How to choose between Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency? Have you worked Online Marketing? Are you feeling the need to have an Online Strategy?

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Have you worked the Online Marketing? You are feeling the need for having to Online Dissemination Strategy?

So I bet you ever wondered if you are able to do everything yourself?

After all, you know create a facebook page and a profile Instagram , right?

Or maybe that hire freelance , friend of her cousin, who “knows how to handle” on the websites?

Or you are likely to think: better to go to an agency, they live it, know for sure help!

In addition to the above cases, the market is also full of freelance programming and companies that has the distinction of “offer a unique service and efficient” for his client.

Before choosing will be done alone if Freela hire one or a company, you first need to ask some questions to understand the kind of service that is worth hiring.

How much is your average ticket? 

magic answer:

It depends!!!

It depends…. As the music of Paul Jarabe : “What depends?”

Let’s try to go a little beyond that depends, okay?

Let us not forget that we are entrepreneurs, and a characteristic of entrepreneurs is to take risks.

This, in our case, means ” risking an answer beyond depends ,” when you do not have a concrete answer!

While working as an engineer for an English business planning and construction of railways, with a culture more “quadradinha” had big problems when we asked information to our customers in order to develop a plan of action.

They never had the necessary information to create a plan of action.

Even if our client was Latin (I will include Italy in this category, okay … lol).

Question : How much is your average ticket?

Answer : It depends

Question : How much is your average production?

Answer : It depends

Question : Who is your target audience?

Response : the response there is generally between ” all ” and ” dependent “.

I mean what’s wrong answer “it depends”?


Well, actually, answer: “My target audience are all” , that’s what is wrong or at least it is a proof of the lack of strategic knowledge of the business model.

Why we the NoTopo before we start any project, we ask:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. what is your goal SMART ?

To learn more about SMART goals, watch this mini video I recorded for the NoTopo channel.

So to escape the ” dependent “, in the company where I worked, we decided to establish a ” baseline “.

A baseline is a reference made in the knowledge base of the current situation and some assumptions.

That is, if the customer does not know what the average ticket him, you have to talk to him.

Then he will answer: ” is not this value is more ” or ” is not this value is less

Ai increase or decrease the value on the basis of his guidance, to reach a value that can be more or less general consensus.

So this is the average ticket, right?

Of course not!

It thus only creates a ” baseline “, a reference that is a hypothesis.

This hypothesis must now be tested. But at least we have something concrete in hand.

Something that we can test.

This approach is very much in line with a process of Lean Startup , where you start from a hypothesis to be tested, to reach your end product and service.

To understand more about the stages of a startup, watch this mini video I recorded for Youtube NoTopo channel .

In NoTopo we use the methodologies Lean Startup applied to Digital Marketing .

And if you’re even your “End User”?

Well, in this case you have to do this exercise with your Business partners.

And if you do not have a Business Partner?

Drop everything and go look for a business partner that can complement their knowledge and their experience.

We believe the NoTopo both the complementarity of skills and background to the point that we have a multicultural team, from engineers (if I … rs) by personnel trained in Advertising, Marketing , Programming, PR, etc.

A Know How complete is given by Competency Diversity.

For example, if you have a view of Startup and aims to validate it and understand if you have everything to hand to the idea to work, you can use the techniques Prof. Newton Campos , using the rule of 33%.

Here’s how this technique works in this mini video I recorded for the NoTopo channel.

Okay, you have your product or service and want to start advertise it, sell it, etc.

How to start advertise your product or service?

From where you can come to help better? Of yourself ? A freelancer ? An agency ?

Ai will answer something that you should know by now:

It depends … .rs

Calm down, I will not finish here, I’ll go into the details together to get out of limbo depends.

First thing you need to understand is that market phase fits your company.

Here we are writing primarily for Startups then probably you come to read this far you are the owner of a startup or an idea that will turn into Startup .

So let’s first understand what stage of her life is your Startup.

The methodology defines NoTopo 3 macrofases the life of a Startup:

  • phase idea
  • phase project
  • phase market

For more details about these stages of a startup , watch this mini video I recorded for the NoTopo channel.

Defining your strategy if your startup is the idea stage?

At this stage you do not even know if your idea will work, then it is no use to set a budget Digital Marketing , because neither has a well – established goal.


So at this stage, friend, will stir yourself, create accounts on Instagram , Facebook , posts, engage, share, boot hands on.

I talked my ex boss Dutch:

Creates waves, an hour one you will get on your board.

Make waves !!!

Many people who come to talk to us, believes both the very idea that you are willing to risk the financial reserve that has to bet on the idea.

Friend or friend, do not!

Do not invest your reservation in Digital Marketing for your idea, not at this stage.

Do not forget that the minimum time for an idea to hit the market with a turnover ranging between 2 and 3 years.

If you arrive before this time, we are well out of the curve!

We can twist the will so that your business is up to the curve.

But frankly I do not believe in the approach: ” hope to win .”

Only by picking up that one hour, things go right.

So at this stage the idea: do yourself and focus their efforts on developing its product and especially in creating a community.

So when your product is ready, you already have a community that follows to be able to advertise your product.

The creation of this community requires strategic intelligence, but also and at this stage mainly hands on.

How to create a community before selling a product?

If your business is in B2C, most likely these days the easiest channel and stylish to create a community is in Instagram .

In this video I show you how to increase your Instagram followers base

In the case of B2B can use LinkedIn or directly Blog.

See video how to create titles of blog engajador


At this stage can even use WIX to create your site!

But at this stage what is more important is to do, do, do.

Make Waves!

If you need some specific tips on how to test an assertive strategy of Digital Marketing at the stage of idea, leave a comment here below.

Set a Digital Marketing strategy in the design phase

As defined in the video shown above, your Startup is in the design phase when you have a product, service or minimum process in order to be tested in the market.

At this stage you probably already have the ” ideas ” clearer and perhaps a budget provision that goes beyond its reserves.

Depending on your budget and other resources at your disposal, you will understand if you need an agency or a freelancer.


Normally the freelancer works for mini specific projects or for hours of involvement. So it’s a solution that is worth testing when your goal is short-term and not long term.

The general rule is as follows:

The more you are at the stage of idea, trying to understand more than you need, the more you can have the freelancer

Ie you are talking about tactical and not strategic for Digital Marketing .

To learn the difference between tactics and Digital Marketing Strategy, read this article, click here .

Ai have if your goal in the medium and long term, already needs a more strategic approach and need to approach those who work the Digital Marketing in a planned manner .

Why we the NoTopo we say that:

Digital marketing is not what we do but what we use!

Clearly here we are not discriminating about the quality took a Freela and another or one agency to another.

To understand how to choose between a Digital Marketing consulting agency, read this article, click here .

How to set your digital marketing strategy in the market phase.

If you are already on the market means you are earning, right?

You’ve spent your BEP (Break Even Point) or balance point where your income goes their costs and start turning a profit?

If the answer is no, then you need to understand why you have not spent your BEP .

It is because their growth is not going as you planned?

Then you need to review your goals and your strategy. If you need help in doing so, leave a comment here below

Or because you do not know what to expect growth?

Then try to establish a SMART goal , as explained in the video shown above. And if you still need help, leave a comment here below.

Or everything is going as planned, just not yet arrived at its BEP?

In this case, if things are going as planned, you probably also have an effective financial planning.

Then it’s time to be able to take more risks, implement a structured Digital Marketing strategy and long-term .

In this case only one company Strategic Consulting specializes in Digital Marketing will be able to help.

If you want to know how a company can help to help you define your strategy Digital Marketing , leave a comment here below or contact the team NoTopo .