTube primarily for the transmission of webinars and to promote corporate videos, as aftermovie the RD Summit 2016:

The secret is to define a purpose. YouTube is now the leading online video platform and offers numerous possibility of attracting and relate to the audience.

Follow the step by step below to learn how to start a YouTube channel today!

How to make an account on YouTube

To begin, you must create an account on YouTube.

This is the easiest step of every process. If you have a Google account, you already have an account on YouTube. All you need to do is open YouTube and click login on the top right of the page. If your company is registered in Google My Business , you can also use this account and ensure greater integration between your accounts.

creating a channel on youtube

You will be redirected to this screen. Enter your email and Google password where indicated.

creating a channel on youtube

Click “next” and voila! The accounts are integrated.

If you do not already have a Google account, just click “More Options” and then “create an account”. You will be redirected to a free account at Google.

How to create a YouTube channel

After logging in (or create your account) on YouTube, click “My Channel” on the left side of the YouTube home.

If you have not performed this step will open a screen like this:

creating a channel on youtube

Enter your first and last name if the channel is personal. If the goal is to create a business channel, click “use a company name or other name.” Will open this window:

creating a channel on youtube

Type the name of your brand and click Create. Ready! You will be redirected to the dashboard of your newly created YouTube channel.

Bonus: how to create a YouTube channel for mobile

creating a channel on YouTube for mobile

If you want to do the procedure to open a channel on YouTube, mobile, the first step is to download the YouTube app, which is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The procedure is the same. Log into YouTube, and click the video icon at the top of the application.

If you do not have a YouTube channel, it will automatically open a screen for you to create that channel.

Then, whenever you want to put a video on YouTube, mobile, just click on the same icon and select the video to his gallery. You can also record a new video and publish it shortly thereafter.

You can also make video to YouTube directly by phone, just recording with the device camera and post it directly by the application.

How to change your YouTube channel name

If you misspell the name of the channel, if your company has changed name or any other reason, there is no reason for concern. YouTube offers the option to easily change your YouTube channel name.

Click on your YouTube avatar in the top right corner of the panel, and then the settings icon next to the “Creator Studio.”

creating a channel on youtube

You will be redirected to the account settings. To make the change, click the “edit in Google” next to the name of your channel.

creating a channel on youtube

A new tab will open and display the option to edit the name, logo and cover of your Google account.

How to change the YouTube channel link

To improve your work on YouTube is very important that you customize your URL. This will make people can find your channel more easily and also cause you can share the URL easier.

Which of the two URLs below would you trust more?


To create a custom URL, it is necessary that your YouTube channel is eligible for it.

You can choose a custom URL based on your display name, your YouTube username, your current short URLs or the name of your linked website. All this depends on the availability.

If you are eligible for a custom URL, a warning is shown in advanced account settings and you will receive an email notification and other on the dashboard of your Creator Studio.

Before you begin: remember that you can not change your custom URL after you create, including the setting of upper and lower case letters, accents or diacritical marks (such as cedilla and accents). If you want to change the custom URL, remove it from the channel and a new claim.

  1. Click on your channel icon in the upper right corner and settings to access the advanced account settings . Then click on “Advanced” under the name of your business;
  2. In “Channel Settings”, select the link next to “You are eligible for a custom URL.” You will only see this message if your channel is eligible;
  3. In the “Get a custom URL”, you will see the URLs that were approved for you. You can not change the text of the gray box, but you may need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique;
  4. Please read the “Terms of Use Custom URL”, select the check box to agree and click “Change URL”.
  5. Can not request to change the custom URL after approval. So when you’re sure you made the right choice, click “Confirm choice”.

Rules to get a custom URL

To be able to claim a custom URL, your channel must follow some rules:

  • Having 10 or more followers (people who have added you to their circles);
  • Your account must have at least 30 days;
  • Your profile must have a photo;
  • Your account must be in good standing.

Remove personalized URL and claim a new

If you need to change your custom URL, you must remove the current before claiming a new one. This action is limited and can be made up to 3 times a year.

Caution: to do this, your old URL will be disabled and no longer direct users to your channel. So it is important that this be done if really necessary.

To perform this action, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the page about me ;
  2. At the top right, select the account from your YouTube channel. If it is not listed, click “All accounts of your brand”;
  3. Find the current custom URL in “Sites” and click edit;
  4. Click the X next to the URL you want to remove;
  5. Click OK.

If you qualify, you can claim a new custom URL after removal. However, it may take a few days until the previous URL to stop directing users to your channel.

How to put a video on YouTube

Now that you know how to create a YouTube channel and make the initial settings, it’s time to talk about how to upload videos on the platform.

Important: before going up the video, make sure your account is verified! To confirm your account, go to the . You will need to provide a phone number to complete verification. Then, YouTube will send a verification code via voice call or SMS.

Verified account, it’s time to put his first video on YouTube. At the top of the YouTube screen, you have an icon with an arrow pointing up.

creating a channel on youtube

Click this icon and you will be redirected to this screen:

creating a channel on youtube

Choose the privacy of the video if it is public, unlisted or private, and click send. If you want, you can edit privacy after shipment.

By clicking submit, will open a window for you to select the file. Select the video you want to go up and wait.

