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If you have a blog, you’ve probably heard about the importance of guest posts to increase the access to your page and improve your results. But you understand how this practice works? Have you ever stopped to think about what are its advantages? And most important: you know how to use this strategy?

In this post, we will show you all the answers to the above questions and teach you step by step to implement the full guest posting on your blog! So without further ado, let’s get to it:

What is a guest post?  

A guest post is a text that someone publishes a blog as a guest author. Generally, there is an exchange of content between partners – that is, each sends a post to be published on the blog of another.

This practice, known as “blogging guest” or “guest posting,” brings positives both for those who write the post as to the publisher on his blog, as well as benefit the readers content that will have access to original, useful texts and enriching, related to your interests.

If you have the habit of surfing here in the Hotmart blog, for example, surely you noticed that we have several unique content written by partners that bring value to our audience.

guest post - screen image of the Hotmart blog

Examples of Guest Posts on the blog Hotmart


Similarly, it’s likely that you’ve seen content written by our staff in other Internet sites, as this post was published in ours SEMRush blog :


Guest post - blog image SEMRush

As you can see, here in Hotmart we are fans of this strategy. Continue reading to understand the reasons for this.

What are the advantages of blogging guest?

Exchanging guest posts with strategic partners can bring many advantages to your blog . Let’s see the main of them:

Reach a wider audience

By posting your text on another blog, you reach readers who access the contents of your guest posts partner. This means that more people have access to their work and they learn who you are!   

Establish strategic partnerships

When you trade guest posts to another blog, you create a relationship with this partner and meet other professionals in their area of expertise (or similar niche markets).

Gain more authority

The previous two items combined, give rise to another important advantage of doing guest posts to reach more people and establish strategic partnerships, you gain more authority in your niche market and begin to be seen as a reference in its field.

Get SEO benefits

There is no doubt that link building is one of the most important strategies of SEO today. This means to have other sites with links pointing back to your blog is very important to Google (especially if the authority of those pages is high).

Sites that do not have external links will hardly have a good ranking in the search engines. So, to make a guest post you can include some links that lead to your page and may bring more power to your domain.

However, it is very important to match your guest posts partner that links included in the posts are “dofollow”, so they will have value to Google. Avoid links “nofollow”, which are those that do not influence the landing page ranking.

Also, do not abuse the number of links included in their texts.

Offer valuable content for your audience

Even if you are an expert in any niche market, certainly there are aspects that you have not mastered so well or where you have not deepened. So rely on other specialists is a great opportunity to bring valuable and differentiated altamentes content for your audience!

How to get partners and start exchanging guest posts?

Now that you know what a guest post and already know its advantages, it came the most feared moment for many bloggers: put your hands dirty! Getting partners and start exchanging guest posts is one of the greatest challenges for those who have a blog on the internet.

But need not be desperate! We will show you a simple step by step you can take to put this strategy into practice. Come on?

1. prospecting for potential partners blogs

The first step to do guest posts is to find blogs that can partner with you. This part is very important and must be done carefully so that the rest of your strategy work. Here are some steps you can follow to this:

Create a control sheet

The first step is to look for partners to organize this work. Therefore, a good idea is to create a spreadsheet with some basic pillars that will help you to do this, such as:

  • partner blog name;
  • blog address;
  • domain authority;
  • Occupation area;
  • Name and contact of the person responsible;
  • Status (already contacted?’ve answered? Etc.).

As you are prospecting potential partners blogs, go filling the spreadsheet with the corresponding information.

Look for blogs with similar or complementary theme to your

It is essential that you seek to partner with blogs that have some relationship with your niche market or have a hearing or audience similar to yours.

If you own a blog about gluten-free cooking, it makes no sense to publish their texts on a blog that talks about horror movies, for example. In addition to not bring any real value to readers, this practice is not well seen by Google.

For this, the most obvious way is to list the blogs that you already know and that are related to their area of expertise. Also, you can use Google itself to discover new blogs with similar themes.

Another good idea is to use some Internet tools that provide valuable data that can help you. You can, for example, use SEMRush . In the top text box, select “Overview of the phrase” and type in a keyword that is related to your market. See the example below:


Guest post -Example keyword research in SEMRush


After clicking “Browse”, scroll down to the “organic search results”, which will show you the main sites that are ranqueando for that keyword.

