How To Choose Keywords To Boom Your Business On The Internet!

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Have you ever stopped to think about how to choose keywords to make your company appear more and more in the search results?

No more common action now to do a Google search, is not it?

Is a question, problem, will, desire … no matter ..

There we are using the search engine!

Google search

And when we conducted a survey, we want to find exactly about that subject and not a lot of sites on other topics unrelated to what we seek.

Thinking about it, Google with all its little robots, uses the intelligence and organizes the most relevant sites on the topic researched to appear in the results.

In other words, he wants the user has the best experience possible when doing a search.

Do not think it is a simple thing ..

Váááários are points that make a site have a good ranking!


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Now let’s talk about a super important point .. KEY WORDS !

Keywords or keywords are some terms that indicate the subject matter on a website, article, blog post or any content.

Just because a blogger know how to choose and use appropriate keywords makes the content it generates more visible in organic search when a potential customer does a search on Google.

This increases the hits on the site!

You can use the search keywords to index your site:

– with campaigns sponsored links : when you purchase the terms you wish to appear in the search (orange)

– organically in Google results (blue)

paid and organic Results

In either case you need to make a study and a plan to achieve your goal.

That is why it is so important to know describe your business, in the words that your potential customers would use.

  • Know the business to define: the key terms, key services, competitors, the terms you want does not appear, etc.
  • Studying the competition is essential to know what other companies in the same industry are doing.


Defining the terms base

Find the keywords base , which can be considered the words with the highest search volume and that will give rise to the long tail terms.

When there is a partial match between the user and search of the keyword you used, Google will mark the bold parts corresponding.


brand persona serp notopo


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Website positioning for the terms.
First study of how the site is positioned to the terms “base”


Based on this diagnosis, see which pages you can optimize to improve the position or for which you do not have a ranked page and should produce content.


Remove irrelevant terms

Make a filter to remove duplicate terms and those who do not make sense for the business.


Search volume and competition

Is the volume of monthly searches a particular term on Google and competition for the term.


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Opportunity and difficulty

The given opportunity shows you what will be your opportunity before the user is searching for a particular term.

This reduces the chance of the terms are the elements that seem beyond the organic results:

videos, pictures, company sites, ads, etc.

These elements end up attracting the attention of users and decrease the rate of clicks.

The difficulty  is how certain keyword is contested in the organic search results.

The higher the difficulty most authoritative sites that are in the top positions have.

What makes more difficult the ranking.

This variable is not widely used, but it is very relevant in choosing the terms that will work.


Long tail terms

more specific words, with lower search volume and less competition.

They are essential to increase visits your site receives and also your conversions.

They are more specific and most often already indicate exactly what the user wants .

Ok .. Now that you know the process, it’s time to put your hands dirty!


Tools to search keywords

Auto-complete:  The function is displayed automatically. Are options that the browser displays itself to you before you complete the search.

auto complete google

Related searches: Identify search patterns and gives insight into the variations in searches that users are searching related to the theme.

Google Related questions

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that shows the search volume on Google, with it you see the search patterns over time.

There you can search up to five keywords or phrases simultaneously.

As its name implies, this tool serves to obtain a trend, or is not indicated to potential traffic estimates.

This means that the chosen keyword should be a representation of the average behavior of the public or product to be analyzed.

google trends

Data interest in the term over time

It is possible to filter a search for l OCATION and period .

Also presents information related categories and other terms related


keyword tool

Just enter a term and a search.


They appear several other words based on the keyword search.

Select the interesting study in sheet.


Planner keywords


No Rush

The No Rush raises the level of your search and can get much more efficient conclusions.

It’s possible:

– search keywords and find out which sites appear in the results on Google for each of them;

– identify who your main competitors and know what are the keywords that take more visits to each of these site.

Keyword no rush

It also gives other possibilities of keywords and shows the websites that appear to the organic search term.



Access Moz Explorer – just throw the term in the search and he gives you several variables such as the difficulty, opportunity and priority.




Google ranking free scanner that you can use to find the position of your website and blog in the Google search ranking in real time.


Now you know a part of the keyword research planning process.

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