Google Trends announces new filters and offers even more information in real time

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The Google Trends , a free tool that lets you monitor the number of searches for a particular keyword or topic over time, began to offer users real – time data on images, news, shopping (Google Shopping) and videos YouTube .

Now you can filter the search results for these four categories and get real-time information on the subjects most talked about in each of them.

google trends new filters (2)

“We are opening more data to show people the world for which they are looking for while searching for him, either out of curiosity, to write a story or otherwise”, he wrote on the company blog Google News Lab data editor, Simon Rogers .

How does the new Google Trends

To show in practice how this new work, we will use the example of a subject that has been much talked about in Brazil in recent days: racism.

To go to Google Trends and search for the term, we see from the chart that the interest in the subject has grown in the last days of November, near the Black Consciousness Day.

You can limit the geography by clicking Brazil, and time.

On the map, you can see the states in which it has been most talked about and, just below, and topics related searches.

google trends new filters (2)

Now, let’s explore the new Google Trends filters.

Switch to news on the type of search and know which events on the subject have passed more often in the media.

Searching for the last days, racist episodes against Bruno Gagliasso daughter dominate the search:

google trends new filters (2)

The update is now available worldwide for both desktop and mobile.

Google Trends is a simple and free tool that can serve as a source of content ideas for several companies.

If you have a use case in your business, share with us in the comments. Conte also how you want to use this update.🙂

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