How the Customer Age is Changing Your Business: Paulo Iudicibus’s Tips at Studio RD Summit

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Continuing with our weekly series of interviews recorded during the RD Summit , we bring here to the blog more a conversation with an expert.

One respondent Studio RD Summit was Paul Iudicibus, VP of Customer Success Salesforce.

Vice President of Customer Success Salesforce, Paul Iudicibus, commented on the customer focus was and how you can translate that feeling to its employees.

Also he spoke of learning that was working in Salesforce, as the enterprise customer success is a theme that permeates all areas.

The customer is empowered. He now has at its disposal a number of technologies that can transform business. Customers have to define what is success on their terms and we have to have the ability to listen and able to help them in this need (Paul Iudicibus).

Watch the interview:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented Paul Iudicibus were:

  • What is the biggest Customer Success learning in the first year as vice president of Salesforce;
  • As the sales area can be aligned with the CS;
  • What does the customer was;
  • Engaging the company for all worry about customer success.

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