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Have you noticed that more and more found in the home of the sites in any segment but mostly technology, an explanatory video (almost a cartoon), narrated with a storytelling , waiting for you to make a play? You can observe, for example, even here in the home of the Digital Results site .

To work with video is an excellent choice for Digital Marketing you probably already know. But what reasons lead companies to work with the explanatory video, and how it has impacted on the Inbound Marketing methodology?

As CEO of Conexorama , pioneering agency that unified Inbound Marketing and explanatory videos in a unique methodology, I was invited to participate here again to tell, through our experience, such as videos and Inbound have all to walk together and potentiating the results your company. Understand more!

What is an explanatory video?

There are several formats to an explanatory video, such as 2D video, 3D video, live action, motion graphics, whiteboard, testimonial and what we produce, which is the explanatory video motion design.

There is no format “winner”, the most important is that the message transmitted is consumed quickly, interactively and to delight, not forgetting to explain the matter in question.

But what is the matter? It is recommended that your company has at least one explanatory video on its value proposition (pain versus gain for the consumer). However, you can go further, as we did this year creating a routine to explain certain matters directly to the explanatory videos format.

Thus, in practice, to understand better, gives a play this explanatory video, which explains in 30 seconds which is an explanatory video. He was well-explanatory.😀

I believe that now became clearer and so we can direct our attention on how the video fits the Inbound Marketing. Get on!

1. The explanatory video helps in SEO

One of the pillars of Inbound Marketing is SEO (organic positioning in search engines), which, when properly working, improves and enhances ranking in multiple the amount of visitors to your site. To better understand about SEO, see the Complete Guide to SEO .

In this context, those who work with Digital Marketing is already used to give an attention on various SEO elements in your main pages as their own home page. Focus on a keyword, content, density, site speed , structure of headings etc. are examples of care. One of the key points in the ranking is the length of stay (navigation) on the page.

In this context, an explanatory video, and help in communication, acts directly on this point, as it increases in 30 seconds on average, the time of shipping when added to a page.

So, add one (or more) explanatory videos on a key page to your strategy is, therefore, an action also SEO.

You may be wondering about the average time indicated for a video, that is, as it helps in browsing time, it would not be the case you have a video of five minutes? Not really. Studies indicate that the average video consumption is 30 seconds (80%) to 1 minute (65%) of those who give the play in the video.

See for yourself: how often watched by the end of a video that went from a minute?

2. Video explanatory help in opportunities contacts

One of the most popular items from our blog is a text in which we show that we use at least four Landing Pages formats for each material released . Among these formats, one is key: Thank You Page (TYP).

Having a TYP is too important for it is there that is the final link of the rich material (eBook, webinar, spreadsheet, etc.). It will be through this page that will be super easy to control the cost per Lead ads. Also, you can place a direct call to a request for service at the bottom of your Thank You Page.

And here again an explanatory video fits perfectly. Add a video next to a service form to the TYP helps maximize the number of contacts that are opportunities for your sales team.

As an example, we show the Thank You Page of a client for whom produce an explanatory video.

explanatory video on thank you áge

With this format, we had a growth of 25% in the amount of order fulfillment, considering the average raised by our agency before all our customers.

3. Video explanatory help growth in viralization

Have you heard about the growth hacking ? In a nutshell is the Digital Marketing oriented experiments, which is responsible for the explosive growth of several companies such as Digital own results, reference on the subject.

To delve into the subject, knows the definitive Guide Growth Hacking .

One of hacking growth objectives are viralization actions. Here, without a doubt we are again talking about video.

Of course that does not need to be an explanatory video, but when done well and with the intention of viralized, the motion design format is an ally, after all to the few companies currently concerned to produce an animated sequence on an issue key to your market.

Therefore, an explanatory video also fits the growth hacking. 🙂

Extra – explanatory video: fast communication and to delight

As a final reminder, it is worth to note that the video has a very objective way: a clear and charming communication.

Thus, the creation of work needs to take care of all the elements, from the focus, the time until the entire development process, which should include the text to be narrated, the storyboard, the framestyle, the expression, the elements, the animation, the track and the final refinement, so that the result is clear and charming.

As an example and close the article today, follows a recent explanatory video we created:

We chose this example to get away from the traditional (video explaining the technology segment). However, it is common that sector be the first to understand its importance, as they are pioneers in digital best practices.

My thanks to RD to open the space to talk about this issue and have been our client as well (after all the video you see on the home Digital results is also our creation).

If you liked our item, please leave a comment. So we can keep talking directly with you. Thank you and see you next time.

Jean Vidal is CEO of  Conexorama of Inbound Marketing agency. It has been operating for over 13 years with Digital Marketing, passing by own Digital results, in addition to acting as manager and ecommerce directly in the implementation of over 100 projects of Inbound Marketing.