How To Be Found On The Internet And Increase Online Sales In Your Ecommerce

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What to do to be found by the customer?

This may be your question and the many people who have a shop and have the responsibility to make the financial turn, the sale of goods happen and the company stand.

The internet offers millions of tips and online sales information and you are afraid to invest and go wrong. But as my mother said, when I asked if I should do something risky, nothing ventured nothing gained – that is, nothing ventured, nothing has a chance to receive the award.

Now, if you play in the emptiness it is also not advisable. This article aims to show how the written content with techniques SEO in website and blog have great chances to increase your online sales . You will follow real examples of how this is possible.

Understand how the “prosumer” and the search process on the Internet

Today’s consumer is called by some theorists “prosumer “. It consumes lots of information online, or search all about what you want. It is the prosumer, which goes behind the brand and product. If he wants a car, mobile phone or dining table, it will fetch ads, data, messages, references and knowledge about it. In this process the prosumer also produces information related to their behavior during the search .

It is a data scan to understand how the product or service they want to work and who offers the best option. The consumer now performs multitasking. Then his attention is short: it will only be interested in information or product that really is according to your need and desire .

How does it do this research? Direct in search engines search as Google, Yahoo !, Bing, among others. You yourself have probably done it on Google, typing the word of a product in order to obtain information to finally buy.

These search engines have algorithms that analyze and index the sites and information. When you search for a keyword , the search engine displays sites and blogs more relevant, providing useful information and knowledge. Then, list the best on the first page.

The era of infobesidade

According to Fatima Hassan Caldeira, of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) we live in a period called infobesidade . And in this context, what are the search engines?

The expansion and multiplication of content and information is something immense. No human being would be able to select which best because it would take forever. Why is this so important to a search engine to filter and validate the information.

How search engines select the best information?

A good analogy is the law of nature: the strongest will survive. The best information is selected and presented to the user. In the case of the giant Google, which has more than 3 billion searches a day, this calculation has several factors such as customer experience.

Google analyzes the amount of page hits, blog or website, clicks on your internal links, as long as the user navigated, and especially if he bought, acquired or read its contents.

Search engines want to provide the best option to the user. After analyzing all the data related to the search (information / product) made by prosumer (consumer), it lists the ones that have greater authority and relevance for particular search.

If your site is the best option for the information that the prosumer want, search engines will put it on the first search page, at the top, above all other information. This can increase their online sales by making your website gain more authority. More authority, more visible, more relevant and therefore more hits.

See an example of the image search for “perfume” and try to find out who is in authority searches.

online sales At the time we did this survey, the highest authority, that is, the site where customers have the best shopping experience, service and perfume information was the season Cosmetics.

If you have an online sales site, all of its contents, that is, all information must comply with the SEO techniques. They are showing for search engines that you are the best option for consumers when it searches for what you sell.

See another example of search and try to find out who is in authority fiction books:

online sales

In this second example, the leading authority for the term “fiction” searched on Google were, first, the Fnac and secondly, Saraiva. The third and fourth places were occupied by blogs and Gaucho ZH Book and Coffee.

Google, after analysis of high complexity and precision data, arranged the results of links to the best information about “fiction”.

The strongest survive at the top, the most prepared to provide the customer a right and happy experience. If Google could speak, this would be the message:

According to all the information from all other customers who interacted with websites and blogs on fiction books, this list above lists that offer the best experience to consumers.

Now look at a practical example online search for the term “running shoes”:

online sales

The first two results are paid. They are at the top because someone is paying for them. They are called sponsored links. But not everyone can afford such high costs.

The results below were selected by Google to understand which are the most relevant to meet my search for information about “running shoes”.

What Google will say on the internet about your site after visiting it?

online sales

Google’s robots make millions of visits to websites and blogs to analyze them. They want to know if your site or blog, along with all pages and texts written in it, can offer an amazing experience for whom access.

Google uses several criteria for ranking, such as site speed , responsiveness , if the site used keywords according to your business or service, the time the client spent browsing the site, among others.

If that offer the best customer experience, you go to the top of the organic results and is on the first page.

The customer experience that makes online sales site succeed

In the research I have done, then I clicked on the first link, “the twenty best running shoes.” This caught my attention more than any other. Because in addition to wanting a running shoes, I would discover the best, and who does not want to buy the best? Who does not want tips to hit the purchase?

I read the content that made me navigate the internal links of running shoes. It is an amazing content with keywords related to the world of running shoes. This ad called me more attention than the paid ads Adidas and Nike at the top of the search.

The article offered me a rich content with information that was important to me to decide what to buy. I ended up on a site that did not know and who offered me more than the sale of a product: offered the opportunity to buy with the certainty that it would be the best choice.

Notice below how the article starts. He has launched a question that speaks of the difficulty of finding the right running shoes.

online sales

The text used keywords such as “running shoes” and “running shoes”, used most SEO techniques and offered great information about the tennis. A site unknown to me who just gaining relevance with useful information.

This example shows that have useful content can get you in front of giant competitors. Want to be found amid a multitude of ads and increase your online sales ? The content of your site or blog with SEO techniques can help.

What is content with SEO techniques

  • It is an article, post or page that contains useful and relevant information about a particular product or service you offer and proposes solutions to problems or satisfy the desires of numerous customers.
  • These texts are generated to achieve sales or create a brand loyalty customer relationship and customer with the brand.
  • They are developed using SEO techniques in order to be found by prosumers through online search engines like Google and others.
  • The information is created according to the more keywords related to your business, product or service and are the most sought by prosumers to conduct research in the online searchers.

Want to know more about SEO and some key techniques? Read the post How to Make a SEO optimization On-Page .

The digital presence: visibility

online sales

The contents, articles, product descriptions and information site or blog created according to SEO techniques are a new window in which your ecommerce and products can be found by consumers. This is the point. These techniques show the way to your online store and your product.

Show the prosumers where you are. And if they interact with your online store, Google will know this and will improve its position.

There are many websites and blogs that invest in better customer experience . Thus he finds what you need, quickly and satisfactorily. If you want to increase your online sales, then you need to be willing to give the best to your customer.

There are online stores that do not sell because no one knows they exist – that is, they do not have digital presence

The new consumer does not want to be treated with a number, he wants to feel that your site was made for him, to make him happy. Are you up for it? You have visibility? Where are you in the crowd?

Data on online sales in 2017 show that 25 million people have made at least one purchase online in Brazil. The dates that stand out in terms of revenue are:

  • Mother’s Day: 1.9 billion reais;
  • Valentine’s Day: 1.71 billion reais;
  • Fathers Day: 1.94 billion;
  • Black Friday : 2.1 billion.

His shop managed as this slice? The prosumers want to buy, but since your products and your website is the best option.

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