How to create a YouTube channel: complete checklist to become a YouTuber

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Create video content has been something increasingly widespread, mainly because this format is much sought after by Internet users. This is because watching videos is a practical and even easier way to learn about various subjects.

For this reason, there is a high volume of searches for videos. According to YouTube’s own data, are assisted daily 1 billion hours for more than 1 billion users. That’s why many people have tried to work with this strategy, either as their main source of income or as a tool to promote your business.

But for those who are starting out, there is some doubt as to how to create a YouTube channel, the main organic network video distribution. So to help you better understand how this platform, we have created a complete checklist for you to start your channel today.

1 – Sign in to YouTube and sign into your Google account

2 – Select the  My Channel  to create your channel

3 – Select the name of your channel

4 – Customize your channel with images and descriptions

5 – Post your videos on your YouTube channel

Throughout this post, we will show that step-by-step detail, and you will learn:

Creating a YouTube channel as customize your channel as post videos on YouTube as attract more visibility for your channel as monetize your YouTube channel

How to create a YouTube channel

There are two options to create a YouTube channel: personal or a business name. In this post, we’ll show you the two options for you to choose the one that best fit your goals for that network.

Most of the steps are similar for both types of accounts. Then, we’ll show them and the differences to create a personal channel and a corporate along the channel creation.

1. Sign in to your Google Account

Regardless of the channel type you have, know what it takes to create a Google account.

Simply that you enter the YouTube site itself, click Log , which will be located in the upper right corner of the screen or on the bottom left, and fill with your personal or corporate account if you already have one.

create a channel on YouTube - youtube screen image indicating the buttons to login

If you do not already have an account, so open the screen to fill the fields with e-mal / phone and password, just click More options (below Forgot your email?) And Create Account .

create a channel on youtube - google screen image indicating how to create your account

Create your account by completing the information requested.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the fields to be filled in to create your account

2. Create your channel

At the top right, if you already have an account, it is likely to appear an image or a logo of your company if you have set a photo in your profile. If you do not have a picture, you will see a circle with the first letters of his name.

Click this circle and then select My Channel.

create a channel on YouTube - image indidcando where to click to create your channel on youtube

3. Choose the name to use your channel

At this stage, complete the information with your name for a personal channel, or the name of your company to a corporate channel.

Click Create Channel .

create a channel on YouTube - image of fields to be filled in to create your channel

If you already have a brand account and use that account to create a YouTube channel, you can do all the steps above to create your channel or select the corporate account to be directed to an existing channel.

Ready! Your YouTube channel is already created. Now you can start to customize it.

Customizing your channel

Once you click Create channel will open a page with your information.

  1. Click Customize channel :

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating where to click to customize your channel

  1. Edit images as you like. If it is a personal account, you can add your images. However, if your goal is to create a YouTube channel for your brand, remember to customize it with your logo:
    • Add an art to the channel (the recommended size is 2560 x 1414 and a maximum of 6 MB);
    • Add Featured Channels ;
    • Change your profile picture;
    • Enable / Disable the popular channels on YouTube;
    • Add a section if you want to make videos with different themes and want to separate them.


create a channel on YouTube - image of a custom channel on youtube

In this step you can also adjust the language, local content and whether or not that your channel is in restricted mode (to hide videos that may contain inappropriate content).

  1. Click My Channel in the upper left corner to see how your channel was then personalized.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the button 'My Channel'

How to post videos on YouTube

After creating a channel on YouTube, it’s time to start posting your videos.

First of all, you need to have a recorded video. This involves steps ranging from pre-production of its contents, defining the niche for which you speak, to post-production, the dissemination of your videos, for example.

Here on the blog, we’ve talked about this, and you can check out the complete walkthrough of the creation of video content process here .

Once you have a recorded and edited video, you can post it on your channel.

