How to create a professional email signature (and a free tool to make yours)

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email signature is the set of information about the sender of an email, located after the message. In general, it contains the name, the telephone, the position and the company works in which the person who sent the email. You can also take a photo and links to website and social networks.

Have you received an email with an interesting offer, wanted to contact the sender and was frustrated by not find any information about the person? This problem would be solved by simply adding an email signature.

The intense competition for attention does not allow the waste of such an opportunity. But what you will that is properly signaling its data in their electronic messages? It is quite simple and can be more useful than a business card!

In this post, we will show why and how to create a professional email signature. Keep reading to learn how to make yours!

What email signature must have

If you want to offer a simple text, focus on the basics: put your name, telephone (fixed, mobile and / or Skype), email, office and company. With this information, your recipient already has enough references to develop a good level of confidence in you.

Of course, depending on your market, your email signature may have other data. If you work in a commercial establishment, the address is relevant. Similarly, if you sell exclusively online, place the site of your business.

email signature 1

The use of color and graphics in the signature is legal?

Place only letters and numbers in email signatures seems kind of traditional too, halfway boring, is not it? With technological improvements in tools, you can create colorful shapes that also use images and logos.

First of all, consider what kind of customization to your company and your market allow – both in terms of rules as same style. Try using the color palette of your brand, creating an identity with it.

Your photo can also create a greater degree of confidence because the person will feel that, in fact, there is a human being talking to her. Positioning can be just above or beside your information so that image is not lost in the mail.

email assiantura 2

I put my social networks?

Another thing that generates more credibility – and still leaves your subscription email nicer visually – is to insert a link to your social networks . This is a factor that also goes in line “look, this person even exists.” Is the coolest use the logos of LinkedIn, Behance, Twitter etc. not to exaggerate the letters and numbers.

If you prefer, the social networks can be included those of your company. The same goes for changing your picture by logo of your business. It is a good idea, including test formats which generate more engagement!

email signature 3

How do my email signature?

It seems a lot of work to add a signature beautiful and efficient professional email to your communications? The main tools already allow some degree of customization, but the operation is not always simple.

Thinking about it, we created a free Email Signature Tool , in which all the features mentioned in this post can be added automatically! It is easy to use, and you can go watching in real time as it is getting. Let’s start creating?