Google Website Builder: New tool for small businesses to create their sites for free

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Google launched its own website building tool that works inside the Google My Business and allow small businesses to create and edit your pages simple way.

The announcement was made by employee of Google , Marissa Nordahl, who said:

One of the most common actions that people take when exploring Google is to go to sites, but we know that have their own page can still be a challenge for many small business owners around the world: too complex, too expensive, very time consuming . Millions of small businesses (60% of them, globally) do not have a website.

According to her, the Website Builder tool is free and allows small business owners to create a simple website in just minutes. “It’s easy and you can create and edit your new website direct from your computer or on your phone,” he said.

The tool will be free, but to access tools such as custom URL (.com, for example) will need to pay for a Google domain. Otherwise, the user gets an address , which is less memorable and theoretically has less chances of ranking in the search for a .com site.

Tutorial: how to create a website on Google My Business

To create a website, you need to be registered on the “My Business”. If you are not already, check out the post How to use Google My Business and highlight your business in search results  and how to register your site.

If you are already, see how to use the creation of the Google My Business website tool:

1. Go to the page for your business on Google My Business and click Website in the left column.

2. Click Get started:

3. After clicking Google will begin to gather your page information to build your site. That done, you will see a pop-up welcome like this:

4. The next page is a preview serving for you to edit your website before you publish it. Google will take the photos and information that you already have on your profile. You can change anything you want in the left corner icons.

  • Themes (Themes) : there are 10 options of different themes to choose from. The layout itself does not change, but the themes change the colors and page sources.
  • Edit (Edit) : To edit the title, description and text of the My Business homepage;
  • Photos (Photos) : To add more photos to your gallery;
  • Settings (Settings) : to change the URL and the website language.

To publish, click the upper right corner of the screen, as shown in the image below:

5. Select the user name that will appear in your URL.

6. Below the URL of choice is a box for you to select if you want your page on Google My Business is the main page to be found in Maps and Google Search. If you already have a website and is already Users ranked on Google, we suggest unchecking this option.

7. Ready. Your site has been created!


The Website Google Builder is a tool that greatly facilitates the task of creating a website because it makes it possible to do it in a few clicks. Similarly, it’s easy to customize cover photo, images, texts etc.

The page also created incorporates Google Maps map and highlights the contact information and business operation and can be easily managed in your Google My Business profile. It is also responsive so friendly for mobile devices, something increasingly important.

On the other hand, the site has created a page only, and there is no option to create additional pages. The page title, the meta description and alt attributes of images also can not be customized, and there is no integration with Google Analytics. Also missing share buttons on social networks.

As you can see, the new Google tool brings both positive and negative points – the latter, especially in regards to SEO . The tool, however, has just been created, and can be for Google to make improvements over time, allowing for more issues.

If you own a local business and do not have time or resources to create a more professional website, this may be a valid option, even temporarily. Consider, however, buying a custom domain to improve your chances of rankeamento.

If you want to meet other Google tools to use in your business, download our free eBook Google Marketing Tools for your company .