How can I track and optimize my site’s organic traffic? [+ checklist]

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Why SEO is the job of Marketers, not just programmers

You know what is the position of your site in Google? And what to do to improve this position?

These are two strategic questions for any business as it is from Google (and other search engines) that most of your audience will come to your company.

And that’s why it is crucial that your website is easily found. However, for people to find you need to do a good job of SEO (search engine optimization, or optimization for search engines).

How to monitor and optimize the pages of your site for organic search in an organized manner

Making SEO may seem complicated and time consuming. But even with several other activities to develop on a daily basis, there is a series of small actions that will make a big difference in the medium and long term.

Ideally go making simple improvements inside and outside of your website to leverage your opportunities online.

To help you in this task, we created here at Digital Results SEO a spreadsheet. In it, we show a step by step you must take to have an optimized site.

When downloading the spreadsheet, you also have access to strategies that will improve your ranking, attract more audience to your website and increase your business opportunities.

What you will find in SEO spreadsheet

When you open the worksheet, you will see that it is divided into four tabs:

  • Checklist optimizations on the site: this tab are some of the factors you should observe on your website so that other optimization work more effective;
  • Optimizations SEO on-page: a space for you to list your most important pages and monitor the optimization of each of them;
  • Optimizations SEO off-page: a space to list and track link building actions.
  • SEO tools: a list of SEO tools free and paid that you can use to improve the optimization work. They are tools to research keywords, check domain authority, find broken links, check out the difficulty of positioning, search volume of searches, current location and more.

Enter here the SEO tracking spreadsheet and see how to do SEO to get a good position in Google and increase your chances of business.

Preview: SEO Checklist

A small sample of what you will find in the spreadsheet is this checklist of SEO.

However, the material you have the option to schedule the status, priority and notes to each of the tasks below.


 Architecture and performance
The pages of the site and the blog are marked only in one category?
Internal pages link to the “higher” pages such as the home page?
Has broken links (missing pages)?
The site takes to load?
All URLs are friendly (
The URLs are used hyphens instead of underscores
It is possible to access the site with or without www
You can access the site with http or https
There are no duplicate titles
There are very long titles (65 char.)
There are no titles pages
meta Description
There are no duplicate meta descriptions
There are very long descriptions meta (above 145 char.)
There are no pages without meta descriptions
There is robots.txt file and is configured properly
Sitemap (XML and HTML)
The site has a sitemap.xml
The sitemap.xml has the listing of all existing URLs on the site
The sitemap.xml has been sent to Google Webmaster Tools and is ok
404 page has set
It does not have the same content in more than one URL
There is no duplicate content between categories and tags
There is optimized content on the category page
Pages of products / services / articles have unique content
The site has blog
The blog features regular postings frequency
The articles published on the blog link to the site
The categories and product pages are linking to the related articles of the blog?
The pages have a single H1
Use heading tags appropriately (H1, H2, H3 …)
The images file size has been reduced
All images have alt text
The file name of all images is friendly
The site has no content (text) picture
Rich snippet
It contains the rich snippets that fits configured
It has rich snippet of user reviews
The site has sitemap videos
Button Social Networks
The site has content sharing for buttons on social networks
The site has paging and uses rel next and rel prev
The site has AMP set
The site has Instant Articles
The site is responsive?