How Google Analytics for Firebase can help with your Mobile Apps strategy

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According to the Google Consumer Barometer , at least 82% of people in Brazil use the internet on the phone with a frequency equal to or greater than using a computer.

This finding leaves a clear idea: not only the present, and the future is mobile. Several examples of how this changes your strategy speed of websites on mobile devices will tell the rankeamento your site and sites with annoying pop-ups will be punished , for example.

A large part of the mobile experience are the applications. For companies, they ensure a two-way interaction channel for customers and Leads , facilitating contact and increasing the proximity between the two.

There is also the option of using gamefication strategies to increase engagement of your users with your application and consequently with your business.

What is Google Analytics for Firebase?

The Firebase Analytics is a free Google tool that, similar to what Google Analytics does for sites, is made for applications.

In it, you can track the behavior of their users and their demographics, as well as the results of their marketing activities.

The Firebase generates analyzing the behavior of its users within your app from installing an SDK (software development kit and software development kit, in Portuguese).

In this post, we will talk about the five main sections of it:

  • Dashboard
  • Events
  • conversions
  • User Properties
  • Court hearing


The dashboard has Firebase overview graphics tool, all with the option to be expanded to display more details.

The main data are relative number of active users per period, frequency conversions, level of engagement, amount of revenue, instabilities in the application, data on the public and users retention level.

google analytics is firebase

Another nice feature is also the division between application data on Android and iOS, which appears not only on the dashboard, but in almost all parts analysis tool.

google analytics is firebase


They serve to understand what users do in your app.

Events can be of the standard type, which are those captured automatically, or custom type, which are created especially to understand in more detail the interactions that happen in your app – with what is measured is totally your choice.

In the event report you can see how often each event took place, the value of each event and how many users made them.

For many events you can also create custom reports. In addition, you can export your events to BigQuery, for further detailed analysis.

google analytics is firebase

Selecting the events, you can also see it in more detail the statistics:

google analytics is firebase


His most important events can be configured as conversions.

Conversions own piece of assignment. In it, you can cross your marketing strategies with the behavior of its users in the app, showing which sources generated the highest number of new users, conversions, revenue and value of life (lifetime value).

Property of users

User properties are attributes that serve you better understand the people who use your app.

Many properties of the users are automatically available, such as age, gender, device, app version and operating system.

There is also the option to create user custom properties. For example, suppose you want to know what the preferred type of music people. You can put this as owned by the user and then use this information as a filter in their Firebase reports.

When you create custom properties, it is important not to use personal data allowing you to identify the person, such as name, email or even CPF, for privacy and security issues.

Court hearing

Groups are formed from executed events and user properties, using segmentation conditions to group a set of people.

google analytics is firebase

With the use of audience, you can make a deep analysis of each of these groups individually. For example, you may want to see the statistics of users in a given country that have reached a level of achievement, or higher achievement in your application. This can be perform X number of purchases, enter every day in your application for a certain period or any other activity that you consider valuable.

This way, you can compare the behavior of different groups of people using your app. The behavior of those who are already your customer may be different from those who have not made any purchase, and may be different from most novice users.


With a world increasingly focused on the mobile, it is very important that your business becomes increasingly educated and prepared for specific strategies for this type of device and media.

Thus, the Firebase Analytics comes as a great ally in your app marketing strategy.