How to add Facebook Like button to WordPress

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No way: If you want to conquer your space on the internet, you need to be on social networks anyway. So, this tutorial will teach you how to add the Facebook Like button on WordPress

Social networks are great for generating traffic and volume of users to your WordPress site. Thus it is very important that your site becomes easy the act of sharing and spreading content over the network.

Recalling that the network created by Mark Zuckerberg is the most popular and used worldwide. Then it would be an excellent idea you have something installed on your blog or online store to facilitate your online authority and relevance.

Let’s start?

What will you need

Before beginning this guide, you will need the following:

  • Access to the control panel of your WordPress site

Option 1 – Adding the Facebook Like button on WordPress with a plugin

The easiest way to add Facebook Like button on WordPress site is using plugins. The steps below show how to install and activate the button Like the Facebook using the plugin BestWebSoft .

  1. Visit the WordPress control panel and navigate to the Plugins >> Add New . There, look for the plugin Facebook Button by BestWebSoft in the search field. Press ENTER , locate the plugin and click on Install Now . Click here if you need more detailed instructions on how to install plugins.install plugin Facebook Button by BestWebSoft
  2. Once the installation is complete, click Enable .enable plugin Facebook Button by BestWebsoft
  3. It’s time to configure the plugin. To insert button Like Facebook in WordPress site, visit the plugin configuration page by navigating to Panel >> Facebook Button .plugin configuration Facebook Button by BestWebSoft
  4. On the configuration page, configure the button Like Facebook according to what you want for your site. For example, you can choose where to place the button, his language and so on.button configuration options enjoy the facebook wordpress
  5. When setup is complete, navigate to any page or post you want to create. Start a new content and enter the Facebook Like button on WordPress pressing on Add BWS Shortcode .Shortcut button insert enjoy a wordpress post
  6. Press Insert again and the button will be inserted into the post. There, you just learn how to put on button enjoy WordPress.insert button enjoy a facebook page or post wordpress site

Option 2 – Adding the Facebook Like button in WordPress manually

This option is a bit more laborious because it involves a little more knowledge of the structure of codes and WordPress PHP files. Basically, this form will teach you how to add enjoy the Facebook button on WordPress manually.

But do not worry. manually work with codes is not a big deal. Just follow the directions below exactly as they are shown that you will accomplish everything without any mishap.

First of all, we recommend that you make a backup of your WordPress site (content is in English). Now, follow the steps below to be able to add the Like button on Facebook.

  1. Access the control panel of your WordPress. Navigate to the Appearance >> Editor .adding button to manually enjoy in wordpress
  2. On the right side of the screen you will find the editable files. Choose where you want the Facebook Like button to appear on your site. In this tutorial, we chose the footer of the page. Because of this, we edit the file footer.php (footer).finding the theme footer to enter button to enjoy
  3. Copy the following code and add in the corresponding PHP file. The result of the insertion you see in the image below.
    1. <iframe src = “ <? php echo urlencode (get_permalink ($ post-> ID)); ?> & amp; layout = standard & amp; show_faces = false & amp; width = 350 & amp; action = like & amp; colorscheme = light ” scrolling = ” no ” frameborder = ” 0 ” allowTransparency = ” true ” > </ iframe>
    <Iframe src = " <? Php echo urlencode (get_permalink ($ post-> ID));?> & Amp; layout = standard & amp; show_faces = false & amp; width = 350 & amp; action = like & amp; = colorscheme light "scrolling =" no "frameborder =" 0 "allowTransparency =" true "> </ iframe>

    inserting button code enjoy the footer wordpress php file

  4. Press on Update File to save the changes.
  5. Visit the home page of your WordPress blog and see how the insertion of the Facebook Like button was. You should see something like the image below. If you are not as you expect, remove the code and place it elsewhere on your preference.button enjoy positioned in the wordpress site footer


Congratulations! In this tutorial, you learned how to add the Facebook Like button on WordPress . And the coolest of all, by two different ways: using a plugin and also manually.

Are quick actions like this that help your site to draw more visitors and spread the message of their content over the Internet. And it’s not exactly what you want for your blog? We are sure you do!

Got any questions or have something to add? Use the comments box below to send your question or suggestion. We will love to interact with you!😉