Guest post: 5 Reasons to build your virtual store With Magento

You want to create a reliable online store, dynamic, safe and, even better, without cost? Luiza Sangali, specialist solutions related to Magento tells us how to achieve from this well-known platform of choice for 1 in 4 stores.

Currently the electronic market has the highest growth rates of all existence. In Brazil, today there are 23 thousand online stores and it is estimated that this number will double by the end of 2014 .

Magento online store

It is also envisaged that about 30% of those stores are active , doing advertising campaigns and performing more than 10 sales per month, and 70% were abandoned, do not invest and consequently do not sell.

Faced with this great competition, who wins gets optimize your time, generating more dynamism to manage their e-commerce operations. Nothing better to optimize your time by investing in a platform that provides speed, agility, efficiency, dynamism and safety.

It is no coincidence that 1 in 4 shops Magento choose to promote their products. Discover the 5 reasons that make the Magento e-commerce platform preferred by users here. 

  1. Tool free and open-source 

Magento is a platform completely free and open source , that is, its code is open to the community.

To install Magento, just hire a hosting service, VPS or Dedicated ideally, enter the site and make downloading the latest version of the platform, following the installation instructions and tutorials .

After installation, and you offer an all Magento offers tools for creating your store.

  1. Capabilities and resources

Once the installation, you will have access to your control panel, which will have access to all platform resources to configure your products, your sales methods, payment and delivery, plus the ability to customize the entire layout of the store.

Magento major administrative functions:

  • Store management
  • Product catalog
  • Catalog Navigation
  • products
  • Checkout and Payment
  • Order Management
  • Customer Account
  • Client Services
  1. customizations

As we discussed above, Magento allows your layout is completely customized or modified. It comes with a default layout super simple but can / should be replaced by another to transmit the values of your store.

To have your own theme, with a design that meets your needs, we have the following options:

  • Free : the free themes Magento itself offers customizable that can be used by those taking their first steps on the platform.
  • Average investment: a good option would be to purchase items sold in specialized services in those sites. Prices range from USD 80 to USD 200. Excellent quality and highly customizable.
  • High investment: hiring a web design agency specializing in Magento to build a specific page for your enterprise.
  1. SEO

We know that Google not appear or may lead to failure or success of your virtual store. Therefore, this is one of the most important reasons when choosing a platform.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a set of techniques that will make your site more search engine friendly, working with specific keywords in the website content, so that Rankee better in search results.

Magento comes with SEO and implemented, and that makes it 100% friendly to search engines.

Another difference goes through the presence of “Google Sitemap”. The Sitemap is a file that has the function to assemble a list of all pages of the site we would like to appear in search results.

In addition to these features, we can also have dynamic meta tags, friendly URLs and integration with Google Analytics.

  1. Marketing 

Regarding Marketing, Magento offers indispensable tools for those who want to draw a good strategy.

Among them we can mention:

  • Discount percent
  • Free freight
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • products relationships
  • Send to a friend
  • RSS feeds for new products, Featured and new labels.

Build your action plan and marketing strategy, implements and manages the tools described here and Magento will do all the rest.

Many successes with your sales!

Luiza Sangalli