While the video is being uploaded, you can now edit it in this submission status screen.

creating a channel on youtube

In this screen, there are 3 tabs editing available: basic information, translations, advanced settings:

  • Basic information
    • Put title, description, tags and add to a playlist, if you have one;
    • After the video is processed, you can choose a preset thumbnail or upload a custom image;
    • This step is very important, because this image is the cover of your video. It is this image that will appear on your channel, in search results and when people share your video on social networks.
  • translations
    • You can put title and description translated into other languages;
    • An advanced option is to get quotes for hiring professional translation and transcription services.
  • Advanced Settings
    • In this tab you will edit the following:

      • comments policy;
      • License and rights of property;
      • Distribution;
      • Certification subtitle;
      • Distribution options;
      • Age restrictions;
      • Category;
      • Video site;
      • Language of the video;
      • Community contributions;
      • Recording date;
      • Video statistics;
      • 3D video;
      • Declaration of content.

Editing videos on YouTube

After climbing the video, you can edit it. It can not only change titles and descriptions as well as making cuts, using filters and other actions.

To do this, go to the “Creator Studio” in the left pane and click YouTube Video Manager.

creating a channel on youtube

On this screen, you will have an overview of all videos that are on your channel. Click “edit” below the title to access advanced settings.

YouTube’s editing screen looks like this:

creating a channel on youtube

Note that above video There are a number of different tabs. See what you can do in each:

  • Info and Settings
    • Edit the basic information, the same you can do while the video is loading.
  • Improvements
    • Here you can make quick fixes (such as light, contrast, hue, saturation), edit the video speed, apply filters and blurring effects.
  • audio
    • To add a soundtrack to the video.
  • final screen and notes
    • To configure what happens after the video comes to an end (to promote a new video, a playlist, entries in the channel, another channel or external link);
    • Already YouTube annotations are no longer available. Videos that have notes were unchanged, but you can not edit them or create new ones.
  • cards
    • Cards are used to add interactivity to the videos. With cards, you direct viewers to a specific URL (from a list of qualified sites) and displays images, titles and Calls-to-Action customized, depending on the type of card;
  • Subtitles / DC
    • To insert subtitles or closed captions on your video.

How to live on YouTube

Another way to make videos on YouTube is through live broadcasts. YouTube Live is a great feature to create videos and interact with the audience in real time.

Here at Digital results, we use the YouTube Live to broadcast webinars we do with Leads and customers. If you want to know more details, read the post How to prepare a broadcast on YouTube Live .

But in simplficada way to do a live on YouTube go to the creative studio and click on “Live Webcast”.

Open this screen:

creating a channel on youtube

To start streaming, you need to comply with a list of live stream checking.

  • Configure the encoding software
    • Before you can start streaming on YouTube, you need to download encoding software, and then install it. Learn more about the coders checked live on coding guide ;
    • You may need to use the server URL or name / key below to configure the encoding software.
  • Add the information to the stream
    • Enter a description and title flashy and then update the thumbnail image;
  • optional features
    • You can use several features to improve the live streaming experience;
    • Select “Low Latency” in the stream options to allow for faster chat;
    • Enable Monetization and add a financing card for fans to start generating revenue;
    • Use the Share options to post about your stream on social networks.
  • Live stream
    • To start transmission, start the encoder. The status bar will indicate when you’re live;
    • To stop transmission, stop the encoder;
    • When your stream is complete, a public video will be automatically created and sent to your fans to view.

How to delete my channel

We note that this is a common question among YouTube users. However, it is an easy action to be performed.

You can choose to hide your channel indefinitely or permanently delete it.

Hide channel indefinitely

You can only hide the content of your channel and reactivate it later.

When you hide a channel, information such as name, videos, “I like”, inscriptions and inscribed become private.

However, all comments and answers that you added will be permanently deleted from YouTube.

To hide a channel, follow the steps

  1. Go to the advanced account settings ;
  2. At the bottom, select “Delete channel”. You must enter your login information;
  3. Select “I want to hide my channel” or “I want to hide my content”;
  4. Check the boxes to confirm what is hidden from your channel;

Ready! Your channel is hidden. Remember that you can re-enable your channel if you want to make new submissions, comment, view playlists or view its contents again to other users. Simply login to YouTube again do the procedure to create a channel and fill out the form with your data. Your YouTube channel will be automatically restored.

Delete channel permanently

Quit your YouTube channel will permanently delete all the content contained therein, such as videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history.

Follow these steps to delete your YouTube channel:

  1. Go to the advanced account settings ;
  2. At the bottom, select “Delete channel”. The “Delete content” may also be displayed. When prompted, enter your login information;
  3. Select “I want to permanently delete my content”.
  4. Check the boxes to confirm the deletion of your channel.
  5. Select “Delete my channel.”

The update may take some time, so you will still see thumbnails of your videos on the site for a short period.

creating a channel on youtube

Remember that these steps alone will close your YouTube channel, not your profile, Google+ page connected to the channel or Google account with which you log in.


The purpose of this post was to show how you can create a YouTube channel and use this tool in your business.

However, it is better to clarify that YouTube – although it is the greatest of all – is not the only platform available. You can create audiovisual content and go beyond YouTube.

Using videos on the strategy Digital Marketing a business is no longer mere trend, it is reality.

The potential videos have to generate value for the audience is immense. If you still use this content format worth the investment, even if it is small. It never has been easier to record, edit and publish a video on the Internet as today.