How to Convert Facebook Likes into Leads?What’s the use of Likes on the Facebook page?

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What good have Likes in Facebook Page?


You may have noticed a lot of have Likes in your Fanpage does not automatically have a base to be generating a lot of Leads , much less a lot of customers.

First it is important to specify to have an institutional page on Facebook is not the same as doing work Social Networks , which requires engagement with the Internet.

And the more organic this engagement, the better.

As well?

Then the likes of my page, who came through paid shares are worthless?

This means that threw my money in the trash?

Of course not!

This will depend on your goal.


See this mini video how to set a goal SMART for your business:



If your strategy is designed to generate Likes and get a “x” number of followers, then your money was used properly.

However, if this was not your goal, your situation is closer to those who played even outside.

The likes can be:

  • Followers Organic : case of likes received by autonomously printed posts by facebook, ie the visibility of your post depends on the relevance of your post, in a ratio of 2% -5% of people who already likes your page;
  • Followers Paid : likes received for posts that you pay to print (also called “sponsored post”)


One minute!


But if the page is new and I have almost no followers: 2% – 5% of nothing is nothing!

So my posts will not be shown organically?

To start promoting your page, clearly you can and should invite their friends and family first.

But to get a consistent number, you will need to invest a little money on sponsored ads.


Here’s a post we give 11 tips for you to increase the number of followers of your fanpage.



How many likes to have to buy a new Facebook page?

The number of people affected by a sponsored ad increases with your investment, clearly depending on how you set up your ad targeting.

Imagine for example that you want to impact only for women between 30 and 40 years, living in São Paulo, who speak Portuguese.

Before defining how much to invest in paid Facebook ads, you need to understand the following points:

  • The page is new? Already have some likes?

If your page is new, probably their services are not well known in the internet world and you need a branding work .

This means that when someone arrives at your page, you see that you have a few likes , type 50-100, might think that you do not have enough structure to provide what is wanting to offer.


So, we suggest making an investment “quantity” to achieve the first 1,000-2,000 likes on your page.


Just to show the world that you exist!


Remember, at this stage your target audience is very early in the sales funnel, so do not even try to sell it , who does not even know that you exist in this universe!

At the same time, if the user arrives at your page and see 2,000 likes , does not mean that this will cause it to convert, but he may realize that you are already more structured.

In summary, at the beginning of the project, it is good to focus on quantity, because the quality will come later.


We like to use the following saying:

2,000 likes are a necessary, but not sufficient to convert followers into leads.

Another important point to be considered is the ability of your company to handle all incoming likes.

There are many companies who want to increase the number of leads generated on the Internet but do not have an internal process of Smarketing (Sales + Marketing) to convert leads into customers and end up complaining that the leads are not qualified.

Imagine one like that is less than a lead.


facebook facebook likes and leads


Instinctively we could say that a like should not be considered qualified.

Actually a like is just a user located further up in the sales funnel .

Now it depends on its ability to convert it into lead.

Be paid or organic a user who gave a like on your page showed a form of interaction and interest.

So the least you have to do is try to contact this person, if only to welcome.


Be careful not to spamizar !!


How to contact who gave a like?

Think the guy is there at the top of the funnel and that you bring it to the level below, without bothering you.

One way could be to send a message  “inbox”  to each user who gave you a like, thanks for like and inviting him to another action, for example:

  • Invite you to follow you on Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Send a link to download an e-book (in this case in exchange for an email from him, he will feed your newsletters basis)
  • Joining a themed set that maybe you created
  • Attend webinar
  • MANY other opportunities ….


Important thing is not to let the like “die” in solitude or, not, bother you to the point where it blocks you.

crying for lack of leads



As we speak, you need at least 2,000 likes to consider your “live”.

Think now at work you need to do to deal with at least 2,000 users.

You will be able to cope?

Does your bottleneck is the generation of likes ?

Or is it your process lead management ?

Are you thinking about automate this interaction?



We think in Digital Marketing the best solution is always the semi-automation.

Digital  refers to automation, it is true, but  Marketing  needs interaction , and this interaction can not be automated because it would lose the human appeal.

It has some insights that a machine can not give you … .for now … lol

For example, you can indeed create a standard message to be sent by  “inbox”  to their likes.

But may not need to send to all who gave likes.

So first, take a look over in the profile of each of your likes.

Because the more you move away from their “persona” (your target audience), the less it will interact and the more your  “inbox”  will be considered spam.


Now it’s time to get in touch with them, you can start filtering


Once you have a sufficient number of likes on the page to be able to show you there, oh yes it can work organically to generate others.


Work on the relevance of your post and sharing in thematic groups


And do not forget that a picture will have more views than a text and a video will have more views than a picture.

Here is a technique to boost videos on social networks.

Do not underestimate the fact that contacting users who have a like for your page, you will get a lot of feedback.

These feedbacks may be positive or negative.

They will allow shaping your interaction strategy more assertively.

Thing you could not predict and do in the beginning of the process, because you did not have these feedback.

So work hard quality early in the process, makes the very theoretical approach.


Want to know more about how to optimize the interaction on their Facebook page and social networks?

Leave a comment down here or contact the NoTopo team for an evaluation of their online positioning and effectiveness of the strategy that is adopting.


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