Google Speed Update: what it is and what to do to avoid being penalized

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The Update Speed ​​will greatly influence the rankings?

In its announcement, Google made it clear that the update will affect a small part of the search. Only those sites that do not deliver a good user experience can feel the change. Moreover, even if that page does not have a highly optimized loading times, but delivered a very relevant to a particular search content, you may rankear well in the first positions. This statement shows that the update will not be among the greatest weight factors for rankeamento. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that each rankeamento factor is influential in the final outcome. A slow page with valuable content can eventually accumulate a high bounce rate, that become less relevant every time they fail to deliver a good experience to anyone who accesses it . So keep your website in accordance with good practices will Google you are prepared for any updates to this search engine and does not suffer penalties. For more change to occur in July, it is highly advisable that you already make improvements on your pages. Do not worry, we’ll teach you how to do this!

How to Prepare for Speed ​​Update?

Analyze the performance of your site

Understand how your site behaves. Use the tool PageSpeed Insights , Google, which gives you a very complete report of your site. With it, you can understand what is already performing well and what needs to be improved in both the Mobile version and the Desktop.

Think about the user experience

It may seem repetitive and too broad to speak in the user experience, but we want to say that the performance of your site must be closely related to how satisfied your visitors are and how objective it is to the user.

  • They quickly find what they seek?
  • The page information is organized enough so that they can navigate without difficulty?
  • Their website goes confidence to your visitors?

For this analysis, consider what the user expects to find your site and not what you want to show.

“Your website should be as objective and intuitive as possible. Keep visible content area, easy to read content (do not use a dark background with black text, for example), make it clear where the user must click when that is the case. Highlight only the points you really want to draw the user’s attention. “

Daniel Xavier

Front End Developer @Hotmart

Reduce the size of images

The size of your images may be largely responsible for your site load time.

Also, you can resize them to a size that is sufficient to display them to visitante.Se your images are too large, reduce your files as soon as possible. The site Image Resize is a great option for this. You can also use the TinyPNG to compress them.

“Never use images with exaggerated size, this will only make your site become more lento.Se the largest of its site content area has 1600px wide, this is the maximum size that your images must have, okay?
Another important tip: compress your images as much as possible. There is no optimal value in Kb to your images. It should be as small as possible without compromising quality. “

Daniel Xavier

Front End Developer @Hotmart

Check your server

Identify the server on which your website is hosted is fast enough or is too high latency.

“Often, the performance problem of a site is the server on which it is hosted. Latency is the ‘delay’ that occurs in the connection between the user’s browser and the web server. The higher the latency, the longer will be charging your website.The more worse this problem is the physical location of your server. So if you have a website and your visitors are here in Brazil, use a Brazilian server. “

Daniel Xavier

Front End Developer @Hotmart

Check the need for its Third-Party Services

A site full of visual effects, motion and animation is beautiful, but Google Page Speed does not like much. For a very simple reason: most of the time, these effects are created using libraries or plugins developed by third parties and get out of your site. The problem is that these external dependencies will severely hinder the performance of your site.

“Evaluate whether all external dependencies of your site are really necessary. Do not be using dozens of without libraries. Whenever I can develop a simpler code and optimized specifically for your site, do this. “

Daniel Xavier

Front End Developer @Hotmart

Uncomplicated design

Remember that the main factor is still rankeamento content.

This means that the fewer distractions your site has, the easier your user find the answer to what you’re looking. Do not create distractions and take elements that do not help at all in navigation.

Of course, your website should bring your brand and maintain its visual identity, but stick It is mainly to keep the focus of its user.

“Bet on simpler designs! Thus, you will ensure a great experience for the user. Remember, design is very important, but is not the main part of your site. “

Daniel Xavier

Front End Developer @Hotmart


All optimizations are connected and are part of a set of best practices. If we can give a direction order, will be: simplify. What you should consider is that your main goal should be to show the fastest possible content for your visitor. Do not be unnecessary functions, which would impair the performance of your pages. Keep it simple and ensure the best experience for the user, who may be your future customer. Now we pass the ball to you: What other optimizations advises you do to improve the performance of a website? Leave your comment!