Google wants to improve its company ads with machine learning

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Google wants you to leave in his hand the responsibility to make ads more effective. At least that’s the signal given in their Google Ads .

Not that you will not have to make some effort. For search ads, for example, Google asks to be provided up to 15 titles and descriptions 4. The idea is that the platform learns to show which combinations make more sense for each search, making the responsive results.

So the more titles and descriptions you provide, the greater the number of combinations that Google can test. That way, more people will be affected by different ad formats that lead to the same place: the site of your company. The text will depend on the context of the research.

Google says that whoever leaves the learning machine choose the copy of your ads has 15% more clicks than those who decide manually.

google ads machine learning

Ads for physical stores

If the priority of your business is to call the attention of those who are nearby, rejoice: there are news also for you. According to Google, searches on mobile to “nearby places” increased three times in the last two years. In addition, 80% of people enter a store immediately upon being alerted of a promotion.

The machine learning also comes into play here, choosing which of Google products to your store displays. Their work will inform the details of your establishment and the copy of your ad, for example.

So, your ads will be optimized to reach people in the most efficient way, through the Local Campaigns mode.

google ads campaign site

Ads for online stores

As for the ecommerces, what lies ahead are the Smart Shopping campaigns. They are a consolidated version of the campaigns optimized for targets which have already been initiated. You can now set new goals as visits to the store or new customers.

In addition, the machine learning into action at auctions and in choosing the best communication channels. Google also announced greater integration with Shopify to create campaigns in-house.

And then, like the entry into definitive machine learning on Google Ads? The new features are not yet available to everyone, what should happen in the coming months, but you can now leave your comment!

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