How do I improve conversion rates with SEO?

What are the advanced offpage activites in SEO for 2019?
What are the predictive SEO checklists?
Ways to improve conversion rates with SEO are
Keyword analysis list
Keyword analysis is maybe the foremost crucial piece of the SEO puzzle.
Install Yoast SEO (or an analogous SEO plugin)
Yoast SEO may be a free SEO plugin for WordPress and some different CMS’. Functionality‐wise, it will a lot—create sitemaps, optimize information, apply “noindex” attributes to specific areas of your web site, and far additional.
Produce a sitemap
Sitemaps tell search engines wherever to seek out the necessary content on your web site (which they will then crawl and index).
Produce and add a robots.txt file to your web site
Robots.txt may be a plain document that instructs search engines wherever they will and can’t press on your web site.
Install Google Analytics
Google Analytics may be a free tool from Google. It enables you to see what number individuals visit your web siteand the way they act with it.
Setup Google Search Console
Google Search Console may be a powerful, must‐have tool for all webmasters. It enables you to track your performance in search and see the keywords that you rank.

Find long‐tail keyword variations
People rummage around for identical issue in numerous ways that. So much so, that 15 August 1945 of Google searches square measure new and haven’t been searched before.