How Can I Analyze Competitors Key Words?

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How Can I Analyze My Competitors’ SEO?

Seo: Analyze the keywords of your competitors

The world of SEO is constantly on the move and the various actors are showing an imagination and creativity without limits to dethrone the competition. To avoid falling behind, it is important not to lose sight of what “people across the way” are doing. That’s why it seemed important to us to show the different methods to implement to lift the veil on the strategy adopted by other websites.

It is not a question here of simply copying their way of doing things, but of carrying out a relevant analysis of their keywords in order to identify the right procedure to follow in order to stay in the race and produce content well placed in the search results.

The basic method: displaying the source code

Those who have some notions of web programming surely know this trick on almost all browsers. Depending on the version used, a simple right-click on the page gives access to the “View source code” option. This allows you to zoom in on the entire page by displaying the contents of the different HTML tags. Through this process, it will then be possible to see the titles as well as the indications for search engines and robots crawler.

The classic method: sift your opponents

Before you start, make a list of your potential competitors and order them according to their positioning. This will make it easier to choose your future targets (or persona marketing ) and save you time by avoiding having to analyze them all. Once your targets are identified, just go to a site like Yooda Insight to start the process. In addition to the words, it will also be possible to see the number of pages as well as the level of competition suffered by the site in question. With all this information and a thumbs up from Google’s keyword planning tool, you’ll have all the cards in hand to create your campaign with winning keywords without even needing an SEO agency .

Choosing right: keystone of SEO success

For those who want more detailed information and adapt their strategy accordingly, it is also possible to start with a choice of predefined keywords. By going to the site SEObserver it will be enough to choose a word or an expression in order to know the sites best placed in the results. Other information is also available to you, such as the number of backlinks, the number of indexed pages, etc.

With all this data, it will be enough to modify your style of natural referencing to be at the same level as your opponents. In addition to keywords, do not forget that SEO is the combination of several techniques. Once the right words are found, do not forget to put forward useful and relevant content to properly position its pages.

Also think about opting for variants in English so as not to lose potential English-speaking visitors. This simple choice can greatly influence the reputation and ranking of your pages and therefore your site in the search results of different engines.