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If you already have a web page but need an update to be SEO friendly, you need to know what are the elements or minimum requirements that must meet to be friendly in the eyes of Google.

You may find yourself evaluating quotes to improve the traffic of your site or website, it is very necessary that when talking with agencies or freelancers you can identify if what they say is true and not only exaggerate to win the account. Pay attention that knowing that it is and how is a SEO friendly site , it will be much easier to update any page.

Indexable content

All content must be perfectly scannable for search engines, preferably must be submitted in HTML. Each and every one of the contents must be presented as text, if someone offers you an incredible design with the information in a PDF or JPG, then you do not know what you are talking about.

To be able to index a page it is necessary that all the content is accessible as text , if you use photographs or images you must not forget the text alt , in this way the indexation will flow like water. These are details that, if taken care of, will help you to make your website SEO friendly.

Use Keywords

The keywords are essential for Google to find us. It is necessary that after (or before) the indexing you do an investigation of the keywords with which you want to appear in the search engines , if for example your site is dedicated to selling “hypoallergenic cosmetics”, the key words in which you must investigate to know the search volume are all those that are around this keyword.

Domain with relevant Keywords

If you still do not have a domain, having one with the keywords is one of the best options for your website to become SEO friendly , continuing with the example, you may achieve the first places of the search engines if you use a domain like, it does not matter if you do not use the brand keyword in the domain, this will give you an incredible advantage.

If you already have a domain and it has nothing to do with the keywords, do not worry without a doubt you can make your page SEO friendly with the other elements.

Meta Optimized descriptions

In addition, being a striking introduction for users helps Google read the page or site better.

Must have maximum 155 characters, be able to describe the advantage of that page including the keywords. It is essential that all pages have this meta description , no matter what different products or services are, each page must have a keyword and an optimized goal.

Links like a spider’s web

The search engines index through the links that other pages give them, it is something like a spider web that is following the links of authority pages.

The robots act in the following way: First they follow the links that there are in the home to other pages (of the same site) scanning internally everything that is in your website, if it is made with elements SEO friendly will be much easier to take it into account to give one of the first places in Google.

The pages that are not linked, will never be taken into account by the search engines.

Avoid the following practices and I assure you success on your website SEO friendly

Keyword abuse

Google always advocates that all pages or websites are the easiest to use and read, if there is an abuse of keywords then it will be impossible for the user to read the content they have on your page, whether fixed or mobile.

Avoid using phrases that do not flow or are unnatural, if you do not have anything good to say with your respective optimization, do not write it down.