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Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

To be known in the digital world do not need magic wands or fantastic tricks, you need to analyze in detail each action taken to determine what generates recognition and what does not.

That is why now I will give you 7 tips to apply to your website in terms of design, content, public relations on the Internet, SEO, social media management and, in general, tips to improve the quality of your online site.

1. Improve site design 

For a website it is important that the structure and design go according to the objectives, which includes the strategic organization of the website. This is why it is essential that the “responsive design” of the same site be taken into account in order to increase traffic . By this we mean that each site can be viewed on any device, from electronic tablets, mobile phones, personal computers and even from smart screens. Not forgetting that within the design of this site should be considered that the loading time is optimal and does not contain elements that make it heavier. Well this will be a great impediment to retain users on any website.

2. Create and use a blog 

Before anything else, to attract traffic to the site, it is essential to have a blog in which the different points of view regarding the topics you know and dominate are made known, so that little by little your site will become a reference and will encourage debate .

It is not just about creating a blog so that it is successful, you need to create quality content which can be a reference for other people who are interested in these issues. The more quality the content has, the more likely it will be to be shared and with that, the greater engagement with the public.

  • Regarding the length of the text try to have variations between long articles (when the content is worth it) and when the content is brief make small items (do not overdo it) , so you will say only what you have to say (let the content guide to size).
  • It is also important that before starting to publish in the blog a list of possible topics that are trend or have many visits in other blogs, for which you must be original and try to address aspects of the subject that are not repetitive and 100% original , so that they obtain greater value.
  • So that your publications do not go unnoticed, try to use titles that attract the attention of the users . Also, use headings that really talk about the topic you’re dealing with (do not try to fool the users as they will quickly notice), instead you can use titles that create expectations of something you really try in the article, you can also try with titles Ask a question and give your users a benefit.
  • Once you have the content ready you must take into account aspects such as the publication schedule ( avoid the deadlines of social networks ), which varies depending on the social media in which it is broadcast, but that will help you to reach more people
  • It places links that direct to old publications and relative to the subject of which it is being written, to contribute information of value as well as to redirect the public to your same site. And organize the content by categories, so it will be easier for users to find a specific topic or article.

3. Always keep your public relations established on the internet 

Just as it is important to write, it is also important to establish relationships with people of certain influence on the topics proposed on your website, with which you can get regular collaborations that give extra value to what is published regularly . Get quality guest authors who contribute to your site and in turn generate the interest of other opinion leaders.

4. Use SEO strategies 

This is another important point to attract traffic to your website, because using an SEO strategy will help you every time a user in a search engine site (such as Google) finds your site online quickly and organically .

To perform search engine optimization it is necessary to use key words by topic in addition to making metadata that are useful when conducting a search and invite users to enter, read and learn more.

Remember that you must write the texts for the people and not for the search engines because in the end those who read and value your content are the users.

5. Create additional content 

While it is important to have useful information on the blog, it is also a good investment to create additional content that improves the user experience such as video blogs , video tutorials and infographics that will add valuable information that will create a more attractive site and achieve This differentiates itself from the competition.

6. Use social networks 

Another way to attract traffic to your site is through social networks. For this, it is necessary to create a social media strategy in which, as mentioned in one of the previous points, the schedules and dates of programming by social network have been established.

Invite dialogue and not only fill your profiles of publications, use the networks as a form of immediate communication in which you give the importance they deserve to the comments made by users.

7. Analyze the competition 

Finally, it thoroughly analyzes the competition . Beware, it is not about imitating or copying ideas that work, but trying to adapt strategies that may be beneficial to your website. Observe their weaknesses and turn them into your successes.

We hope these tips can give you a clearer idea of all the viable options in which you can slowly work on your website to attract traffic, for your Christmas campaigns , as well as to get more leads. Do not hesitate to tell us what are those extra tools that have worked to improve the time of your users stay.