SEO positioning strategies are crucial to achieve a successful website or blog. That is why it is very important to pay attention to all the details related to getting organic traffic for your page.

A common mistake is to think that having a structured and neat website is enough to achieve a good positioning; clearly this is not always the case. The truth is that putting together a good SEO strategy is the best way to increase organic traffic.
There are some very effective techniques for positioning a web page in known search engines that respond to current demands.

It would be good if you could use all the techniques you know to improve your strategy since positioning is essential to significantly increase the organic traffic on your website, but we can give you at least three techniques that are basic and very successful when applied to the strategy chosen to meet the objectives of the page.

1. Relevant and quality content

There is no doubt that offering good material is the best SEO technique to increase the organic traffic on your website, but logically it must comply with certain characteristics. The fact that you systematically write material to publish on a daily basis does not imply that it will attract organic traffic to your page; In fact, this can cost you very expensive since precisely the content must be of quality.

The basic characteristics that the content that you post on your site must follow are the coherence and relevance of the material; It is also vital that it be original (especially if it is texts) and that the keywords you use in the writing can be read naturally. In this case you can use both Long-tail Keywords, and only basic keywords, but make sure you do not overload the text.

2. Links to important sites

A very big myth that exists in the SEO world; is that linking your website to authority sites results in a penalty from Google. That is why many people usually place all their external links in “no follow” mode so that search engines do not take them into account.
Precisely one of the jobs of search engines is to decide if external links are consistent with the theme of your website.

For example, if you write an article about televisions and link it to a page that has these products for sale; then the search engine will understand that you are helping the user, and this will improve your positioning. But the links must be coherent; This means that if you have a technology page and you link it to another site that has nothing to do with this topic, then it is likely that your positioning will go down considerably, since the search engine understands that there is no coherence in the link.

3. Keywords “long-tail”

Keywords are the fundamental tool within SEO strategies. But many people prioritize a certain keyword to position it, but this is increasingly giving less results.

The keywords Long tail. They are specific searches, which allows your organic traffic to be of higher quality; since usually this type of Keywrods have less competition on the web.

For example, if you have a design page. The keywrod “Marketing” will have more competition than “Marketing for small businesses” is worth mentioning; These types of keywords are ideal for SEO strategies with Google Adwords Organic Traffic.

There are two kinds of traffic in the world of SEO:

the organic and the payment. Without a doubt, organic traffic is the most important. Since it is all those users who access your website thanks to the results obtained in the search engines. Keep in mind that the searches performed on the engines are increasingly specific. That’s why a good SEO strategy is fundamental to increase organic traffic on your website.

Ideally, you can use all available techniques to improve the positioning of your site.