How to advertise on Instagram Ads: the complete walkthrough

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To advertise Instagram you need to create an account on the Facebook ad platform. You do not need an account on Instagram, but it’s recommended as it enables the user to access their profile. With the account set up, the platform shows the steps needed to create your ad.

Instagram has one of the largest audiences on the Internet with over 400 million users. Brazil has a considerable presence in the network, accounting for nearly 8% of the total.

These figures show that the network is an excellent investment opportunity. In this post, let’s talk about how to advertise on Instagram via Instagram Ads.

What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram Instagram Ads is the ad platform. In it, the sponsored posts are conveyed in pictures formats, videos and image carousel. The tool can be used to generate clicks and conversions, application installations, most video views, etc.

Create ads in Instagram brings visibility, appeal and brand recognition for your company. The short videos, photos and images carousel are great to help in the education of the use of goods and services.

Here are some models of what has been done here at Digital Results:

Examples of ads on Instagram


Announcement on Instagram done in order to generate Leads for Black Friday last year. This announcement took the user to a Landing Page for a pre-Black Friday, to prepare the Lead for sales. Here ‘s how this Landing Page here .

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (8)


Announcement on Instagram with the purpose of recognition of RD Summit Event . Moreover, it was also useful to generate social proof in the comments, where engajava with other comments “I will.”

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (12)


This example had the same purpose in the previous announcement, only this time it was released a video showing how was the edition of 2015. Instagram allows up to 1 minute of video.

What I have been also realizing that ad is people marking friends to go in the event.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (10)


This announcement aims to encourage registrants in RD Summit download the event application to have an even more complete experience.

The ad was targeted to a custom email public who have joined Summit RD.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (6)

Other benefits of the ads on Instagram is that you have the ability to generate traffic to your site. That’s because it only via ad you can create a clickable link to your site in a post (or any other destination you want to direct) and a call-to-action button (call to action).

To advertise Instagram you must create an account on Facebook’s business manager and soon after using the Ads Manager or Power Editor .

Enjoy the features of Instagram

The Instagram ads stand out by giving a great power of segmentation to advertisers. When promoting a post on Instagram you can direct it according to the parameters established by Facebook. Thus, ads are targeted:

  • Age;
  • Genre;
  • Geographic location;
  • general interests (music, sports, technology);
  • Interests consumption;
  • Devices and access systems;
  • Moments of life (formed, married, working);
  • And personalized public (who has accessed your site, contact list etc.).

Specifications of ads for Instagram

To produce an ad for Instagram, some details need to be taken into account. Follow:

  • Text in the image: It is highly recommended, but if necessary, the text can not occupy more than 20% of the area of the image / photo used. Going beyond this limit, the scope becomes restricted. Read this post like Facebook evaluates the presence of text in the image.
  • Description text: The limit is 300 characters. Enjoy this space to sell their fish, talk about the benefits of your box and promote your hashtags naturally. It’s not like in normal posts you can leave including dozens of them.
  • Image size and format: Square (600x600px or 1936x1936px) or rectangular (600x315px or 1936x1016px). The file must not be more than 10MB.
  • Video length: Between 5 and 60 seconds. The file can not be more than 30MB. The format is MP4 and measures are the same images.
  • Carousel: Limit of 4 images, which should be square.

How to advertise on Instagram Ads: Tutorial

Now that you already have knowledge of the ad specifications, we will show how to do in practice. In this tutorial on how to make announcement on Instagram, we will use the Power Editor ( you can access it here ). After access, click on “How to campaign.”

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (2)

Give a name for your new campaign, then choose the goal you want to achieve with the ad.

Recalling that some ad formats not yet work in Instragram, such as Lead Generation, offer varieties and participation in the event.

But it is good to note that it may be that the Facebook update it in the future.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (7)

Put a name for the new ad set that will create and note that already appears the text below: “New ad sets include Instagram selected as positioning”.

Also create a name for the ad and then click the “Create” button.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (4)

Click the name of your campaign and enter the part of the creation of the set of ads.

The first part of the ad is set to control the budget of how much you want to spend on your campaign on Instagram and programming as will be the duration.

Always try to put an end to the campaigns that you do not take any scare with some additional expense and get full control over your budget.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (5)

The next step in targeting your ad to the audience you want to be impacted. The definition of the public is super important factor by showing a relevant ad and that makes sense for who will be the person who will enjoy it.

For those who already have familiarity with Facebook ads makes it easy to do on Instagram, it is the same process.

Note that, in the right column, it shows the definicação the public with a potential reach estimates. Of course, this estimate will depend on how much it will invest and who the audience is. And see that also appears daily estimated range for people on Instagram.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (13)

In the below, see that if you select only the Instagram in positioning which should appear the announcement will allow the ad to appear only tool for anyone who is in this position.

So if it is to campaign only in Instragram, be sure to turn off the other positions and leave only for him.

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (3)

Regarding optimization, price setting bid or type of placement, try to do tests, but always focusing on your goal and checking which versions bring more results. You can learn more about this in eBook  25 Optimizations Practices in Facebook Ads .

Now it’s part of creating the ad according to those specifications we talked about at the beginning of this post.

Click the ad name, then select the destination on the Facebook page and Instagram account that is linked to it, as the image below:

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (9)

You can create an ad from scratch, putting all that was mentioned in the specification , or select an existing publication on the Facebook page to be driven on Instagram (if it is within the rules and guidelines of Facebook Ads.).

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (11)

Also do not forget to measure the results that Instragram will take hits to your site. You can do the tracking URL to track these results.

For details of how to do this, read the post How to track Facebook ads in Google Analytics .

How to advertise on Instagram Tutorial (1)

Ready! Now is click on the link “Reviewing changes” and publish the ad.

Once the ad is in the air, always try to track results, monitor the comments and see if it is aligned with your goal.


A media like Instagram can not be left out of any company, especially the volume of hits on weekends.

Advertise on Instagram may be an advantage for your business and a way to better exploit a channel to generate results, different from what you have already done.

If for some reason does not produce good results, just pause the ad. It is always good to test new channels and new points of contact with our customers to maintain a good relationship.

And you had any experience with ads on Instagram? Share in the comments below! And if you want to continue the studies and need further material, please check out our free eBook How to advertise on Instagram ads .