How Many Backlinks Should Be There For A Website To Rank?

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It has long been known that backlinks have a big impact on the ranking of a website. Therefore, SEOs try again and again to come to new backlinks, for example in the form of an exchange or a purchase. But also the good content provides fresh backlinks from high-quality sources. Ultimately, it is about building more and more backlinks and so strengthen the linked website more and more and build the rankings.

But how many backlinks do you actually need to get good rankings? And how many backlinks are actually “a lot”? Well, how many backlinks are a lot now, that’s always the viewer’s choice, because for one, 500 backlinks are much, for the other 1000 backlinks are a lot. But there are also people who say 1000 backlinks are little. Here one must also always distinguish in which area one is: Great news portals, for example, have significantly more backlinks and are often in the hundreds of thousands range. If you run a news portal yourself, 1000 backlinks are not much. Compared to a niche page, for example on turtle food, 1000 backlinks are again a lot.

Many backlinks for the rankings?

The ranking can be manipulated by the number of backlinks. At least that is what it means. That’s right, but only partially. You can also rank with little backlinks, it just depends on the quality of the backlinks and of course on the page itself.

It’s not always the quantity that matters, but it’s much more the quality. Who receives high-quality links on his side or its on-line shop, does not need many back links, in order to tend to appropriate keywords. But if you do not get high-quality backlinks, you just need more links and therefore much more time, because as we know, you should not build links too fast, but take your time so that Google does not punish the site.

Other ranking factors

As I’ve written many times, Google has not just a ranking factor, but more. Of course no one knows the exact number, but one estimates the sum on more than 200 different factors , which also have influence on the ranking. A list of different ranking factors can be found here . Of course, it can not be said how complete the list is and which point has how much influence on the ranking. However, the list is a good approach with many important points to remember in your work.

Links are not the only factor that can influence the ranking. But backlinks are a pretty important and efficient tool to push your own rankings.

Quality vs. quantity

For a long time now, it is important to get higher-quality links that you do not just get or not everyone can get. These are links from really strong, old and especially well-known sources such as daily newspapers, Wikipedia and so on. Backlinks of such sources do not get you “just like that”, but only through hard work, a lot of patience and of course very good content.

High-quality links have a very strong influence on the ranking, as there is always a strong “trust” domain behind the link, which gives Google a lot of confidence. So also the outgoing links.

Who puts on quantity, does not attach much importance to quality and thus also not on how strong the domain, from which a link comes. How to assess the strength of a website, we explain in this blog post .


How many links do you need to rank?

Again and again, such or similar questions are put in forums, because especially for beginners want to know before starting work, how much work is necessary in the first place. That there can be no answer to this question, is gladly read over. A blanket answer, how many backlinks are necessary for the ranking, is unclear.

The whole thing is due to several factors:

  • What does the competition look like?
    • How many links does the competition have?
    • Where do the links of the competition come from?
    • How old are the sides of the competition?
    • How many links does the ranking side of the competition have?

How strong the competition is, you have to judge for yourself. The stronger the competitors, the harder the work becomes. But with hard and qualitative work everything is possible.

Even if one can determine the exact strength of a web page and thus the competition, one can not say even then how many links are used to rank on a certain keyword or to position themselves before the competition.


Even if you can look at the metrics of many websites and online shops, so you can not even say blanket how many links are needed to place in front of their own competitors. But you can say that you can continue with high-quality links and also achieve faster results and first rankings, compared to less strong backlinks from sources that Google does not trust.