1. Click the Send (represented by an arrow) which is located in the upper right corner, near the small circle with your photo.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the button to upload videos

2. On the screen that opens, click Select files to upload and choose the video on your computer.

You’ll notice that there is also the option of importing videos from Google Photos and make a live broadcast.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating how to select the desired file

Note that you can only upload videos that are up to 15 minutes. If you want to post videos longer, you need to increase your limit. Simply verify your account by phone by clicking Increase your limit just below Help and suggestions .

3. Fill in the basic information of your video such as title, description, tags , and the video thumbnail that will appear (for custom thumbnails, you need your account to be verified).

Moreover, it is at this stage that you define how your video will appear:

  1. Public: all YouTube users have access to their content;
  2. Unlisted: Only people who have the link to your video can watch it;
  3. Private: only you can view the video;
  4. Scheduled: You can choose a day and time for your content to be posted.

create a channel on YouTube - image showing how to add video information

4. Click Advanced settings to complete information as:

  • Allow or disallow comments;
  • Choose from Standard YouTube License or Creative Commons (exclusive license to original content 100%);
  • Video category;
  • Language, etc.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating where the bot ~] to 'Advanced Settings'

5. Click Done in the upper right corner and go! Your video is already on YouTube.

create a channel on YouTube - image showing the screen when the video has been successfully added

If you want to do some editing, just click Back to edit and modify what you want.

Click the link provided to see how your video appears on YouTube.

create a YouTube channel - viewing the picture from a video

Remember that you can always go back and edit your video by clicking Edit video .

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the 'Information and Settings' button

How to attract more visibility for your channel

It does not help create a YouTube channel, have posted videos, but people do not view your content. That’s why, in addition to creating original and topics relevant to your video audience , you need to attract visibility for your channel.

As there was an increase in demand for content in video format, the competition on YouTube also increased. So, in addition to devote to creating your videos, you also need to apply SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) on your channel.

You need:

  1. Make a quality video;
  2. Choose a keyword relevant to your content and use it in the title and description of your video;
  3. Create a thumbnail (display picture) that catches the attention of users;
  4. Pay attention to the length of your videos;
  5. Putting keys;
  6. Insert cards in video editing;
  7. Publicize your content on their social networks with a compelling copy to arouse people’s interest;
  8. Partnering with other YouTubers;
  9. Diversifying the format and duration of your videos.

(Take a moment to read our full content on SEO for YouTube .)

In addition, you can also invest in paid advertising such as Google AdWords , so your video gets to more people.

The important thing at this stage is to get your content to be seen and, if possible, shared. So other users know your channel and you will get gradually better position in YouTube search results.

How to monetize your YouTube channel

You know that you can monetize your videos on YouTube?

If you have a channel with over 10,000 views, you can serve ads on your videos and get paid for it.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account and in the upper right corner, click Creator Studio .

 create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the "Creator Studio" button

2. Select Channel in the left menu, and then Status and resources .

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the 'status and resources' button

3. Go to the square Monetization and click Enable .

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the 'monetization' button

4. Click Start to read and agree to the terms of the YouTube partner program.

create a channel on YouTube - image indicating the 'Start' button


From this stage on , whenever you click Start automatically be directed to the next steps.

5. Create an account with Google AdSense, or use an existing one on your channel. It is through this account you will receive payments.

create a channel on YouTube - screen image AdSense application

6. Set your preferences to generate revenues, ie the types of ads you want to include in your videos, and click Save . Do not forget to automatically enable revenue generation for all future and existing videos.

create a channel on YouTube - screen image AdSense preferences

7. Wait for the analysis of your channel, so you have more than 10,000 views, your channel will begin to generate revenue.

create a channel on YouTube - screen image that indicates how to set the number of views

Now that you’ve made the whole process from creating a YouTube channel to monetize this channel, you may be wondering what is the value you receive that network.

There is no exact set price, all we know about this subject are speculations. But for you to understand better these values, do not miss our post on how much you earn a YouTuber and understand it really worth it to become one.