How do I advertise the products on Google Shopping?

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We will show step by step how to advertise products on Google Shopping!

Did you know that with the use of Adwords, Google Shopping, you can view the products that are relevant to the users search on Google?

Your product will be presented together with similar products (or equal) of e-commerce competitors also compete with Google.

So it is  SUPER  important that the presentation of their product in this space, increasingly competitive, be as complete as possible.

how to advertise their products on Google Shopping

What makes Google Shopping to be more efficient is the  cost-benefit ratio .

After all, it performs a filter with a range of prices and stores without the need of the user clicking on various ads to make the buying decision.

With this automated filter, Google has very similar products to the user’s search.

And right there, no clicks, the person who is navigating, will compare the pre-selecting which the most attractive are products for your pocket, taste, etc.

Thus, the user can decide which store will purchase, often even before clicking, noting that the system works by cpc (cost per click).

That is, the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the product and is redirected to the store page. 

How to advertise products on Google Shopping

How to appear on Google Shopping?

The first step are the prerequisites that the site needs to have in order to use Google Shopping:

– Every part of the purchase must be HTTPS (if possible the entire site)

– It must be possible to purchase 100% online

– To be able to deliver in every region of Brazil – even if the freight is high – not only have the option to search the store

– The footer should contain: Contact the company cnpj, company name, address and e-mail

– return policy page and reimbursement – making clear in which situations can ask exchange and return

– Payment options – flags of the cards, slip, paypal, etc.

– It must be possible to make the purchase as an individual

When the site is ok, you can proceed to the next steps ..

Google Merchant Center

To include your products on Google Shopping you need to use the tool Google Merchant Center .

Sending data from your store and your products to Google, making them available to be announced.

Google Merchant Center you claim your site, showing Google that the site and the Merchant belong to the same owner.

That done, you must send the  product feed : one group file with a list of products with attributes that define each one uniquely.

This list can be sent in XML, which is a mirror of the products on your website or a manual spreadsheet Google ..

This will depend on the platform and the size of your e-commerce.

If you use WordPress Woocommerce , for example, a plugin extract the xml of your store, making it very practical to create products feed

With the Feed products you can control the information of their products.

And you can keep it current and accurate for customers to find what is most relevant and current related to seeking.

How to advertise products on Google Shopping

Product information

The more complete the product feed is better for the display and maintenance within AdWords and visualization of users who search.

Some attributes are required:

– title

– gtin (product barcode)

– condition of the product

– availability, among others.

Without these data your product is not enabled to appear on Google Shopping.

Other attributes are also recommended and not recommended providing these attributes ..

May result in the display of items less frequently, which affect their performance.


Title  – the title of your product page there on your website helps to look good you listed in Google Shopping;

Images  – Sending a variety of photos and / or photo (s) with good quality increases your chances of appearing well positioned in Shopping;

Price  – offer a competitive price, average market can leverage its position;

Product Description  – Abuse of differentials, explaining better the product, you may appear best positioned;

Attributes in the Feed  – it is essential that the attributes are filled in the best way possible for all the products you send the feed.

The more complete, more likely to appear well positioned.

See more about the specifications of feed !

After climbing the feed, being all right, your products will be approved for use on Google Shopping!

Google Shopping campaign setup

Linking Merchant Center and Google AdWords

Link accounts by accessing the part of linked accounts within AdWords:

link merchant center

And when creating a Google Shopping campaign you select the Account ID in the Merchant Center.
The Merchant identifier:

google shopping campaign

What is done within AdWords are:
– bids for products
– monitor the result

– set negative keywords (those that do not want to appear)

– budget campaign.

All other settings are made in the feed of the products that are hosted in the Merchant Center.

Optimization and adequate monitoring can make the success of a campaign.

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