How to create a Facebook Page that effectively publicizes your business and multiplies your sales?

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Facebook is undoubtedly the most important social network of our time, be it size or by RELEVANCE hair. So I pratically all business want to enjoy or period Gives scanning growing need to include live or face in their strategies of social media. But, like raising a Facebook page success not?

Is this accurate on this talk we blog blog! Today, we know what is the SIGNIFICANCE of Facebook for Digital Marketing, will review the Advantages have a Fan Page and, finally, we give 6 Practical tips and efficient to construct a very relevant presence to your business, not Facebook. Let there!

Is Facebook so important? Let’s give a General in statistics

like raising a facebook page

For many people, in the time spend part social networks and gives daily routine, and In this context or Facebook is one of the most you accessed networks. In addition, a recent study showed that 75% two Facebook users enter the everyday platform .

So, it’s your one company to have on Facebook fan page, Prune considerably the chances increase that brand mark presence in your life two users, you all day. Now more we know about From statistics the social network to understand thermos in its importance Digital Marketing:

  • In all or world there are over Members-at-million
  • By December 2016, or Facebook had more active 1.1 billion of users joining with cellular , with a 23% increase a year.
  • Every second, 5 profiles are bred not Facebook.
  • The time with most Simultaneous users not Facebook is between 1:00 and 3:00 PM .
  • Fifth and sixth-In fairs or Facebook Facebook engagement is up 18%.
  • Daily, a Total 300 million Photo are uploaded not Facebook.
  • The time in means of permanency Facebook is 20 minutes .
  • Every minute 510 thousand comments, 293,000 State Updates and 130 thousand photos are published on Facebook.

As you can see, or Facebook only grows continuously, as well as an excellent engagement two users. And, due to its expanding world, it already has Offices in major cities , including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, São Paulo and Madrid.

What are a Advantages for company as creates a Facebook Fan Page?

By examining statistics, you can understand that or Facebook one is your achieve excellent public tool for both hair level interest and your engagement displayed user your size as much hair. Now, let’s look at the more specific benefits this can bring for create a company Fan Page.

1- It allows to build brand an identity

A raising profile or Facebook your Business is not ideal for transmitting the identity of your brand . Image of your to tone profile that uses you in your or Posts or type of content that shares you, everything speaks on or style and those of your company values . Enjoy to build positive an image !

like raising a facebook page

2- Increases or contact with your audience

The social network one or Facebook is an ideal for interacting with people in their interested space proposals. Relationship strengthens stimulate dialogue between users and their their business, in addition to humanizing their brand. Remember, then, giving your comments and you will respond to the private messages you receive.

3- Help your know you to public

Mark presence on Facebook and interact or public with your is the practice suitable for refining or knowledge on public or profile of your more . And that, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your Digital and Bandages, Opinions on your Products, It receives, concerns of your customers, etc.

4- It is a super-efficient tool of advertising

From your creation, or Facebook has perfected your tools for advertisers , including which stands or refined system and the targeting possibility to raise personalized ads (ie the option to display your advertising is a specific list of people). This minimizes or bluffs investment and potentiates or return.

5- Is a great commercial engine searches

When they want to know about business plus one that has caught their attention, the Accounts do usually check company does not Facebook. There, they can meet the store’s location, the hours of functioning and communicating even with its be managers. I Accuracy Us to Higher Results or Facebook offers filters investigation (location, activity type, etc.).

like raising a facebook page

6- Render great benefits of SEO

I profiles on Facebook always appear between the first ones of the Google search results. So, to position your search is not used by all, nothing to raise a better do not Facebook page.

It’s a good 7- place to sell

Finally, or Facebook is an excellent place to sell , show resellers from Tupperware and Avon, you all years. To learn more about this, our article check out How to Make a Facebook Party (or Direct Sales Meeting on Facebook) Three Steps in .

Attendance at 10-offer Allows client

More and more companies hair choose Facebook in choosing time or digital channel customer service. This happens because social network offers practical tools to perform these tasks, the ability to raise automatic responses or an applicative management of mobile devices .

Like raising a Fan Page of success not Facebook? 6 Infallible Tips

like raising a facebook page

Now you know Advantages that have a Facebook page to promote or your business, we see 6 effective tips to your Fan Page Cresca so Permanence.

1- Optimize your profile

Then your raising Fan Page, and important to complete all or profile to pass a professional image . For this, you should use photos at the appropriate resolution and add accurate and brief description on your company’s proposals.

You are also recommending inform location and the one of your company business hours . Finally, do not forget placing contact information or public can easily communicate with you. All this can be done in the menu Information / Edit and Settings.

like raising a facebook page

2- Promote its page

Then your complete profile is time to promote your page to attract new Facebook followers and raise your community . In that sense, it is advisable to invest in both online and offline promotional actions .

For example, you can invite your friends and family to give on your like fan page . Prune or treat hair itself is sent both Facebook and also via email, send and just a link to a fan page. Do not forget to include or address page also gives us articles of business stationery, etc. In addition, now or Facebook allows you to add your personal account product , only your contacts can see it when your visitem profile.

like raising a facebook page

3- Define Strategy your communication

After having everything done so far we discussed, it came to an in raising strategy for social networks (In this case or Facebook). This allows you to determine what type or content you will be sharing to, frequency, or tone and other factors that will leave the simple more task.

About this, we recommend that you analyze your public profile to understand what kind of Prune content add value and then create a schedule publications. You can all this learn about more, read our other post on strategy Social Media: 6 bombar en pra pra simple web Steps .

You-need-to-know-of-your-target audience

4- Enjoy will not Facebook videos

I kind of videos are a star content on Facebook and this is is percebe daily, such Pontus than or YouTube Face competes with or thermoses gives Quantity in your own videos raised by users. In addition, your business is is Aimed at people over 50, posting videos and a piggy bank-ideal for the strategy .

Thus, besides of publishing fun, informative videos and promotional not every day two Its contents , we advise that alters to you you layer photo and video use one to enjoy maximum of this attractiveness type of content. You can, for example, raising one video presentation of your company (with a minimum duration of 20 seconds and maximum 90 um).

Send live videos 5-

Hair same reason mentioned above, live videos will make a huge hit not Facebook. Thus, we recommend that WOCE plan Webinars, exhibitions, public consultations or its commercial broadcast coverage to broadcast events live via streaming.

For this, or just use Facebook Live , by Middle two buttons of type publication in the panel of current of Posts , as in the image below looks. Remember to disclose to live broadcast a few days or weeks before given time streaming generate do not your public expectation.

like raising a facebook page

6- Optimize your publications

When publishing Na, there are a number of practices which apply to maximize you or the exposure level of your Posts . Among them, write short posts, always make mention of others that are relevant users, placing your business location and mark people, or brand your own photos (without abuse of tagging ).

like raising a facebook page

Parallel in you we advise you to check the statistics of your page to find out how much time posts have in your more and more repercussion and publish in the same of the day period. After discovering the most convenient time, you can program publications with your Postcron so that ELAS are automatically shared, at you hour and day to determine.

Finally, we can say that or is is Facebook, and will remain Being, by long, the most Social of the world Network important. That’s it SUA by company deve be present! Create your fan page, follow our advice and then the account worked!

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Did you like this post on raising your page success for Business not Facebook? Which of the most interesting tips did you find or current? Share your knowledge with us! And, courtesy, be aware of this publication between your contacts. See you soon!