How companies can innovate continuously: check out Roni Cunha Bueno’s tips at Studio RD Summit

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The founder of the business accelerator Organic , Roni Cunha Bueno, has gone through several companies, as Netshoes and Earth . In his interview at Studio RD Summit, he shared some lessons learned and talked about continuous innovation, idea that applied in various businesses that helped to grow.

This idea is made up of three pillars: a clear purpose , which is why you wake up every day; one mindset , which is reflected in the company ‘s culture; and, finally, good methodologies growth , not to fail at runtime. “If there’s something you should worry about, it is with the DNA of the company, with the culture and with the pillars. And we need to strengthen them constantentemente “he says.

He also gave tips for those starting a business and want to know what to do to receive a first investment. For him, it is essential to be a good seller , knowing how to tell a story.

As for businesses that need to hire, the main tip is to ensure that people entering the company are aligned with the organizational culture.

Admission is key because people come and bring the culture of where they were, what they learned. And not necessarily have fit. If they are coming from a traditional economy, they will come with several stuffiness. If you do not go through a detox , will do some damage in the company

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented on by Roni Cunha Buena were:

  • The three pillars of continuous innovation;
  • What have you learned working for companies such as Netshoes;
  • What a business that is beginning must have to receive a first investment;
  • How to take advantage of changes in the economy;
  • The importance of fit cultural team with the company, both for those who recruit and for those who are looking for a spot.