Growth mindset advice shared by Joanna Lord, ClassPass marketing director

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Companies are trying to address the mindset growth  in a new way, but using old tricks. For Joanna Lord, this is the main mistake made by those who try to apply the methodology to use innovation to achieve growth.

“[These companies] are organizing the way they always have, using processes and reports that have always used,” he says. Already businesses that grow fast and are defeating competition have tested new and used metrics different.

She cited the case of companies that hire new employees and are organized in an unusual way, in cross-functional teams, for example, involving employees from different areas – such as product, marketing, engineering, among others – to address common problems.

It’s about letting go and solve difficult problems by using resources as efficiently as possible. There is a lot involved, but the issue tends to be more cultural than any other.

Check out the full interview with Joanna Lord in Studio RD Summit:

Joanna Lord also spoke about:

  • Why innovation is important for companies that wish to have a culture of growth;
  • Tips for beginners;
  • What are the challenges faced by companies that are going through a change of mindset and culture;
  • What to do before you apply the growth mindset.