How and why to avoid stereotypes in the creation of your person

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You may already know what is the concept of persona, but just to recap:

Personas are fictional representations of your ideal client, whose creation is based on real data on demographic and behavioral characteristics of its clients, as well as an understanding of their motivations, objectives, challenges and concerns.

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Well, in any marketing strategy – digital or otherwise – a very important step that needs to be given is just the persona of the drawing.

Basically, you need to know who will buy and use your product before trying to sell it. But for this construction is really relevant, it is essential that the creation is made up of research on reliable sources.

However, what often ends up happening is that instead of being used actual data , from studies and statistical institutes, personas are made based on guesswork and outdated ideals.

This means that instead of being targeting your campaigns to your ideal audience, you may be wasting resources with stereotypes that do not exist. This way, you will not arouse the interest of people to what you have to offer.

A great example of this is the stereotype, still present in our society, that those who play video games are young men, when 52% of the players actually are women.

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood , released by the American socialite in 2013, was a game made for example thinking of an audience that is interested in video games, but rarely has something designed especially for him.

To have created a product and its dissemination strategies aimed at an audience that really exists and you were looking for it, 200 million dollars were generated revenue in the first year of release.

Thus, to have products and successful marketing campaigns and with good yields, it is essential to start the process to a survey in which speculations are avoided to the maximum.

How not to fall into stereotypes when building your persona

1. Search

The internet is a great enabler of research. You can go after studies made by third parties with the results released on the Internet, such as Google Consumer Barometer , university websites and IBGE.

Another great option is to interview your current customers, either through form, emails or links.

This way, you can talk directly with him to better understand who your customers are, what they look for and what they like or not.

2. Do not be prejudiced

Do not be sexist / racist / homophobic / lesbophobic / transphobic / capacitista / classist / etc-ista .

It sounds obvious way, but there are still many companies that use offensive materials as marketing tool for your brand.

The most obvious example of this are some brewing companies, which often still use men as protagonists in their advertisements and women as objects in the background, even with the fact that they increasingly consume the drink .

3. Understand the moment

To be relevant campaigns, you must be on top of what is important to your persona now.

So, we need to keep an eye on news and trends of what the public is going through right now. By not doing so, you run the risk of having an obsolete approach and vision and outdated of what is relevant to your audience.

Additionally, you lose the chance to interact and engage with him in perfect time to delight your customers , Leads and prospects.


To be effective, the personas must be used as empathy tools , not stereotypes. With well – done study and real interest in understanding the pain of them, the campaigns can achieve in full the desired audience.

After doing my research, use the Fantastic Personas generator to get a clear view of who is the focus of your marketing actions.

Another very interesting tool is the map of empathy , a good resource to use to draw the profile of your persona based on their feelings.