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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and more than being a tool to connect people, today it is a means for companies to engage with their audience.

But do not just create a Facebook page and wait for the fact that you are on the network already do all the work; one must study the right stocks to be used in order to position your brand correctly on the network and be able to create an effective relationship with your customers and prospects.

We selected some tips for you to create a fresh page – if you do not have – and tips on basic strategies – if you already have a page, but are beginning their actions on Facebook. Come on?

Starting to create a Facebook page

The first thing you need to know before starting to use Facebook for your business is that you should create a page for your business, not a personal profile, as we have explained in this post .

With this in mind, you can now create a Facebook page. Doing this is not difficult. You simply access the link . Now, choose the type of page you want to create. Examples of options:

  • local or local businesses;
  • Company, organization or institution;
  • Brand or product;
  • Artist, band or public figure;
  • entertainment;
  • Cause or community.


These categories, in turn, have very specific sub-categories in order to make clear what the purpose of your business. Choose the segment that your page belongs, set the name and your page will be created.

Now, set all your page settings. If you just create it, just below the cover photo there is a step by step to start customization: Add profile photo, put cover photo, enter a brief description of the business and a user name.


1. Photo profile and cover

The profile picture is the main image of your company on Facebook, as it will appear whenever you share new content in the news feed. We therefore suggest that you use an image you present your business properly.

Regarding the size, by default profile image is square, with a minimum resolution of 180x180px. So before you place the image, make sure that it is in this format and with this minimum resolution to be no distortions.

You can also explore the cover photo to move the image of your company – the cover photo is that most image that appears when someone accesses your page. For this, it is worth what we said about the profile picture: you must place an image that has the exact size of the resolution (minimum 851x315px) so that no image element is cut.

Enjoy this in a creative way: use it to place a bid, the visions of the company, supporting a cause, the slogan of your business, a photo (internal or external) of the company or a product your or any another image that represents your brand in some way.

To learn more dimensions of Facebook and also other media, check out this infographic with image sizes of social networks .

2. About enterprise

In the “about” section, which is on the left sidebar of the page, you can enter various information about your company, such as contact information, address, phone, email, website and other important data, such as description and related topics.


In this section, you can also set a user name, to customize the URL and create a Facebook page with a more professional face, as in the example of Digital Results page whose URL looks like this: https: //www.facebook. com / ResultadosDigitais / .

Generally, it is necessary to have a minimum number of Likes for you to customize the URL. Invite your close friends and family to tan to the page so that the option is released.

Just be careful with the choice of URL, for changing the name is a difficult task. But you do not need to pack this information now; if you want to leave for later.

3. Other settings

But these are not the only customizations you can do when creating a Facebook page. There is a tab called “Settings”, where you can define information such as your target audience (this helps you gain relevance in searches), add administrators etc. page


4. Other elements of the page

There are three columns that you will observe after creating a Facebook page:

  • The left column is fixed, then the scroll the page, the user continues to see the logo, name, link to the page of “on” and videos, among other items;
  • In the middle column are the cover photo, weekly insights and posts the timeline;
  • In the right column are the box “on”, videos of events etc. page Unlike earlier versions of the pages of Facebook, this column does not appear more ads from other companies, so it does not compete the user’s attention to your company.


5. Custom Tabs

Facebook also allows custom tabs or categories are created. These tabs are located below the profile picture, in list format, and you can choose from nearly 30 options.

The customization can be done with iFrames, which are basically HTML document inside another HTML document. This means that everything a site able to do in HTML can turn an application, it is as if were pulling content from a web page into the Facebook.

So take advantage of this functionality to your business: see how you can use it to help people find information about their products and services. For example, when people search for restaurants in Facebook, an establishment offering on your page with a tab menu can come out ahead in time to get customers.

An example is this page below, Red Bull, which shows on the map where there are places available to work in the company. So you can be based on these examples to think about information that your company can offer and will contribute to your customers and prospects perform the purchase.


6. Buttons Call-to-Action

Facebook offers buttons Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that appear below the cover image. Their goal is to encourage people to undertake important actions on your page.

There are several button options that you can use, including “make reservation now”, “call now”, “Buy Now”, “watch video”, “email”, etc.

RD, for example, often use a CTA button that redirects the visitor to the page for the site of RD Station . However, during times of events, also we direct the user to the websites of the RD On the Road or RD Summit .

Follow the following step by step to add a CTA button to your pages.

1. Below your cover photo, click the “add” button;


2. Then choose the call you want and fill in the data related to it ( “buy now”, “sign here”, “contact” etc.);

3. Click “create”.

Facebook offers several actions, each with a different goal:

  • Book now: useful for businesses that deal with offers that involve dates and trips, such as transportation companies, hotels, events, etc.
  • Call now: ideal for businesses that use telephone service. You can make the call right away if visitors are visiting the page from a cell;
  • Contact us: it is a good option for businesses that work with SAC 2.0. You can either answer directly by Facebook or direct the user to your site, to a page on your website focused on that. If you do not answer 24 hours a day, make it clear what their hours of operation.
  • Send Message: This option is for the visitor to send messages that will be received by the Facebook chat.
  • Use application: this CTA is ideal for companies that have some kind of application. As currently 30% of people access the social network exclusively for the mobile phone and 86% of total users (1.19 billion) use the mobile Facebook at least once a month, this is a great opportunity for new conversions.
  • Play: Using this function, you will direct your user to a game page. This is an excellent opportunity for your company, since, according to research Game Brazil 2015 , approximately 74.5% of respondents fall games on their mobile phones, and 80% play by mobile phone during the shifts in traffic. Both in the case of creating a game or an application, remember how important it is to be adapted to the mobile platforms.
  • Buy Now: If you want to have your user directly to the purchase, use this button. Encourage the purchase is very important to get more conversions on your website. Just be sure to make it clear whether there is any restriction in its offer (validity etc.).
  • Register: This CTA is ideal for data and generate qualified leads. The offer can be a newsletter, a list of promotions etc.
  • Watch the video: videos are one way to generate more engagement and views on Facebook. So use more videos to increase your audience. Just be careful not to be too emphatic in his mantle, because it is not well seen by the political social network, and you can have your page penalized.
  • Email: In this option, the visitor of your page will have the opportunity to send an email to an address that you predefine.
  • Learn more: this CTA can be used when you do not have anything more specific to offer.


These were just some first steps for you to learn how to create a Facebook page and get it ready for your actions Digital Marketing .

But as important as it is you’re always tuned in trends of Facebook, and always be connected in order to establish a strong relationship with your target audience. Use your creativity and keep the consistency in the use of the network to engage your audience and generate the expected results.

For you to learn everything you need to create effective digital marketing strategies on Facebook, download now free our 2017 edition of the eBook Introduction to Marketing on Facebook!