Place the sheet all sites that may be interesting for you and your audience. Do this with different keywords related to the universe of your blog until you find a considerable amount of blogs to prospect.

Check blogs that already do partnerships

When browsing blogs of possible partners, a good tip is to check those who already do guest posts to other sites. This does not mean that your proposal will be accepted, but already indicates that this blog is open to partner, which greatly facilitates the work!

If you already have active partnerships, check with other blogs which they exchange guest posts can also be a good way, depending on their area of ​​expertise.

Check the domain authority of prospected blogs

Another important point is to see what the blogs of the selected domain authority. Sites with very low authority may not be very strategic and in some cases, can even harm your site.

For this you can use the Open Site Explorer of Moz . Enter the website address in the URL field and click “Search”. Prefer areas with a higher authority 20.

guest post - screen image of the Authority MOZ

2. Set the topics to be proposed

After filling your prospecting spreadsheet partners blogs, you need to define what topics you will propose for each of the collected contacts.

Send an email with a solid and concrete proposal is much more interesting than to send a message saying something generic, like, “Hello, you would be interested to be my guest posts partner.”

Therefore, this step is critical to ensure the success of its strategy. Some tips for choosing the themes are as follows:

  • Make a keyword research and find those that are related to your blog and your partner’s blog;
  • Choose topics that have not been addressed or fully explored in the partner’s blog;
  • Choose topics in which you are an authority in order to deliver rich and comprehensive content;
  • Choose topics that allow you to insert links to strategic posts from your blog (naturally and that adds real value to readers);
  • Always make proposals with original and unique content.

3. Contact with prospects

After making the list of potential partners and blogs select the topics for your proposal, you should send an email to the leaders and invite them to share guest posts with you.

Try to show why the partnership you might be interesting. Moreover, as we talked about, we send a clear and concrete proposal! Depending on the case, you can propose themes 1-3, to open the range of opportunities.

See, for example, a dummy template message that you can send to your potential partner:

“Hello Eduardo! All right? My name is Julia and I am the creator of the blog Learning to Live Lactose, talking about healthy eating for lactose intolerant.

I saw on your blog you talk about vegan food and I enjoyed the contents. I believe that the issues we address have many points in common and could be interesting for our respective readers.

I would therefore like to propose a partnership of guest posts. I thought, for example, in writing about the theme: “10 recipes without milk for you to do this Christmas and surprise your guests.” You can also suggest topics of interest!

If you think my proposal is relevant, reply to this email so that we can match the details.

Thank you and look forward your return! “

Tip: Before contacting potential partners, you can approach other ways, leaving comments on the blog, in social networks and sharing their content, for example. This will cause you is not a complete stranger when sending your proposal.

4. Start writing!

If you get the “green light” for the partnership, it’s time to start writing the post! Here are some essential tips for this step of the process:

  • Arrange to meet the delivery date combined with your partner.
  • Remember to include guest posts on your editorial calendar .
  • Make sure you meet the minimum number of words set previously.
  • Tailor the language and format of your text to the editorial line of the blog where the post will be published.
  • Create a content that adds real value to readers and do advertising of their services or products.
  • Do not overdo the inclusion of links to your blog.
  • Delivered the text properly formatted, with highlighted intertitles, the high-quality pictures etc.

To finish…

If you got this far, you know the importance of blogging guest and is prepared to start using this strategy! But before closing, here are some additional tips that can help you:

  • Prepare a guide Guest Posts with some directions and points of attention that the partners should take into account when writing a text to your blog. Make it clear what your editorial line and what can not be done.
  • You can separate a space on your blog so that others interested in partnering to contact you. Always leave the door open !
  • After publishing your post in a third blog, follow the comments and always answer the questions. Your job does not end when the post is written!
  • Measure the results of your guest posts using tools like Google Analytics. You can find out, for example, which blogs are driving traffic to your.

Now we come to the end, it’s time to put your hands dirty! If you still have any doubt about it, leave your comments down here, okay? And before you leave, check out our complete guide to making money with your blog !