How the content of social networks can help in SEO work

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It does not have a structure that we consider Digital Marketing without considering as and the social networks looking organic, it is not

After all, whether or not you always use a social network at some day time purchase gives or looks at some thermo Google that you could have some-ranked content talking on.

Now, have you ever imagined 02 behaviors solved with a single action? That’s accurate on the content of social networks Prune help in SEO work, which we’ll talk about In this post.

How or Google understands social networks?

Board or Google because it is or main search engine of Brazil.

google SEO

Second research of Tecnoblog , the most searchers used in Brazil are:

  1. Google Brazil – (92.15%)
  2. Bing – (3.67%)
  3. Google – (2.06%)
  4. Google Portugal – (0.94%)
  5. Yahoo Brasil – (0.62%)
  6. UOL Search – (0.23%)
  7. Ask – (0.14%)
  8. Yahoo – (0.077%)
  9. Google Spain – (0.026%)
  10. Google UK – (0.016%)

So, all efforts of Serao SEO targeted for it.


To begin with, it must be understood as Google interprets the social networks.

Google searches are computed by various algorithms that interpret hundreds of ranking factors that are attributed to a page to top that they play or are low.

In the past, many people spoke that social signs were one of the factors that Google or Google considered this property in the time to provide you rankings, however, or Google treats the social networks (a post on Twitter or Facebook) a website and not with a Factor of ranquemento (worth remembering that the social presence is a factor ranking ).

Since this, nor always a content posted on the social network, even being indexable, it will be indexed.

The above said, or Google is composed by various algorithms that interpret content quality, truthfulness, INFLUENCE, among other factors . Being thus possibly content posted on a social get networks will be able to in a good position SERP (search results page).

GoogleSERP search results page


By not a Factor be rank , it is not always that or Google will index a post of social networks.

Social networks are not a factor is the ranking, should you forget them for SEO? NO!

Google uses, for example, signs of Google+ to interpret results some sites and uses dice from Twitter to discover new Content (even this, or Google owns with a partnership or Twitter ).

Using networks to improve your SEO results?

Have you stopped to think social networks as mechanisms can also be looking for ? Networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter uses hashtags , which can be indicative of keywords being crafted to be good.

In addition, or Google owns your social network, which is Google +, I used the SERPs in some rich results.


Some will list Below the social possibilities use networks to improve you SEO results.

1 – Is it a local business? Use Then or Google My Business

02 are responsible Google algorithms are looking local and have to geolocation in their center idea.

One of them is Pigeon, which passed prioritize in the SERP results of agreed with user’s location, displaying other information as comments from users, Distance, price, address, contacts, among other information.

Where does this information come from? From Google my Business!

Google My Business information

By trying a product from Google, just do not register information My Business, MANDATORILY or User an account requires having google (which Prune be made with an email business, gmail or any other domain).

If this is done, or users require raising a page, it is not Google +, confirm information with Google as well as have information as comment, peak hours, contact, ratings, photos, etc to looking local related to or business or to the name of the company.

Meanwhile, we should have something in mind: even making these steps, does not mean that the company in the SERP appear next to someone when she performed, for example, a looking hair of her service .

This it depends on some factors, such as:

  • competition
  • Wealth of past information
  • authority

So the more planned you are given, the greater the PROBABILITIE will be to have information on the displayed SERPs.

2 – Use the rich seeks to understand or Twitter users to Speak on a given topic

Whether or Twitter is a great Social Network for distribution of content, SAC, ombudsman and TREND monitoring, all know. Did you know more voices than or is Twitter also a tool of searching / powerful research?

Besides looking patterns by users and hashtags, anything can be found practically on the Social Network to use or correct command.

As valuable as ever MACIF information is hidden. While performing searches, Twitter does not leave light or power its looking for.

seeks not Twitter


Filters coarser access browsing >> advanced looking to see magic happen.

Twitter seeks no filters

A robust mechanism seeks with great usability and multiple filter options. From here, or heaven is or limit .

It is enough to have one in mind objective and use looking for to generate given for this purpose.

3 – Use the social network to understand the real needs of the two users. Chat with them

The same way social networks are to distribute content, they are also great for public understanding and tailoring digital marketing strategies agreed with this understanding.

Speaking specifically of Facebook, there are different ways of understanding or behavior of your audience and tailoring SEO strategy from that.

Facebook has 2 large analysis forms of public, which are:

  • audience insights
  • graph Search

Audience Insights for access or just need to be administrator some page. You can analyze the much or Facebook one every thing to its page (for greater wealth of dice, plus it must have 1000 Tanned).

By, possible interests is to analyze, sex is or user and desktop more or mobile, pages have adherence with or public (enabling a good benchmark), among others says.

Already have a Graphsearch power or practically, because certain FOMA or Facebook Turns out a huge bank says.

For access or Graphsearch, no page manager needs to be more accurate than Facebook language Be set to English.

This form or search field of Facebook becomes a giant bank searching tool in the Social Network.

There are thousands of possibilities available to you to discover groups that have a particular people page, determined a person groups involved, like PURCHASED people of particular page, among several other commands.

Thousands are command, I share a post Jon Loomer , that despite continuous Old being very useful, with several commands of Graph Search.

Use the social networks or the intent of ranking with the path no longer likes you or Google.

Let’s stop to think a little bit, we note that social networks are great spaces for exchanges with potential customers or customers, that way, you use the vehicles branding and relationship, we will have a great source, it will not help directing the content of a blog, of product one and then yes in directly SEO impact .


Contrary to that many think or exact reasoning of “to rank for or thermo x” is not the best way. The most SERPs are increasingly intelligent and personalized, so it’s very important who your user understands.

This form will raise appropriate content for it and Google will adore it as it experiences the user’s valorizing.

In the Search Lab try here or SEO humanely, having optimize focus factors of ranking for need users.