How Facebook “Promote” can help your business

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If you read our last post, you know that Facebook EdgeRank considerably restricts what people see in your news feed.

On average, only 12% of people your likes page receive posts. This means that the vast majority of people do not know what is being published by his company on Facebook and have no contact whatsoever with the content.

To expand the reach of posts, Facebook launched a while the tool “promote” (or “Promote” in English), available for pages that have at least 400 people enjoying. With this feature a status update appears in the news feed of people who would not see the post organically.

This functionality is paid and in this post we will give an overview on the subject.

how to promote

Facebook could make use of fairly simple tool.

Whenever a new post is published by page, a button appears just below the comment. Clicking this button are displayed some suggestions budget:

Subsequently, the  ad management page  you can make changes in the budget:

This can be done with any type of publication: photos, videos, questions, links, simple texts. However, as the news feed is a space for recent posts, the button only appears to promote to publications made within 3 days.

Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal and more information are on the Facebook page of information.

how to measure

Facebook itself has created some tools that help a lot in analysis of results of the “Promote”.

After the promotion, the “Promote” button is replaced by “completed Promotion”. Clicking here we have a breakdown of the activities performed by users with the sponsored ad source.

The table displays the range (number of people who saw the post) with clicks, likes and comments.

An interesting information is that Facebook separates organic and paid results. Clicking on the number of views, we see the unfolding of free screenings more specifically:

organic views - Facebook

The ad management panel you can also view other interesting information:

Performance - Promote Facebook

By clicking on the sponsored ad click through rate and the display cost per thousand ads.

Finally, although it is not a perfect measurement, worth checking the impact of this on their website.

Our recommendation is to analyze the Facebook as a source of traffic and use as a secondary dimension to entry page, seeking the address of the promoted content.

Analytics - Facebook

That way we can have an average conversion rate multiplied by the number of paid clicks, allows us to reach a number of Leads generated by the channel and the cost per Lead.

Worth it?

This is probably the question that most interests you work with digital marketing .

One of the advantages that should be taken into account is that when there is a post paid more people see, like and share, which also greatly increases the organic display ad.

When we re-launched the eBook Introduction to Email Marketing and did the first test with the upgrade, the number of organic views reached levels that had never had.

Remember organic views

Another thing we noticed is that small budgets are worth and already give greater scope to the post. The cost per click is getting increasingly expensive as available campaign budget increases.

In a first test in which our budget was R $ 62.00, the cost per click was about R $ 0.12. But when the budget was $ 10.00 the cost of the click was only $ 0.04. Compared to other sources of traffic like Google Adwords, we can consider very cheap.

So we believe it’s worth, especially when there is greater potential for content spread and / or there is an expected result is well defined: conversion of an offer, confirmations at an event, virality of a video, etc.

We have heard several questions about why pay for something that should be free, since people already likes the page. This is indeed a controversial and sensitive issue but the outlook does not seem to change soon and we have to find ways to deal with it. Even if it is paid, we saw that the “promote” works and we see no reason not to use.