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You heard about the Gutenberg in WordPress and is lost as to what is it? Do not worry! Read our article and understand what is the Gutenberg and because being so currently mentioned!


What is Gutenberg?


Assuming, WordPress is a content manager system. That is, it basically serves for you to create, edit, and delete content.

However, lately many features are increasingly exploited the platform. Both by the use of plugins as part of using paid or free themes.

“And how was the part of the content editing?” You may be wondering. Well, it’s your choice between using the standard WordPress text editor or choose between alternative plugins.

Several times, you can opt for other publishers other than the default WordPress editor without thinking twice. Why am I saying this? Simply because although it is a good editor of content, it does not provide you easy control over the structure of its content.

You can perform various things in the default editor, but none of them related to the layout of your page easier way. You could at best use the “View Changes” option, but we know that is not the same thing.

Taking all these points in mind, WordPress created the Project Gutenberg. But after all, what is this? – I swear it’s not a superhero movie – Gutenberg is the new text editor WordPress, although an hour is only available as a plugin.

It is expected that among the next updates of WordPress, is already updated the text editor for this new version, which in dates should be set for the end of the semester.

If you already use WordPress for a while, you know how it can be tiring to make adjustments in the text editor. But then how do they plan to make your life easier to do the same? Calm down, we have to talk about it!

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As the Gutemberg work?


According to descriptions, the Gutenberg was made to completely change the content editing experience.

But how?

The Gutenberg uses blocks of text so you can produce your content, ie, instead of you write in a large blank page, now you will be writing directly on your web page, where you will no longer be minimal with respect the design of it. If you want a new paragraph, simply add a new block. If you want to make more room, you can do the same with the handling of the blocks.

Surely, this will help a lot in the layout management of your content, there is no longer a need to be controlling the number of skipped lines to see if the spacing is good or not.

There are several features that the new blocks will be able to accomplish. They will be utilized specific blocks to create paragraphs, to create bonds, to insert custom code, and so on.

So basically what we have now is a great page of visual management plugin added to WordPress by default? Exactly!

But you may wonder how are existing plugins with respect to this, and it’s a great question! There are negatives to some groups of people in WordPress with this new implementation of Gutenberg. 

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negative and positive points of Gutenberg


Gutenberg vs Page Builders.


The Gutenberg come to be a way to allow users to edit more easily your content on the web. However, nothing is free of negative points. Of course, not for users in this case, but for content creators specifically editing plugins. It’s because? Because what it does is exactly what these plugins do!

And now? How is the thing?

Probably over time, the trend is that the Gutenberg start to replace the use of plugins page creation and content. And this will happen because all they do Gutenberg also does, and it’s still free!

However, there will be only the text editing plugins that will suffer. All plugins that have some relationship to that content editing part will have to adapt to Gutenberg, or undergo some changes in its structure so it can be made to integrate the new text editor.


So how will the new era of Gutenberg?


For now, we are awaiting the arrival of the new text editor, but many are no longer happy with it before it was released. The problem may be in be the new standard WordPress after it is released, not just an option.

Want to know more about the features of Gutenberg and know and see how to use the plugin? Then wait for the next post!😀

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