How do I know if your AdWords campaign is working?

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His campaign AdWords is created, you made a good investment and now expects to have a positive return. But how to make sure that their actions are working? How and where to identify the points that need to be adjusted and keep what is right? For this it is necessary to establish and monitor, and other strategic factors, the Conversion Rate.

She is one of the strategic success metrics of a campaign to generate Leads. Having this data in the Adwords interface is essential to know whether the goal is being achieved. Moreover, it is possible to know which ad or keyword is bringing more Leads.

What dictates whether the campaign is working

Two major measures are essential to evaluate your campaign:

Average ticket

It is the average amount that each customer spends on a purchase (both in products and in services). This value is determined by the average of the amount of sales and the number of customers that generated this volume purchases.

Subscriber Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The CAC is how much you spend on marketing efforts to close a purchase. This cost enter values such campaigns in general, creating materials, and all other costs. In our case, we focus on Goolge AdWords campaign.

You can get this number by dividing your investments by the number of customers coming from his campaign.

Overall we need to look at the average ticket and looking for an edge, set a threshold value for the CAC, that way you will set up your campaign is good (below cost) or not (over cost). That’s the great big criterion for determining whether a campaign is working or not.

But that is very easy to measure when the sales cycle is short, as in ecommerce, where sales happen on time. There are some types of sales that can take months, as the acquisition of a property or an ERP. In such cases it is not possible to measure the short-term exchange rate in sales and check if the CAC is ideal. Therefore, the most feasible is to work with Leads generation and use your history to determine the Lead conversion rate customers. So we know how many leads are required and what the ceiling on cost per Lead.

Making it clear: there is no metric indicating better if the campaign works or not than the acquisition cost compared with the average ticket.

How to evaluate the performance of the campaign to find opportunities for improvement

CAC and average ticket numbers will dictate whether the campaign is profitable or not. The next step is to understand where the potential for improvement.

Evaluate some good practices and ensure that they are already being followed is the first step, even before looking at numbers.

1 – Best practices

Ad Tips for Search Network

  • Create many groups of keywords, so that the words of a group are very similar;
  • Enter the title the same keyword search;
  • Create a title that reflects what the user is searching for;
  • In the description lines, highlight arguments that lead to click;
  • In the displayed URL, use the company’s domain over its offer;
  • Create multiple ad variations and make tests.

We have some valuable tips for your ads here .

Tips for ads to display network

Some details are important in the creation with graphic layout

  • You need to take up the entire space to the image size;
  • It can not be inverted;
  • The image of the ad must be clear, recognizable and readable texts;
  • You can not expand beyond the frame or invade the website in any way;
  • Funds with flashing or motion effects are not allowed;
  • Do not make site content imitations, news articles or text ads;
  • Do not create ads that mimic the layout or content editors or news and resources;
  • Do not make screenshots of Google AdWords text ads;

You can also get more information about common errors in ads that link .

AdWords there types of ads for each characteristic of business, you can have more information about it in our post on Ad Extensions .

Additional tips

With the ready and running campaign, look out for other details

  • Measure the influence the conversion rate;
  • Identify problems / improvement opportunities;
  • Restrict better traffic by adjusting the negative words and exclusive ads;
  • See the possibilities of optimizing your Landing Page.

2 – Quality Score

It is the evaluation index made by Google. The qualification is made by a score from 1 to 10, which determines whether the ad is relevant to the user interested in your search. From Quality Index Google determines the price per click and ad position, so it’s something with great potential impact.

The idea is that the number will always be the closest to 10. So let each point taken into account and then identify how each of these cases can be changed to better results:

CTR (Click Through Rate)
indicates the number of clicks divided by the number of times the ad was displayed. It is the most important factor in the index and aims to identify how your ad is relevant to users. Tests and good texts in the ad will generate interesting results.

Google seeks to understand how the keywords, the text of your ad and the content of your landing page are really relevant and relate well to each other and to the survey. Ideally, the same keywords that are tripod (are what the user sought, what you wrote in the ad and what is on the landing page).

Destination page
Google also considers the experience of Internet users when directed to the landing page or Landing Page. In this context three aspects are considered: relevant and original content, transparency (reliability) and navigation (including loading speed).

To learn more visit our link on Quality Index .

3 – Conversion Rate Leads

Often the easiest way to get a good Customer Acquisition Cost is by optimizing the Landing Page. If before the conversion rate was 10% and you could reach 20%, in practice their CAC was halved. In addition to the page of the proposed alignment with the announcement still keep in mind factors such as:

Landing Page Quality

To always seek the best result on that page think of a starkly. When the user enters the page it needs to perform the requested action, or will be gone and all your efforts will be in vain in this action.

We have a post that talks about the subject here .

Adjustments in the offer

Having an attractive product is essential for conversion. Ask yourself if what you offer is a good price or if the result of your user’s search will according to the keywords you entered in your ad.

For free assets such as an eBook, for example, see if the content is complete and attractive, if the proposal passes credibility or if it is a large gap in the market. All this also works in the acquisition cost and the exchange rate.

4 – Lead Conversion Rate customers

Leads are much more than simple e-mail, are real business opportunities, and as such need to be being followed step by step. Keep the focus on keeping your funnel optimized, it makes them less necessary Leads to close sales and increase your conversion rate, and also be able to lower your per Customer Acquisition Cost.

Read more about it in our post ” How To Turn Leads into customers .”


The conduct and results of your campaign must be aligned with the overall goals of your digital marketing . Stay tuned to figures both in AdWords when the browsing behavior through its Google Analytics.

With these data in hand to track at least weekly and, if possible, test always in search optimization. Surely these measurements will lead you to the right path adjustments, enhancements, and the success of your campaigns.