How the Sincerely Hatter found solutions to unemployment on the internet

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A creative mind but unemployed! So it was that at age 27, a young administrator found in the crisis an opportunity to change and take control of their professional life. Instead of seeking employment, has created its own online company and since then has not been without work one day if you want.

Learn the history of Rafael Rodrigues, founder and site administrator Hatter Sincere , a mood that takes site entertainment, trivia and fun for people on the internet.

Turning crisis into opportunity

In 2017, when faced with the economic situation in the country and unemployment, which reached millions of Brazilians, Rafael facing the competitive job market. There were 11 months on the job of delivering resumes and find the next opportunity. At that moment Rafael woke up to new directions and how new alternative launched an online project.

Fan Mad Hatter, Alice movie character in Wonderland, he had the idea to turn it into meme and launched a Facebook page called Hatter Sincere.

The business administrator shares the barriers faced during the journey “Everyone called me mad, deluded to the bum, it was an excuse not to work, but I did not listen and continued,” he says. No one understood how to create a website was synonymous with opportunities.

With the success of the project, Rafael discovers the power of the internet, which goes beyond geographical barriers and limitations, as well as being present in the daily lives of people, and recognized that there was possible to make money online. That was the start he needed to create a website and Hostinger enter this success story!

“I was unemployed and needed something good and cheap.”

Even without technical knowledge on the subject, only with tutorials help on blogs and on YouTube in October 2017 launched the site Hatter Sincere. The Hostinger has a website builder didactic and intuitive that facilitates the creation of sites for beginners. To learn how to create a site with Hostinger, read this article

“The chat support helped me a lot when I started the site. Did not know anything and everything I was going to ask there, “he adds.

The contracted web hosting plan is the Premium Plan , which is ideal for small projects and growing. This plan includes free domain registration in the annual plan, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts and unlimited traffic.

How to create a website and make money online

The site offers entertainment content, news, trivia and humor, and in just two months of existence now exceeds the mark of 10 000 daily hits.

With the site, you can deliver more dense content to the public, sell products online through the shop, strengthen the relationship with readers and is the answer for those looking to make money online.

In this case, Rafael chose to participate in Affiliate Programs, which is a system available banner on your website and receive commissions for each sale made through this banner, as well as Google AdSense to increase the chances of extra income.

With traffic and projection, Rafael is expected to reach 1 million hits in January and then launch new projects such as a YouTube channel linked to the site.


See how to create a website can be simple and quick if you find the right tools? Furthermore, it requires a lot of dedication and persistence “S and you want to do something and you call crazy, go ahead and do not listen, follow your dream,” says Rafael.